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Michelle Headed To New York to Tell People to Drink Up

It’s all part of the so-called “Drink Up” campaign.

My God. Didn’t first ladies used to do temperance? This is an outrage.

Oh, wait a second. She’s talking about water.

Thank God someone is on this. I was going to do it myself, given all the dehydrated people I bump into every day.

And I mean, literally bump into. They’re in stupor, having forgotten to bring their Dasani along to the office. It’s generally not talked about, but in Buffalo alone, three people last year, dazed from thirst, fell straight into open manholes and were never heard from again.

So First Lady Michelle Obama will trek to New York City Thursday to urge Americans to drink more water. And it’s not a moment too soon.

From the White House:

First Lady Michelle Obama will visit WAT-AHH!’s Taking Back the Streets exhibit at the New Museum in New York City. Taking Back the Streets is a celebration of street art in honor of Drink Up, the Partnership for Healthier America’s initiative that encourages all Americans to drink more water. This exhibit will use the visual arts to remind kids and parents that choosing to drink water is one of the best and easiest decisions we can make each and every day.

Who got to the first lady. Pepsi? Evian? Someone’s looking to fill trash dumps with lots of empty plastic bottles.

Where do you get this water stuff anyway? I’d better tune in. I’ve been subsisting on espresso and I’m thirsty.

She’ll also tape an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” And, of course, a fundraiser.

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  1. Rather ironic that when Obama visited Central CA last week, all we asked for was water. But all he offered was welfare. He told us our lack of water was not the fault of Pelosi, Feinstein, rabid environmental rules and a Congress gone amuck, but of Climate Change. And he told us we’d need to learn to live without water.

    He could have saved himself the trip. Everyone knew he’d side with the environmentalists and not the millions of people who are devastated because government action has taken away water that’s been delivered for 75 years. And he wants us to be happy about the opportunity to become dependants of his government.

    He really knows nothing of Americans.

    1. It’s not ironic, it’s absolutely tone deaf, cold hearted, and uncaring.
      Maybe when Michelle is done in NY she can fly to CA and tout her food deserts again. At least this time it would be true.

  2. So we are spending a plane load of dough to send the First Lady to NY to tell people to drink….water. Wouldn’t a simple radio spot on WBLS do the same thing? NYC drinking water is actually top notch, and plentiful. Perhaps she was just itchin’ to get out of town….again.


    1. In this day and high tech age, half their travel speeches could be Skyped into companies and schools. Think of the cost and carbon footprint savings, as well as the security burden lifted on local communities.

  3. It must be time for another $50,000 lingerie shopping spree at Agent Provacateur. We can’t appear on Jimmy Fallon’s show wearing last year’s undies, can we?

    1. The bad weather in the northeast has had air traffic backed up for days. Didn’t the WH think this thing through because 3 major airports shutdown just for her royal arrival on a normal day.

      They should have done a remote instead of a live interview.

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  5. Kind of risky for Jimmy’s first week, the Leno conservatives are tuning in to see if they’ll stick with the new guy. As Johnny and Jay were so successful in lampooning both sides of the aisle while being gracious to their political guests. Jimmy’s going to need the viewership of us old farts to keep ahead of Letterman ;)

    1. I agree. If he goes the Stewart, Letterman approach and only bashes the right he’s going to find himself at the bottom. I’ve found him likeable enough but his Late Night was only so-so and while his premier is considered “hip” it’s not the audience that will give him the ratings.
      But then again, NBC keeps MSNBC afloat so ratings might not mean anything over there any more.

      1. Isn’t NBC owned by GE who’s a big Obama buddy? Probably told SNL to layoff Obama too.

        That’s okay, I’ll look elsewhere for my “fair and balanced” political humor fix ;)

        1. Not any longer. Comcast bought em. BUT the Comcast CEO is just as much an Obama bud as Immelt was over at GE.
          And actually considering Comcast’s cable reach and now their bid to take over Time-Warner the danger from the propaganda reach is greater now than ever before.

        2. Here’s some history Denise.
          My wife worked for RCA for years.
          RCA owned NBC.
          The unions broke RCA’s back.
          GE bought RCA to get NBC.
          RCA no longer exists.
          My, my how the chips fall.

    2. It’s not like Fallon is the new kid on the block – you’re either a fan, or you’re not. He’s on an hour earlier but the political hit on Leno is beyond the pale.
      The very morning after his last show, the studio where he performed all these years was immediately cleansed of all traces of Jay – signage/posters removed, sets torn down, buildings re-painted…nothing left but the carcass. Such urgency!

      This morning the gang over at MJ was ecstatic – celebrating Fallon’s ‘debut’ as though he had just defeated the Russians at Sochi with one arm tied behind his back. It was a de facto victory for Obama. Obama, the celebrity worshiping TV/movie junkie who resides at the WH. He who controls our remote control.

      I predict MOOCH will now have a permanent VIP guest spot on the show. Her ultimate reward for deposing the surrogate King of Late Night.

      1. I saw the clip on MJ–big “stars”–second rung–giving Fallon money. I don’t watch late nite or record it–but does this mean I will have to see more clips?

      2. I just hope we’re not subjected to more potato sack races with Fallon and Mooch running around through the WH, chasing each other up and down the stairs, hula hooping and so forth. It was so unbecoming for a First Lady.

