In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Sunday Open Thread || February 16, 2014



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  1. Ah! It’s another Pleasant Valley Sunday! Wish we could turn the clock back to the Monkees and find a way to prevent government from The Planet of the Apes.

  2. Judge Jeannine had Ann Coulter on Saturday night, and Coulter came right out and said, in so many words, that the only reason Obama hasn’t been thrown out of office already–and likely won’t be–is because he’s the first black president.

    The dinosaur media are going to scream bloody murder over that one, but Coulter’s right, and I hope she stands by her remarks through what’s sure to be a firestorm.

    1. She is right. But that is not the only reason. Fat cats in both party’s in both the Senate and the House do not care because they have already gotten theirs. The same goes for big business such as those represented by the cronyism capitalists of the US Chamber of Commerce and the entertainment world.

      The tyranny of lawlessness will not affect them. For them the system is working and when it doesn’t they can buy their way out of it or exempted because of influence.

      Appeals to founding principles and values is wasted.

      1. I’ve read, though, that the perps are going to be prosecuted. It’s about time, but no thanks to Eric Holder and his justice department.

    1. What I am concerned with as well, is everyone is going along with O, as he oversteps Congress with his Pen and Phone.
      As stated in the interview this can bring Tyranny if their is a break in the 3 Branches of Govt.
      They are buying up bullets like there is no tomorrow.
      Point: I am afraid when everyone wakes up, it will be to late. I feel a Marshall Law will be brought down upon the American people.

    2. Alberto Gonzales (remmember him?) on FOX. Says presidents can’t do very much in their EO’s. Huh? 35 changes to Obamacare? And for big sweeping things, you need legislation. Oh, like back-door amnesty to millions of Dreamers…and ording deportations to cease? I get it. /sarc/

    3. A progressive who actually has critical thinking skills? Jonathan Turley may be a progressive, but at least he isn’t a brain dead zombie like most of them are. He sees the danger when one branch of government seizes power from the others, and that is exactly what Obama and his minions are trying to accomplish. I pray we are successful in electing enough patriots to put a stop to the lawlessness. If we fail and this totalitarian regime seizes complete control, principled progressives like Professor Turley will be among the first to be purged.

      1. There are some people on the left (Turley, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Glen Greenwald) who may differ with us on their interpretation of the Constitution, but they don’t want to do away with it like Obama and crew. I have noticed that the left keeps trying to push Ginsburg into retirement so Obama can put another anti-Constitutional judge in her place, but I bless that liberal’s heart for digging in her heels. I hope she goes out feet first and not until Obama is gone.

      2. IMO, Jonathan Turley’s profound remarks were the greatest indictment against Obama and Congress (for sitting idle)…ever. A true Constitutional scholar and lawyer – and a Liberal – he runs circles around the community organizer’s so-called background in Constitutional law.
        Obama only studied the Constitution in order to find ways to subvert it.
        Obama was a part-time adjunct lecturer at Harvard, not a Professor. In fact, he was told by his ‘solleagues’ at Harvard not to both applying for tenure b/c he would never make the grade. He never applied.

      1. Talk about an unfair competition! We know that Canadians put roller skates on their toddlers rather than push the tykes around in strollers, and instead of teaching them how to swim, parents throw the little ones out on the ice and yell “skate, junior, skate”.

        Just kidding here, but it’s true that Canada is a formidable opponent for any hockey team. It would be a great game to watch.

        1. We Canucks love our hockey. The women’s hockey team has been doing really well, winning gold Olympic medals in 2002, 2006, and 2010. The men took gold in 2002 and 2010. I hope the men’s team will make it to the final round. Hockey is so exciting to watch – it’s “the coolest game on earth”.

      1. Nice job, AFVet! Nice antidote to the politicians and NBC. The games are meant to be a relief from all the political turmoil in the country and in the world. That will all come back sooner than anyone wishes. It’s the athletes and their personal best that matters.

        1. Thank you Julie.
          I get sick and tired of all the political crap that we have to dig through.
          The Games are just that, a winner and a loser and it is refreshing to see the young people’s spirit and determination.

      2. Thanks for the clip. I appreciate your articles as well as Keith’s.
        I am unable to make a comment at the site. Does anyone else have trouble as well?

        1. I will look into it Lee.
          Thanks for the nod.
          It is a WordPress site but you should be able to access it.
          You may be going into the site’s spam filter.
          Are you trying to comment as ‘Lee’ ?
          I know that Denise has posted a like on the site in the past, but she is a blogger.

          1. I am not a blogger. I don’t know how to become one.
            I tried to reply a couple of times as Lee. A box comes up requesting to choose Google, etc. Picked one. Nothing happened. I will ask my son to assist me. TKs.

          2. You might try going to and establishing an account with them.
            It is free and you will gain access to many sites that you want to comment on.
            I hope that helps.
            I would stay away from Google.

