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WSJ: Obamacare Delay Really About Saving Obamacare

The White House says the delay of the small business employer mandate – and a portion of the mandate for larger businesses – until 2016 is just part of an effort to smooth the transition for the private sector.

We’ve already discussed how this is actually a fairly straightforward ploy to help Democrats avoid disaster at the polls later this year. But the Wall Street Journal has figured out the other reason for this supposed act of benevolence toward business.

It’s very simple. The less people covered by businesses, the more who will flock to the Obamacare exchanges. And what the exchanges need now to survive are MORE PEOPLE and their cash, particularly younger, working age types who will pay for health care they don’t need in order to subsidize the less-healthy people who appear to be signing up too much.

From the piece:

For September 2013 through January, only about 25% of the 3.3 million sign-ups so far are ages 18 to 34. That share needs to rise to about 40% to make the actuarial math work . . .

The employer mandate is designed to interlock with the rest of the system, and people are supposed to be eligible for subsidies only if their employers don’t offer insurance. Since the White House is releasing many more businesses from the mandate’s obligations, many more people will suddenly qualify to join the exchanges.

Sorry if you were expecting to get a nice company plan. It’s the exchanges and their narrow networks for you. And once you’re there, your company will have even less incentive to avoid a fine and cover its employees come 2016.

24 thoughts on “WSJ: Obamacare Delay Really About Saving Obamacare”

    1. Great video, Marjo-Jimbo. Looks like this diabolical plot has been fermenting for years waiting for just the right person to come along and sell it to the unwashed masses. Enter the snake-oil salesman!

        1. So true, Sadie. Shrillary is waiting in the wings…all coiled up – ready to strike. For those too young to remebmer, her ‘secret’ single payer plan blew up in her face almost overnight after the public got wind of it. It was never spoken of again.
          I don’t understand why the R’s do not use HillaryCare as their first line of attack. Problem is – DEMS want it. The R’s are so inept at delivering a message, she will probably get away with it. Cleaning up Obama’s mess. From the frying pan into the fire – HillaryCare.

          1. Obama and Clinton are interchangeable cogs in the same wheel. I don’t know what the GOP plans are, but I hope that once she “announces” the obvious is made clear, even to the low info voters.

  1. So far, the Dems have caused the expenditure of about one trillion dollars, wasted all their political capital, thrown the US healthcare system into chaos, all for three or six or whatever millions of people to “enroll” into a health insurance program that no one asked for, no one wants, and most can’t afford to buy.
    The Dems, with the help and endorsement of the health insurance industry, miscalculated the public’s interest or wilfull participation in this scheme. The government drones, with the help and endorsement of the health insurance industry, produced a massive regulatory program that can’t be enforced, no matter what the “fine” or “tax” imposed on those who refuse to buy health insurance.

    While this new mandate delay seems to help private business interests, it’s also aiding the health insurance industry that finds itself with a government partner that is incompetent at best, and useless at it’s worst. Big insurance can’t spin on a Presidential whim, can’t change policies for millions of consumers because the law says it must, so we’re left with a massive debt, an unworkable/unusable program that should be gutted and buried with the aged Prohibition papers.

  2. The Terms of Absolutes

    Kathleen Sebelius said, “There is absolutely no evidence, and every economist will tell you this, that there is any job-loss related to the Affordable Care Act,” Sebelius told reporters in Orlando, Fla., on Monday.

    Amazing that she’s spoken with EVERY economist.

    This is something this admiinstration does all the time. They speak in terms of Absolutes.
    They don’t know how not to.

    1. No snark here.
      At the end of the day when MrsSillybus kicks off her shoes, does she think about what she’s done to her fellow Americans, does she cringe at the lies, the false spin, and complete failure of the ACA? How can she not, how can MrObama and his minions not feel remorse or even guilt that they have brought this disaster onto innocent people who trusted them?

      They’re not stupid people, not uninformed; they know exactly what’s going on in ordinary people’s lives because of this monstrosity. They know the public doesn’t want this law enforced, they know that certain people are being hurt job-wise and health-wise because of what they’ve done to our healthcare system. And yet, they lie again and again to make it seem that down is up, that bad is good.
      They just can’t be as heartless or unsympathetic as they seem to be in public, so how do they sleep at night.

      1. Everything is an absolute and an exaggeration.
        When they say, “No one is more upset with [whatever the situation is]”
        “There is not a smidgen of corruption [name the issue]”
        “All the economists say…”
        “All the scientists say…”
        “everyone agrees…”
        “All the folks want…”

        When you have apologists for them (private and public) telling them they are right and that they are correct, they must sleep well.

        Their research and ‘facts’ are always wrong and exaggerated.
        They sleep well becuase you have to have a conscience to have a worried conscience.

        1. If you’re right, then we really are doomed.
          For them to truly believe what they say when all the facts prove
          otherwise, they must be insane or delusional.

      2. Are you asking if they have a conscience, srdem? I have asked that same question a million x – how can they sleep at night? And how is it that a serial liar is allowed to remain in office?
        The craziest thing I have heard to date was from CA Rep, Xavier Becerra…radical reconquista. On FOX News Sunday, he had the gall to say Obama is not doing anything illegal – otherwise he would have been sued by now. And he would have stopped!
        Welcome to the twilight zone!

        1. Even if they’re all something-paths, have no conscience, they must have a sense of self-protection. Even the notorious serial killer TedBundy cared about his own well-being if not anyone else.
          To be caught in serial lies, to be found out to be frauds and find that the public doesn’t trust you, doesn’t believe what you say anymore, has to be a mitigating purpose to right the wrongs, if only to protect one’s reputation.
          It’s OK to admit you’ve made a mistake, in fact it’s better to admit a failing than to keep lying about it. Americans love to forgive, we know no one is perfect.
          So why not do the right thing and save themselves?

        2. facts don’t matter.
          in fact (pun intended), facts are made up.

          And logic doesn’t matter.

          Bad jobs report means that people don’t want to be stuck in bad jobs.
          Obamacare hurts people is because People are Hurting.

          It’s orweillan.

          1. This regime is stacked with true believers. They follow the Machiavellian belief that the end justifies the means; and the end will be their utopian ideal. In reality, it will only lead to immense human misery and enslavement of the people.

        1. I heard him this afternoon. Forgive me for stating it again. I am 52 years old as I grew up in the 60’s I watched people protest about anything. Things of importance to silly things such as “How short grass should be cut” (sarc).
          Now we have Our Country being Taken over, as far as I am concerned, and everyone is either afraid, unaware of how the Constituion works, etc.
          By the way: When there is a protest of importance our wonderful Media does not cover it.

    1. The “Doctor of Common Sense” is spot on. Unfortunately, many blacks have been influenced by liberation theology (Rev. Wright’s specialty), which deifies black leaders who they believe will deliver them heaven on earth. It is very much blasphemy as ET Williams suggested.

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