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Presidents’ Day Open Thread || February 17, 2014

Thanks everyone for running the blog today while I take some time with family. See you tomorrow.


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  1. Thank God we have some past good Presidents to admire who at least appreciated this great country and the White House instead of jetting off on separate vacations from his family at the tax payers…or what’s left of them…expense.

  2. I saw the Ice Dance in Soochi yesterday, a wonderful show , it was Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and that sweet couple in the film “The Artist” rolled in one. The US couple got most points followed by the Canadians and the Russians. The icedancing men look so fabulous nowadays, could it be that they wear icedance tuxedos and similar attires ? Most men look good in tuxedos. I remember Mitt Romney in a tux on that Grid Iron dinner. He looked marvelous, was witty and cool and totally eclipsed that miserable excuse of a man, Barry ( who doesn´t look good even in a tux) but he still lost the election,,,,oh, it still hurts.
    I just read about Putins diplomacy during the Sochi games ( Drudge Report ). He goes here and there,meets the teams ( especially the Americans ) small talks, sips wine, shakes hands, builds bridges. Imagine what a man like Romney, who is genuinely interested in sports, could have done over there. He would have celebrated diplomatic triumphes, got along just fine with Putin and made the world a bit safer. Oh, and add to that his Grace Kelly-esque wife Ann……….media would have been crazy about her. Instead we have this miserable excuse of a president obsessing about homosexuality, looks like that is his greatest concern. And add to that his….hmmm….wife…. Barry is ruining the American image !

    • SL, I saw a story about a Canadian speed skater who posted a selfie of herself with Pootie, and she has received x number of insulting tweets from the GLBT crowd in return. Enough already! There was also a story of Chelsea Clinton saying that the issue was the great unresolved issue of the 21st century. Oh, really? I’m for the civil rights of all, but, in the US at least, marriage law is not a civil right but a states’ right. That is, according to our Constitution.

      I’m afraid that there is a certain element in this demographic which will be claiming martyrdom in perpetuity as a certain element in the black community still claims slavery.

      • Julie, I too am so fed up with these vengeful LGBT acticists. I can tell you that they wreak havoc in the media on every little imagined offence here as well. How many are they really ? I guess ( well I hope ! ) that they are few and they have also little to say, therefor they bang on their drums and try to scare others so fearfully.

    • Glad to see you were released from moderation jail, swedishlady. Always eager to read your summary of the news from across the globe.
      The ice dancing was wonderful, indeed…especially Meryl and Charlie! Agree, the tuxedos are so elegant and reminiscent of the wonderful days of old Hollywood.
      The athleticism with today’s skaters is breathtaking. However, the artistry of the legendary ice dancers, Torvill and Dean, still remains my sentimental favorite.
      For a nostalgic look back, here is their 1984 Sarajevo Gold Medal performance – Bolero – a perfect score:


          • Promise, nothing of that ( at least I don´t think so ). I began with a reflection on the glamorous icedancing in Sotchi and, after a brief discussion on the diplomatic qualities of Romney and Putin, ended with some unkind words on the qualities of our miserable Barry .

          • Julie, the American couple was so elegant and flawless, a class above , I must admit. But the other couples were great too, so competition is tough on silver and bronze.. The Americans got the most points but the medals are not clear yet, there are some more dancing to do. It is great entertainment !!!

          • Thank you Star, Oh, I am sure you would have loved the dancing, it´s irresistible. Even my husband, who hates to dance and who is a guy with lead in his shoes when dancing, finds it quite entertaining.

          • The only thing I would have changed about the American couple was not to put her in an Arab costume. But, you’re right, SL, they skate great.

    • Wasn’t sure if it was my computer or the site being flaky today. Was thrown off line a couple of times when I hit “submit”. Then it seemed to throw WHD offline with a message “never heard of this site” ….. lol.

      • Something is indeed goofy today Denise.
        BTW,….thanks for the ‘like’ over at votingamerican.
        I was registered with disqus and was dumped off, and to get back on it is infuriatingly tedious.
        Something is wrong with that service.
        Excruciatingly slow response to re-register.
        Not worth it.
        I prefer WordPress.

  3. Everyone name your “5 Favorite US Presidents”… (no special order required):

    -Teddy Roosevelt

  4. On a Presidential note, I seem to recall that when Obama was first elected, he said one of the great things about the whole family moving to Washington was that they would be able to spend more time together. Do you suppose they have discovered they can’t stand to be around each other 24/7? Hence the constant separate vacations. Or are they really that greedy, squeezing in as many free rides as they can for the remaining three years.

      • Each time MO is asked what she likes most about being FLINO she replies: THE TRAVEL. She waxes rhapsodic about the ‘experience’ for herself and her kids.
        Lottery winners – milking us for all they can get while the ‘gettin’s good.

    • MO and the girls stayed in Chicago when he went to the US Senate. For such a young family, wonder if that’s typical for Senators not bringing their families to DC ? Most Congressmen are not that wealthy, and the gig’s only guaranteed for 2 years, so I can understand their commute.