    1. It’s really hard to gather up sympathy or even empathy for a bunch of wealthy elites whose plans for a snooty affair are interrupted by a visit from the guy they gave money to and supported, just so he could do what they’re complaining about.

      The super-rich complained about having their private jets delayed while AF2 carrying the FirstLady and who knows who else landed first at the airport in Aspen. A tiny boo-hoo to them, too.

        1. I don’t know, but I was referring to shutting down the airport so that all those one-percenters had to cool their heels in their private jets while waiting on the tarmac.

  3. Another Obamacare ‘glitch’? You will never be turned down with a pre-existing disease. However, you may not be able to get your medication.

    Beware of ‘closed drug formularies’ for expensive pre-existing diseases. If your medication is not on the exchange formulary you are out of luck. You must pay out of pocket and it doesn’t affect deductibles or out-of-pocket limits.

    MS, for instance, is a disease that can easily be treated, but if not – the patient usually ends up in a wheelchaird. One medication could cost $62,000.

    A lupus patient said she later got a letter saying her insurance was canceled because of ObamaCare, pushing her premiums from $52 to $373 a month. She has to get a second job. If she can’t afford to pay for her ‘insurance, she can’t see her doctors or get her medicine.

    Drugs not on a preferred list in the commercial market would be more expensive with a major difference – there is co-insurance.

    And finally, – the excuse: Obamacare just ran out of time!


    Some say ObamaCare hoped to do better on that problem but ran out of time. Matthew Eyles of Avalare Health, a consulting firm, says although officials wanted “to be able to make sure that all the systems were operational in 2014, they realized that they needed to give an extra year to get those systems changes in place.”

    Officials intend to try again next year.

    (Nearly 10,000 comments! 1000 in the last 20 minutes!).

  4. People with serious pre-existing diseases, precisely those the president aimed to help with ObamaCare, could find themselves paying for expensive drug treatments with no help from the health care exchanges.


    Dr. Scott Gottlieb of the American Enterprise Institute explains,”if the medicine that you need isn’t on that list, it’s not covered at all. You have to pay completely out of pocket to get that medicine, and the money you spend doesn’t count against your deductible, and it doesn’t count against your out of pocket limits, so you’re basically on your own.”

    1. On other Week-end notes , I hear MSNBC is having a PITY party today for FAT EDDY and the VERY RIGHT REV AL . It appears that the UAW SUFFERED a MAJOR DEFEAT in Tenn. AND the WHITE guy in FLA. was ONLY convicted on lesser charges of ATTEMPTED murder . CRY ME A RIVER BOYZ lol

        1. Same DA office that prosecuted the Zimmerman case – Angela whatshername – Davies? What are the odds??? Just wait til Obama gets back from vacay!

  5. I’d like to talk about poor dear John Kerry and his efforts to bully the Israelis into giving up yet more land for no peace.

    the Times of Israel is reporting that the PA has said a definite “no” to Kerry’s so-called “framework” agreement. now the Pals have not yet even SEEN the agreement, but, in a moment of unusual honesty, admitted that they’d turn it down anyway.

    I’ll be interested to see how the Obama administration blames the Israelis for this one, as they will. and I will also be curious as to whether Kerry will repeat his lovely statements about boycotts. “Nice occupier country you’ve got here, Zionist dogs. be a shame if anything–happened to it…”

        1. That’s because KIRO is a local tv station, and even they are describing this a hate crime and not Islamic terrorism. I can almost guarantee this story will not see the light of day outside of Washington state and conservative media (i.e., Weasel Zippers). State-run media won’t touch it with a ten foot pole because it doesn’t fit their meme: Tea Party = wild-eyed radicals, Muslim jihadis = fine upstanding citizens.

    1. Could be, but I think a lot of it is related to the first comments on this thread of why Obama will never be impeached. It’s because she’s black and it’s politically incorrect to put her below the white first ladies. But CLOTHES? They’ve got to be kidding!

    2. As a woman, I’ve always wondered what the qualifications are for “being my own woman”? Anybody know what that entails? From what I can see, these “winners” – Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary, and Mooch – were cheated on by their spouses, yet they stuck around and continued to ride the coattails of their adulterous husbands. In my opinion, that is defined as cowardice; not “being my own woman”.

  6. Now we know how FCMABBHO got elected.

    “Americans are enthusiastic about the promise of science but lack basic knowledge of it, with one in four unaware that the Earth revolves around the Sun, said a poll out Friday.”

  7. The problem is all inside your head
    She [consult list] said to me
    The answer is easy if you
    Take it logically
    I’d like to help you in your struggle
    To be free
    There must be fifty (eight) ways
    To leave your lover.

    I wanted to be a giraffe until ….

    The Copenhagen Zoo explained its decision to kill, butcher and feed a healthy 2-year-old animal to the lions in front of children.

    1. I saw that this morning. When people hear are losing their jobs because of O care, loosing their insurance, or can’t afford the new policy’s things may get ugly here as well.

