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Jimmy Kimmel Rips Obamacare

H/t Washington Free Beacon.

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  1. That joke would have been funny in October or maybe November. It’s middle of February, Jimmy.

    This is funnier:
    * Fourth Georgia hospital closes due to Obamacare payment cuts – DailyCaller
    * Latinos not flocking to Obamacare – CNNmoney
    * Automated Obamacare Payment System Months From Completion – Kaiser Health News
    * Obamacare Makes Health Coverage Less Affordable For Entrepreneurs – Forbes

    • That’s what makes it funny – it’s February and Obamacare is STILL a miserable failure. And it’s also funny that Kimmel’s Southern California audience did not sign up and laughed at his video :)

  2. LOL. Was just reading a piece by Johnny Carson’s head writer who pretty much nails the problem with late night humor ….. fear of being called racist?

    I had no idea that Greg Gutfeld’s Red Eye consistently beats any CNN show viewership. He’s on at 3 a.m.

    Fallon’s likeable enough, but I think it’s a mistake to bring Michelle on this early while viewers are still checking out the new kid. Especially the old Leno conservatives who like their humor fair and balanced. I’m sure this was not Fallon’s idea, the WH knows his ratings will be high this week and she was forced on him. Just a hunch, he doesn’t need her, she needs him. ;)

    • “Leno mocked both sides of the political divide, but like Johnny Carson never exposed his personal politics. Carson felt his mission was to entertain, not proselytize. It may have been Johnny’s Midwest roots that considered any mention of politics or religion impolite. It also made business sense not to offend a large chunk of his viewers.

      Though they later became friends, Johnny initially declined an invitation to play tennis at the White House with then-Vice President George H.W. Bush. He told me he didn’t like to be photographed with politicians, that he once posed for a photo with Vice President Hubert Humphrey and later regretted it.”

      And this is where I have a problem with Fallon. He has made himself part of the story. Between chasing MO up and down WH stairs or potato sack races in the East room, hosting her on his show numerous times and doing that evolution of dance sketch with her, and whatever else, it appears that he has been, and is, a willing partner of the Obama propaganda machine.

      • Exactly, AZ Granny! And for that reason alone, I would never watch him.
        Can’t remember which show it was…I think it was Leno. A high level exec producer was fired for divulging that it was the Mooch’s offce that kept calling them to put her on the show. Not vice-versa. I believe it 110%.

      • There’ll never be another Johnny Carson. Witty, charming, urbane, and as noted, a private person. I find the current trend of celebrities “letting it all hang out”, revealing the most intimate and private minutiae of their lives, appalling.

  3. I’m surprised ABC allowed Kimmel to attack Obamacare like that. Maybe he’ll pick up some of Leno’s old fans that don’t like Fallon.

  4. Hilarious, Keith! Kimmel is my choice for late-night but am not a regular viewer. He has done some good stuff mocking Obama on just about every topic. Hope he is not on the endangered species list.
    For some reason I cannot watch Fallon – he’s all over the place – singing, dancing, potoato sack races. Jack of all trades; master of none. Crazy-making.

  5. How cute, a funny-guy promoting “universal health care” by slamming a messed up website. /sarc/

    It’s not “universal health care”, it is a product, health insurance provided by a private industry.
    An Obamacare/health insurance policy is what you MUST buy under threat of punishment. The health insurance benefits are dictated by the government and are not talilored to the individuals needs.

    • Jesse Watters does this on The Factor, too–way funnier, tho, bec they have great movie clips–there must be one guy who has seen and remembered every movie ever made!