      In comparison, Ted Cruz posted a video on his facebook page following his young daughter skiing down a bunny slope on her 3rd day of first time skiing. It was a family vacation over Christmas and the glee in his voice while encouraging her was sooooooo sweet.

      Not sure if that makes him a better father than Obama, but it makes him more normal to me :D

      • I would not trade the years of cheering my sons on at that sporting events, etc.
        I still have wonderful memories of older son at 3 being taught how to swim. The whole summer, he played just by the steps. Than one day out of the blue. He dove in and swam the entire pool. Oh the memory of joy I have.
        There are many parents who have very busy jobs. They give up other things, to spend the quality times with their kids.
        If I were in his shoes (the thought, Ha) I would at least have the common sense to at least release pretend pictures with his kids.

  5. Daily Mail pics of FLINO on Buttermilk slope:

    Obama and the choom gang travel to Porcupine Creek, a private golf club owned by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, for an 18 hole round.
    There’s an old saying: Water seeks its own level. It looks pretty tacky for the so-called leader of the free world to be hanging out with such low level friends. And WE are paying for it. Creepy!

  6. A bus with Christian tourist was hit by a road side bomb or a car bomb in Egypt. My relative and her retired friends were able to tour Egypt several years ago, and the last thing they were concerned with was this type of terror.

  7. I cannot imagine taking all the separate vacations they do. The only time I’ve ever gone w/o my husband, is when he can’t/we can’t afford it.

    They have no such excuse. It simply must be because they don’t like being together. End of story.

    • Also, keep in mind that on every single Martha’s Vineyard vacation and Hawaii vacation they bring the same group of friends from Chicago and Hawaii with them. Most days, BHO is playing golf with his pals all day long while Moochelle and kids do their own thing. He sees Mooch only for dinner on most days, and they seem to have dinner with the kids (and all the friends) just a couple of nights of their vacation. In other words, they spend little to no time alone as a family on any of their “family” vacations. When they do spend time together, they have several other couples and their kids there too. I find it odd that they NEVER choose to have a private family vacation with just the four of them.

  8. I just spotted this comment on Lynn Sweet’s blog (on the Chicago Sun Times site) which catches the Obama hypocrisy quite well. Re: speechifying on California’s draught then playing on those water sucking desert golf courses…….

    Sure glad Obama is concerned about California farmers drought relief and global warming,
    After his speech he went golfing in drought stricken southern call with Larry, at his private golf course.

    Larry Ellison’s “Island in the desert” , Porcupine Creek property boasts an 18-hole golf course rated 13th best in the Golden State by Golf Digest Magazine, an 18,000 square foot main house, four guest houses, an amphitheater, a clubhouse, and massive swimming pool. since it is in the desert I am sure the 18,000 square foot house and guest houses aren’t air conditioned……………..
    Ellison’s Porcupine creek only uses 375 million gallons of water a year……….. look at the aerial photos…… an island of bright green ………. in the middle of the desert……….

    • One of the criteria is the prosecution of Manning. I’m 100 per cent behind this, and I’m still on the fence regarding Snowden. But, the treatment of James Rosen, the hounding to find out the sources of leaks and the lack of access to FCMABBHO scare me.

      • Pretty much everything about the way the progressive ideology has infilitrated almost every institution and aspect of life in America is frightening.

        The only recourse is impeachment. And as Coulter, and others, have said because Barack Obama is black he will never be impeached. And that is the tragedy.

        I linked yesterday to a post where Mike Lee pretty much throws in the towel in regards to doing anything to right this lawless power grab by this Adminisration.

        Rather than fight or offend, we will lose our freedoms. I feel sorry for anyone who has children who will never experience the greatness of America and who will be burdened by the excesses of this Administration and the cowardice of our elected representativre.

        • That is his ace in the hole grace,…he is black, however, his get out of jail free card is getting very thin.
          The elections in 2014 will be the harbinger of our future and the future of this Country.
          He is running this Country into the rocks with an arrogance that has never been seen before.
          The congress is corrupt and they are allowing him to get away with treasonous activities, which makes them liable to be rejected from their positions.

          Time to rid ourselves of the parasites that are destroying this Country.

        • Impeachment, at this point in time is probably no longer viable, I guess (though I would certainly support it). Or if the House leadership had a backbone, we could just legitimately cut off funding for his zany ideas (the latest being the billion dollars he wants to fight “global warming)–which we know will go to his buddies, ala Solyndra). It’s sad beyond words that at the very time we need powerful, focused, Constitutionally empowered leaders on the R side of the Congress, we wound up with spineless placeholders.

      • I’m with you on Manning and also on the fence about Snowden. Snowden (as far as we know) did not reveal techniques and tactics, only that the NSA was spying on private citizens and foreign leaders. He’s not really a hero nor a blatant traitor–something in between, I reckon. He doesn’t fit into the “civil disobedience” category, either. He goes against the example set by Thoreau, Gandhi and MLK because he ran away from the law so to speak. And they chose to face the legal consequences of their actions (jail time). So, yea, it’s pretty mixed up right now.

  9. Following the example set by my betters in Washington, i completely ignored the Sunday political talk fests, global anything, and the economy. My day was concentrated on a TomSelleck movie marathon, the most excellent Olympics, a visit to DowntonAbbey, then ended the day with a two-part SherlockHolmes mystery. So refreshing, so relaxing.

