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Live Stream || White House Briefing – February 18, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

19 thoughts on “Live Stream || White House Briefing – February 18, 2014”

  1. srdem reporting from the next to last row in the briefing room, in disguise and carrying a forged press pass from the Slovenian Tribune. shhh.
    Waiting for the 1pm (slovenian time) briefing to begin.
    My fellow chair-sitters seem engaged and refreshed from the short holiday respite, so we can expect some exciting back and forth today.

    1:10pm (slovenian time) a hush comes over the chair-sitters as we await our fate.
    First up; keeping one’s brother seems to be unimportant enough to delay until next month. priorities.
    Next; the talks on Syria are going no where, don’t have any solution and we’re hoping that Russia will keep Assad in check because we don’t have a clue.
    Seems the President has no reaction to N.Korea’s regime’s atrocities. Nothing, nada. Not our concern, it seems.
    Back to Syria. Gee, they’re just not cooperating, and Putin isn’t helpful. We’re looking for a UN resolution to, to, shame Assad. or something.
    VPBiden gets slammed for saying that the trade agreement MrO wants isn’t going anywhere. Response: Differing views. snort.
    Press Sec has a master list of words; views, opposition, national security, progress, moving forward………
    Claims the Obamacare website is functioning “effectively” and well-documented(:?) quality healthcare insurance. Repubs want to ruin healthcare for Americans. More blather about the good things of ACA, and how Americans “across the country” (really?) would be adversely affected if the Repubs repeal their “benefits”.

    New talks to negiotiate with terrorists; is that a new policy. Claims we’re working hard to gain the release of the POW held in Afganistan by the Taliban but we don’t negiotiate with terrorists. Ooops, we’re not in “active” negotiations, but we will resume them soon. ooops, seems we are going to change our policy and talk with terrorists.

    Back to Syria; no boots on the ground. The chair-sitters think the Syria problem is bigger than the public knows about. There’s no military solution to this “problem”.
    Continued questions about Syria, why aren’t we doing something. What about the “red line”, what is that all about if not a threat for military action.
    MrCarney now forced to praise Assad for NOT using chemical weaponry against his own people.
    (chair-sitters are smokin’ hot today, whew)
    Now let’s talk about MrClapper admitting he lied, and it was a mistake.

    Obamacare; asked if the President is concerned that candidates aren’t focused on the upcoming elections, but rather 2016. MrC says they’re not worried about losing a majority in the Senate.

    Don’t cry for our diplomats, Venezuela, they’re packing their bags and leaving. We don’t care.
    Back to NKorea, let’s get the Chinese involved. Nope.
    Return to Syria again! All we’re doing is humanitarian assistance, which apparently involves sending them AK-47s and MREs.

    On to Iran; we got nothing there. What drivel, assuming that Iran would be ‘transparent”, pfft.
    Back to Syria; why isn’t the Prez using the same criteria he used in Libya to stop Syria’s army. Negotiations again; this administration thinks talk and not action will make a difference to the world’s evil that never listens to anything but their own agenda.

    Minimum wage increases; won’t make an impact on existing jobs. Nobody believes that, economists agree, blah blah.

    Oh my, having a party tonight with the viewing of the movie. The cast, crew, curators, etc etc. No specific names, but it will be an “event”.

    A “useful excercise” for the Pres to meet with the leaders of Canada and Mexico. Nothing much will come of the “summit”, but what the heck it’s another trip out of town.

    I need a restorative drink. Is it near 5pm anywhere other than Slovenia?

    1. srdem65 :-)
      Once again that is the BEST summary of the “White House Briefing” I have ever read. (even better than the semi-sycophants of Fox News)

    2. For this excellent reporting which informs and spares us all, you deserve top shelf from my tea trolley. What’s your pleasure?

      I hear the WH has a very special home grown brew.

        1. Are you asking about ammo, Lee?

          If yes, the alphabet agencies have been buying up hundred of millions of shells in varying sizes for more than a year.

    1. The “US” under Dear Leader Obama still has a “National Security Council”…?
      -I didnt know that, because I have not seen any “national security” under Obama.

    2. We want the Ukraine government to stand down. So does the President call? NO. Biden called the Ukraine leader. Why? The President IS TOO BUSY screening a movie. That sums up how the President handles, cares for, regards his duties. Disgusting.

  2. @srdem65,
    …humanitarian assistance, which apparently involves sending them AK-47’s and MRE’s…
    I luv’ it!
    It’s always 5pm SOMEWHERE. As a matter of fact, looking at the clock…

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