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Obama Will Ensure Global Warming Kills You

Are you ready to die because of global warming? Are you ready for your children or grandchildren to die?


No, I don’t mean that you’re going to be swept away by rising oceans or blown over to the next town by a tornado. I mean that you will be killed in your car.

President Obama was in Maryland Tuesday rhapsodizing about his program to lighten vehicles and in so doing save the earth.

We’re going to double the distance our cars and light trucks can go on a gallon of gas by 2025.  We’re going to double it.  And that means — (applause) — that’s big news.

No matter that even if you believe that man-made global warming is indisputably the cause of imminent catastrophe, increasing fuel efficiency among cars in the United States will do absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things to stem the rise in temperatures.

It will, indisputably, kill people. Now that’s big news.

You don’t need a physics degree to understand that when you lighten loads and remove heavy materials, you have less protection from collisions. That’s why the medieval knights didn’t joust in spandex.

This, for example, is what’s known as a “Smart Car,” which gets superb gas mileage.

smart car

This is also a Smart Car.

Smart car wreck 2

From a 1999 USA Today review of the scientific literature, titled Death by the Gallon:

In the 24 years since a landmark law to conserve fuel, big cars have shrunk to less-safe sizes and small cars have poured onto roads. As a result, 46,000 people have died in crashes they would have survived in bigger, heavier cars, according to USA TODAY’s analysis of crash data since 1975, when the Energy Policy and Conservation Act was passed.

The law and the corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards it imposed have improved fuel efficiency. The average of passenger vehicles on U.S. roads is 20 miles per gallon vs. 14 mpg in 1975.

But the cost has been roughly 7,700 deaths for every mile per gallon gained, the analysis shows.

Forcing industry to comply with draconian emissions standards based on a theory that has failed to predict climate over the next 16 years, let alone the next half century, is dumb. Killing people with a program that wouldn’t even solve the supposed problem is absolutely, certifiably insane.

Look at him below, full of certainty and hubris-inspired enthusiasm. He has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. And if he understands the ramifications, he clearly doesn’t care, or thinks a few thousand lives are worth it to satisfy the hungry Gods of Climate Change.

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  1. “why knights didn’t joust in spandex” Perfect !

    And you’re right Keith, Obama clearly has no idea what he’s talking about as his speeches seem to be written by the very people who do benefit financially from his policies. And they’re making zillions off of him.

    The California drought is the perfect example of government mismanagement, not climate change.

    • They have found the bones of crocodile like creatures in Greenland.
      They have also found evidence of Viking villages in Greenland along with the gardens that they planted.
      They were the ones that named it Greenland.
      Why in the hell do we listen to these idiots ?

  2. It is an absolute MUST that Harry Reid be removed as Majority Leader in the Senate. The only hope this country has is a Republican House and Senate sending bill after bill to the little dictator and forcing him to veto for the historical record.
    And the first bill sent should be to rescind all regulatory authority of the EPA w/o Congressional approval and make that approval a filibuster proof majority.
    The EPA has become the King George of the 21st century. Implementing by Royal edict regulations that the peoples’ representatives have rejected. THAT is the very essence of taxation without representation because we are all paying artificially high energy prices and unemployment taxes as a direct result of the EPA ideology.

  3. I learned how to drive in a 1958 Olds 88 that weighed a little over two tons..4,000+lbs with a smooth ride. It got about 10mpg, was so heavy it never needed snow tires, but could get up and go, if needed. Like a souped-up Army tank with fabric seats and a AM radio. If the fender was dented, the body guy just pounded out the dent with a rubber hammer, because the body metal was so thick.

    Today, my modern vehicle can be seriously dented with a stray grocery cart and repairs are expensive. The tin-can on wheels slides on wet highways, feels every stone in the road, and the only protection from accidents is a airbag and a seatbelt (both of which can kill, too).