    2. Let’s send Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey and Danny Glover to sort it all out. Oh, what the hell, might as well throw in Dennis Rodman too, he’s out of rehab.

      1. The Wash. Free Beacon used that election 2008 soundbyte recently. Most of the bypassing congress soundbytes came from an Obama event in Nevada 2010. He literally repeated it a dozen times.

        There’s always been a lot of ammunition to use against Obama.
        There just has been a lack of will to use it.

        So, now we are facing the deluge.

    1. Now if all the people will start watching these video’s maybe they will wake up. They have children and grandchildren also. Their families future is what matters, but so far they are ______.
      Anyone like to fill in the gap?
      They have to understand their is not any promise that their children and grandchildren will never be affected by what this administration is doing.

    2. Great job, GJ !!!
      He really faltered on the last line: “I am not…a…a…a dictator, I am the President”.
      I expected him to say….”I am the King’.

    3. Fantastic video, Granny Jan. Good to see that Mooch’s latest extravagance – the $12K blue parachute frock – made the cut. It really leaves me seething to watch the extravagance of these supreme grifters, while the American people are being buried under an avalanche of debt our great grandchildren won’t get out from under.

      1. More astonishing is the fact that the FLINO doesn’t get how ridiculous and ostentatious she looks. Lots of snickering going on behind closed doors in D.C. I would imagine.

  8. Did Obama just issue a ‘red line’ warning to the leader of Uganda re his proposed anti-gay legislation? “It will complicate our relationship”, he said.
    Or is BO just politicking and showing off for the gay population of the Coachella Valley,where he is vacationing.
    It is amusing due to the fact that the entire Palm Springs area is a haven for the LBT crowd. It is saturated with ‘gay mens’ resorts’ – a playground for gays. It’s no wonder BO enjoys the atmosphere so much! Strange, very strange.


      1. Thanks for the link. Of course, the PO(tu)S just had to issue a statement from his golf vacation.

        This snarky comment on that article sums it:

        “This makes me so proud to be an American. I woke up this morning and wasn’t worried about blowing through the $17 trillion dollar debt ceiling, about 7% unemployment with the lowest labor force participation in history, about snailish economic growth, about my government printing $85 billion dollars a month to prop up the stock market. Those things never entered my mind. I was really worried about the Ugandan government’s gay policy position. I was just hoping Obama would forget all those other distractions and speak out. what a leader. “

    1. I knew that Palm Springs is a big gay Mecca. A gay friend of mine here in middle America has this dream to live there. Perfect for 0, who “can do anything he wants” and does. While big Mo jets to Aspen, where the rich and famous hang out. Vail, not on same level. We are always seeing the Hellywood crowd hang out there. Most of them don’t ski. Too much work. They shop in uber expensive stores, fine dining and walk around in their expensive ski togs;). Guarantee Mo, hasn’t made one run on a bunny slope. I skied for years in Colorado, and one thing you never saw were blacks skiers. But, what the heck, she’s bored after her over 20 plus days in Hawaii, her Monet parties and living a loveless marriage. Next trip will be the Spring Break trip for the oldest girl and her friends. Why not?? We’re paying for it!!

  9. Schedule for the Week of February 17, 2014

    On Monday, the President will return from Rancho Mirage, California.

    On Tuesday, the President will deliver remarks at an event on the economy in the Washington, DC area.

    On Wednesday, the President will travel to Toluca, Mexico, to participate in the North American Leaders Summit. At the Summit, the President will discuss a wide range of issues including economic competitiveness and citizen security with Mexican President Peña Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Harper.

    On Thursday, the President will return from Toluca, Mexico and attend the Democratic Governors Association dinner.

    On Friday, the President will meet with the Democratic governors in town for the annual National Governors Association Winter Meeting to discuss his Opportunity for All agenda and the Year of Action.

      1. They really need to coordinate Obama’s schedule. He’s in CA now, it would be a cheaper trip to Mexico from there instead of flying back to DC and then back to Mexico. Of course, it’s not their money so they don’t care how expensive their travel is.

  10. Republicans pronounce themselves eunuchs in the face of Obama’s violations of the Constitution. Actually they said there is little they can do about it. And that was Mike Lee. So, I am sticking with eunuchs. Perhaps they can all attend to Michelle’s court. Worthless.

  11. OK. Maybe I’m paranoid. But as see it the mechanisms are in place. BHO has given himself the power to declare martial law without input from congress. Large swaths of the federal government are being armed. I must admit that I was not aware that working in the post office or for NASA was sufficiently dangerous that the departments needed to buy guns and ammunition. Now I can imagine a few weeks before the election in 2016 there is a significant drop in the stock market. To prevent financial panic and public disorder BHO declaires martial law. And a short time later declares himself “President for Life”

  12. House holding up the money would help out on unconstitutional EO’s. A god place to start would be on the next bail out which is probably right around the corner.

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