    Exerpts and video clips from the CharlesBarkley/BarackObama special interview clearly illustrate that our President’s “daily briefing” is a short overview of world events, and a detailed, in-depth look at the world of sports.

    News reports (and photos) that the UK’s DailyMail publish on the comings and goings of the Obamas should shame the US news media. The excuse of protecting the privacy of the FirstFamily doesn’t work when the Os are in public, doing things the public enjoys, and involves massive amounts of tax-payer funding. Claiming security issues is bogus when everyone knows where they are and what they’re doing there.
    There’s nothing invasive about a short video or string of photos of the President on the golf couse, or of MrsO skiing down the bunny slope in Aspen.

      • Remember the Souza photo-op of Obama receiving the PDB from Susan Rice last year while they all were on vacay in MV or Hawaii (can’t remember which)? Official business, lol.
        He does nothing unless it involves a photo for the family album, including PDBs.

      • I believe there really hasn’t been a daily “PDB” at all and were all replaced with PB&J from day one. ; )

        Like srdem, I retreated to Downtown Abbey and a good mystery following it, “Murder on the Home Front” and ten minutes watching David Cameron answering questions in Parliament. Boy, would I like to see Obama try that without the uhhs and umms.

    • We all need some time away from politics every once in a while, srdem. Sounds like you had a great reprieve with the Tom Selleck movies. Magnum, P.I. was one of my all time favorite tv shows. My escape is to make a quilt or dig in the garden, and not have a single thought about what the ruling class elites are up to.

    • With all the Obama regime crap everyday I find it hard to stay on-top of all the news that the “MSM” will not report…
      It just feels so hopeless going against Obama because there is nothing WE Patriots & Citizens can do… the Media will not report on Obama, the ‘Republican party’ will not stand up to Obama and 95% of ‘US citizens’ are just to cluless to care as the USA goes the way of Rome…

      Maybe CPAC 2014 will pick me up.

  10. Michael Kirby, the chairmen of the independent commission that wrote up the 372-page report on North Korea said the experts responsible for the findings catalogued a series of crimes that were reminiscent of the Nazi era.

  11. “Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves. ”

    Winston Churchill

    Boehner et al should read this. But only Ted Cruz is willing to act on it.

    • Interesting little quickie side trip:

      “Up until Saturday night, he had reportedly planned to spend the entire weekend at the estate.

      But at 6:26 p.m., he got into his motorcade and traveled 10 minutes away to the home of Michael Smith, the interior decorator who designed the White House’s living quarters as well as part of the Sunnylands center.”

      • You beat me to the punch, snark! What is he up to? No details whatsoever were released. Looks like the slacker is finding the ‘atmosphere’ in the Coachella Valley very enticing. Hobnobbing with interior decorators and the choom gang. Just having a gay old time.
        I have the distinct feeling he will be back…soon. Would love to know when he first learned about Sunnylands.

        • Who is this guy? This is the first time we’ve heard his name, and what in the world could the POTUS have to say to an interior decorator for one hour.

          • This is the interior designer that Moochelle somehow selected to redecorate their living quarters in 2009. Then, he was given the job of redecorating the Oval Office. He’s the one responsible for the being beige and tan look, including the boring beige couches and that HIDEOUS ultra modern coffee table.


            White House makeover

            In 2008, Barack and Michelle Obama appointed Smith to redecorate the residential quarters of the White House.[15] During this project, Smith worked with Michelle Obama and White House curator William Allman to select art on-loan from museums to be displayed in private quarters and elsewhere.[3]

            In February 2010, President Obama appointed him a member of the Committee for the Preservation of the White House.[16] Smith’s makeover of the Oval Office was revealed to the public in late August 2010.[17] Dominated by shades of taupe and beige, the designer redecorated the bookcases with Native American baskets and ceramics from the National Museum of the American Indian[3] and installed “a rug woven with quotations from Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy and others; two fawn-colored cotton-rayon sofas; two elegant midnight-blue lamps by Christopher Spitzmiller; and an extremely contemporary mica coffee table from Roman Thomas, a New York furnituremaker”.[

          • Having been a part-time desert dweller for the last 30 years, the next time we are in LaQuinta I will get the skivvy from the locals. This person must be a top designer – the WH and Sunnylands – so my very wild guess is Obama took a little spin to meet him and possibly line up an ‘indoor project’ at the WH for him. He is always looking for ‘new talent’ at the WH, no?

    • I cut off the third paragraph about his side trip:

      “The president returned to Sunnylands after about an hour. Details of his and Smith’s visit were not disclosed.”

  12. Good piece here by Shawn Mitchell with a whole lot of short takes guaranteed to drive your liberal “friends” into orbit. Make sure you stay to the end.

    Oh, and as a public service, for those of you who want to make your links look a tiny bit more elegant, a quick HTML lesson:

    <a href=””>White House Dossier</a> would come out as:

    White House Dossier

    Make sure you include the http:// in your hypertext reference.

    Anyway, do check out the Mitchell piece. It’s gold.