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Obama Golfing in California

Updated February 18 at 9:03 am ET.

President Obama today is playing golf on the course at the Annenberg Sunnylands estate in Rancho Mirage, California.

As expected, several buddies have flown in to join him for a three-day weekend of fun. Today he is playing with old pals Bobby Titcomb, Greg Omre, and Michael Ramos.

It’s the fourth time he has played so far this year – he got in three outings while in Hawaii last month – and the 161st round of his presidency.

UPDATE: Obama played two more rounds with his friends before the weekend was out, the fifth and six outings of the year and the 162nd and 163rd since becoming president.

25 thoughts on “Obama Golfing in California”

  1. Everyone may have received a FREE PHONE. I wonder if those same people can understand that these vacations are being paid for by the people. Can they understand these two are not from some longtime dynasty of a family? The only thing these two have not done yet, is throw their middle finger up in the air as they are boarding ONE of the planes. Since they are using our tax money to do this, it would be so lovely to have them both do the finger at the same time as they are boarding each plane. Maybe O will use his golf club instead of his finger this trip, (instead of a selfie picture with a beautiful woman).

  2. Raise your hand if you think the MFM would ignore a guilty plea on solitication charges of a Republican president’s life-long friend. Or, would the MFM repeat the story every time the creep played golf with that president?

      1. Whoa! If this had been the friend of a GOP president, “60 Minutes” wouldlve been on it like a duck on a Junebug! “The New York Times” would’ve had serveral pieces examining Titcomb, his relatives, the hooker and her/his relatives, and all kinds of gooey stuff.

  3. Guess it was just a lucky coincidence that the Punahou choom gang was visiting Kalifornia at the same time Preezy staged that meeting with the King of Jordan.

    1. How to make it rain in California…

      Oh, wait, Obama gave up on changing the tides and large movements of water, so maybe he can settle for landing some whales. That qualifies as rainmaking, right?

  4. Before the First Freeloaders left town in their respective planes, they threw us some love. Did you know that Obamacare wants to be your valentine? Yet another ridiculous waste of time and money to push the ridiculous ACA. It joins with their other brilliant ideas of talking to your loved ones at Thanksgiving and leading them to the computer to sign up… pajama boy and his his hot cocoa discussing ACA…. drunk college kids in ads… etc.

    And in honor of this being NBA All-Star weekend, I saw a clip of Charles Barkley interviewing Dear Leader. Funny how Leader had on a tie this time, as opposed to interview with O’Reilly in the White House.

    1. They have people monitoring every criticism, every word of praise, and keep track of who says what. The complaint about the no-tie look must have stung, sooo.
      Apparently, every word that old Rushbo says is written down somewhere and parsed, every blog is valued for the quality of comments, and FOX news is studied for errors or misstatements.

      They’re a thin-skinned bunch in the WhiteHouse.

    2. “And in honor of this being NBA All-Star weekend, I saw a clip of Charles Barkley interviewing Dear Leader. Funny how Leader had on a tie this time, as opposed to interview with O’Reilly in the White House.”

      It’s all about the tweaking the dichotomy.

  5. Forget it! The MSM will carry BHO’s water.
    I remember at least two newsrooms in which I worked where we were emphatically told not to mention race in reporting information about criminals.
    It is pointless to consider the FCC compelled community ascertainment interviews which television stations were required to endure as part of license renewal.
    America has been operating under an obscene guilt sentence since LBJ was president.

  6. 3 straight days of golf Obama? “As expected, several buddies have flown in” what is he a frat boy? Did Bobby T bring the hookers?

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