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The Obama Morning News || February 18, 2014

GOP puts big legislation on hold . . . Washington Post 
Seeks to shift focus to Obama . . . The Hill
GOP probes failing state exchanges . . . The Hill
Sebelius: No Obamacare job loss . . . Politico
Restaurant adds ACA surcharge . . . Free Beacon
Lech Walesa: Obama has failed . . . Newsmax
Oliver Stone: Obama weak and spineless . . . Mediaite
Obama warming-drought claim disputed . . . Newsmax
Obama orders new fuel standards . . . Fox News
WH: Stimulus worked out great . . . Associated Press
Hillary’s direct line to Hispanics . . . Daily Caller
Chelsea Clinton: More to do on LGBT . . . Politico
College text paints Reagan as sexist . . . Fox News
Paul’s plan to remake the GOP . . . Politico

11 Responses to The Obama Morning News || February 18, 2014

  1. Chelsea Clinton Whatshisname is the leading authority on _____, an accomplished______ making her the perfect spokesperson for______.
    As the daughter of a former US President, and Whatshisname’s wife, her advocacy for the homosexual agenda is national news and should be taken as_____ by everyone.
    Mrs Whatshisname’s mother, Hillary Clinton, is considered to be a frontrunner for the upcoming Presidential election in 2016. She has forged an alliance with one of the wealthiest men in Hispanic based media and so hopes to have a most favorable slant in all Spanish speaking forums.
    Mrs Whatshisname’s father, Bill Clinton, is considered to be a serial skirt-chaser and master fundraiser for himself and his wife.
    The political community believes that MrsClinton and Mrs Whatshisname would not be national figures except that he was elected US President twice.

  2. L.A. Restaurant Adds 3% ACA Charge:

    San Francisco has had an employee (illegal alien) healthcare surcharge for 3 years. L.A. was sure to follow.
    SF restaurants have been pocketing the h/c fees. In 2011 $14M was collected but only 1/3 of it went for the h/c insurance.
    Consumers are going to pay mightily for this ObamaCare scam – price hikes EVERYWHERE for something that was going to reduce h/c costs.