        1. No, No, No Granny.
          I want to see much more because the idiots are the ones that turn the TV on to watch Fallon and applaud the first woman.
          Possibly they will finally see what the country has placed in the White House.
          Possibly they will realize the mistake we have made.
          Everyone deserves the right to make a fool of themselves, and personally, I say go for it.

          They both adore the national stage. It is not our duty to restrict them from the exciting life they live.

          I find it humorous though.
          The arrogance they have is to be on display for the next year.

  6. I’d like to suggest she follow up her hubby’s visit to California for another “Drink Up” event. She can stand in the middle of bankrupt farm land and explain to the American people that the reason those farmers are out of business and the rest of us have to pay higher food prices is because her and hubby’s envirobuds are putting a fish above human life.

      1. I’d also like to know why they’re granted such a large percentage of water since they’re not being good stewards of its usage. California and Arizona have battled for decades over water allotments from the Colorado River. (Colorado River Compact). If I have to reduce my water consumption, I certainly expect everyone else to reduce theirs. Just my humble opinion…

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  8. I’m not surprised by this. Afterall, Barack thinks he can walk on water.

    The media carry their water and

    if people think it’s too expensive to buy bottled water, Michelle can say, Let Them Eat Snow. That’s the one thing we have plenty of.

  9. Just a blog brag of mine, if no one minds. My post today made the front page of Ace of Spades.

    Linky in my name, if anyone’s interested. It doesn’t have to do with water or Michelle, so this comment is off topic.

    1. Thanks:) I’ve only had three links from Ace through the years (they’ve been YEARS in between – lol – the first link was back when Allah used to guest post). It’s fun to see those big numbers.

    2. Well done. People do not think this can happen here and to some of us it’s obvious that this is where we are headed.

      The young girl’s video — especially the part about the state media — was impressive, Unlikely our young people will protest and if they do it won’t be against Obama or the Progressives but all the foils that have been set up.

  10. The power elite use clueless politicians (and their spouses) to promote their agendas. In this case it is ignorance and death.

    If you begin a simple research on the history of fluoride in drinking water then you will begin to understand how even something so seemingly innocent is in reality diabolically sinister.

    To make it easier, see How Fluoride Can Cause Hypothyroidism on Youtube.

  11. ” This exhibit will use the visual arts to remind kids and parents that choosing to drink water is one of the best and easiest decisions we can make each and every day.”

    Everything is so darned fun and simple in the world of the health nazis. Visual arts! Best and easiest! Each and every day!

    Sounds like the gushing of a bunch of kindergarten teachers. Poor visual art, once so noble, now debased to bright colors behind vapid ideas.

    1. This is the bottom of the barrel for First Lady pet projects.
      We’ve gone from Breast Cancer Awareness to Drug Abuse to Literacy to Education…and now we have (drum roll)… Drink Water.

      What’s next, Mrs Obama?
      Maybe you can tell us to:
      Dress Warmly? Wash our hands?
      Don’t watch too much TV?
      Brush our Teeth.

      Why don’t you have your husband tax us if we don’t comply.
      Why don’t you have your husband use his phone and pen to make us comply.

      1. Don’t give them any ideas, Scottso. These masterminds might decide to activate all the smart tvs to enforce their “phone and pen” edicts.

  12. When I was a kid if I couldn’t find a hose outside to get water. I could figure out that I had to take a break from playing and run it, and grab water, koolaid, orange juice. My mom figured out that those things were needed. The First Lady back than did not waste my time or money ranting about drinking water.
    They don’t stop: Everyday is either a major issue to be concerned with, or they both take up time with stupid things. I would think they do the stupid things, to get our minds off of the major things that have beed screwed up. I apologize for the bad word. Messed up just does not cut it.

  13. How deeply regrettable the First Lady , who represents an Administration that will be remembered always as the one who couldn’t prosecute Mr. Cheney and allowed the USA’s water to be destroyed because they couldn’t fight Wall Street, and in Economic desperation pushed the horror of slick water hydraulic fracturing. This from a guy who HAD the moxie to vote against the criminal Iraq war. Well Mrs. O., are you going to continue to reinforce negative stereotypes of people of color (‘appetites’) or can you and your husband once again find the moral courage to fight these monsters despite having squandered so much on a well meaning but disastrous health plan? Successful people in all walks of life know when to cut their losses. How about registering AIPAC as a foreign entity? How about a moratorium on slick water fracturing? How about assaulting the parasites like Mr. Soros and destroying their ability to hoard grotesque quantities of cash tax free, and bet against their own (adopted) country like he’s currently doing- he’s betting against you too, Mr. President.

    1. They couldn’t fight Wall Street? Bwahaha! The Obama regime is in bed with Wall Street, and big business, and Hollyweird, and the environazis who are robbing our country blind with their phony junk science. Slick water fracturing? Bless your heart, you may not realize it but the world wasn’t created on the day you were born. Oil fracking has been around for more than 50 years. Fracking has yet to and will never produce the environmental Armageddon Barry and Lurch are blaming for America’s decline. America’s decline is all on Obama and his Keynesian cohorts.

  14. Never seen such worthless grifters in my life. They have literally beat the crap out of AF1 and 2. They are the consummate jet setters. (old term) They just cannot stand to stay in that nasty WH. It’s a prison. I read on Drudge that Hellywood wants tax breaks;).

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