    Big trucks, or 18 wheelers, can get up to 7-8mpg if they’re properly maintained because they typically weigh about 50,000 lbs running. No amount of tinkering with the fuel injectors or anything else is going to improve the fuel usage. If they demand an increase in MPG, then the weight of the freight allowed must be lowered…ordinary physics.

  4. In a show of faith, the President also announced that he will set an example by replacing the presidential limosine and fleet of convoy SUVs with a Smart Car caravan.

    Note to the attorneys,… yada… yada… yada….

    • @Car in, Americans love their cars and the freedom to come and go as they please. We like/love big cars and trucks, we like to go fast, and the thought of climbing into one of those Smart cars or weenie electric cars sends most Americans into peals of laughter.

      Of course, most of us are too big to fit into those tuna cans anyway.

      • I just thought it was ironic, because I know a lot of people who were so concerned about the environment, but they drove big cars to keep their kids safe.

        That is EXACTLY why socialism doesn’t work. There is the land of ideas, and then reality. It’s why Obama can fly AF2 across the country to tsk tsk about global warming and the drought, but play GOLF the next day in a desert. Hypocrites.

    • If there’s one thing the courts protect it’s the freedom of the press from government interference. The NYTimes might want to print slanted or biased anti-Repub pieces, but they’re not going to tolerate some government donk telling them what to print or what not to print.
      It’s not clear what these “monitors” are looking for, or if they have any authority to do anything at all.
      Of course, just the fact that the government is sending overseers into newsrooms is chilling enough.

    • Two hours ago on Fox they were showing new cameras on police cars. A camera on the 4 corners of the hood.
      I was mad when they started putting cameras on stop lights.
      Now the police will be WATCHING everyone from every direction.

    • The Soviet Union used to place what they called “political officers” in newsrooms, schools, and other locations where Soviet citizens gathered or worked. They even had one on Soviet submarines! They had two functions: 1. Conduct classes on Marxism and, 2. Report anyone who deviated from the party line or showed a “troubling attitude” to proper authorities. Must be where Obama got the idea to spy on and intimidate journalists (which is exactly what this is all about, obviously.)

  5. We need heavier cars and trucks in Western MA to navigate the icy and snowy roads besides being more crash worthy.

    We have a ten year old Volvo Cross Country and won’t be trading it in. (can’t afford to, either) We lived in NH before MA and have always owned Volvos before it became a symbol of the elitist left. So, don’t hate on us.

    • Volvo has always been safety first. Their big rig cabs were the first to install roll-over bars for driver safety.
      Big rigs have a tendency to roll over being top heavy and a crushed cab meant a crushed driver.

      BTW, never call someone driving a big rig a “trucker”, they are “drivers”. They’re great guys and gals, and contrary to some beliefs, your best friend on the open highways.

    • My first car was a manual transmission Volvo. It was a tank. Always dependable and always safe. Looked like a silver box, but I loved it.

  6. I can just see these good ol’ boy South Carolina mud boggers and deer hunters tooling off into the wilderness in their smart cars. Ha ha.
    Obama has so many failed policies, it seems he is desperately trying to latch onto just one thing that will work, and if not actually catapault him into the President’s Hall of Fame, will at least will keep him one rung above Jimmy “Peanut” Carter.

  7. Trip down to Mexico and back in one day. To say nothing of the California boondoggle golfing trip. Talk about a big carbon footprint.

  8. OK, First of all the website is wrong. There has been warming the last 16 years. Unprecedented warming in fact. The planet is warming the fastest it has ever (yes, it is a little older than 6,000 years). A lot of the heat and carbon dioxide has been being absorbed into the oceans. This is killing fish and there will be no fish in 40 years. The temperature is the highest in 300,000 years because we’re burning 85 million barrels of oil and 22 million tons of coal every day. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. We’re making a lot of it. Small cars are safe as long as they’re not getting smashed by gas guzzlers. Humans will be extinct within a hundred years because of Climate Change. You just keep living in your box of lies and superstitions.