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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, February 19, 2014

8:15 am || Departs White House
12:10 pm CT || Arrives Toluca, Mexico
12:35 pm CT || Greets Mexican President Nieto and begins bilateral meetings; Palacio de Gobierno del Estado de Mexico, Toluca, Mexico
2:45 pm CT || Attends a working lunch; Cosmovitral, Botanical Gardens, Toluca, Mexico
4:20 pm CT || Participates in a walk and talk with Prime Minister Harper of Canada
4:50 pm CT || Delivers remarks with President Nieto and Prime Minister Harper;
5:30 pm CT || Participates in the Trilateral North American Leaders Summit Meeting Courtyard, Palacio de Justicia, Toluca, Mexico
7:15 pm CT || Holds a press conference with President Nieto and Prime Minister Harper; Patio Cental, Palacio de Gobierno, Toluca, Mexico
8:50 pm CT || Departs Mexico
2:05 am || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except as noted
Live stream of press conference at 7:15 pm CT; 8:15 ET

21 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, February 19, 2014”

  1. MrCarney called this futile trip a “useful exercise” and indicated that nothing of import will be decided there.
    So. A trip to Mexico for a nice lunch, then back to DC.
    What a waste.

  2. Wanna bet what time his Thursday schedule starts ?

    I’m surprised they didn’t make this a two day event, with golf in that moderate climate with his fellow “leaders”. At least let his AF1 pilots get some rest :(

    1. The weekly schedule only has a dinner meeting on Thursday, so yep, sleeping in all day:

      On Thursday, the President will return from Toluca, Mexico and attend the Democratic Governors Association dinner.

  3. Hey, I’m reading this here in Mexico City and I can’t believe the folks who wrote this schedule don’t know that the president of Mexico is Peña Nieto, not just Nieto. You either use both last names, or if you are going to drop one, you drop the second last name. But in the case of an official like the president, it is best to use both. Someone who worked on the schedule above did not do much research.

    1. I’m sure the aides that didn’t research the name of the Mexican president were the same lazy ones that didn’t tell Michelle not to touch the Queen of England and failed to tell Barry not to speak over “God Save the Queen” as it played.

        1. …Remember in grade school, we looked up a country and would write things like: The major crop is corn, and the major export is bauxite. I remember one country where the major export was guano–and I was much amused when I looked THAT up.

  4. He could have just stayed on his golf vacation we payed for and taken a cab to Mexico from there. Would have been cheaper but whatever.

    1. Good catch. He could have easily talked to a distribution center in California rather than race back to DC to talk to a center in Maryland ? Would have made perfect sense to me.

  5. Fox and friends was on this morning and a commercial for Viagra was and I heard the catch phrase “This is the age of taking action”. Obama declared “This is the year of taking action” last month.

    LOL……now they are plagiarizing ED commercials………you would think if they were going to steal the phrase Obamacare would include in the formulary.

    1. Leftists are not very imaginative, so they tend to plagiarize…a lot. Lunchbucket Joe is a prime example. Besides, Preezy surrounds himself with young, nubile, pajama boy types, who are better known for their fratboy antics than their literary skills.

    1. Good question. It appears he doesn’t like to mix business with pleasure. And pleasure-seeking is his business.
      The historical Sunnylands would have been an ideal spot for the three leaders to meet. Past Republican presidents have entertained Royalty, world leaders, captains of industry…everyone of note.
      And Obama? It’s the choom gang, lol. What a missed opportunity by this wastrel PINO.

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