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Michelle Lands in Aspen

Well, it’s official. First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters are skiing Aspen again this year.

It’s her third time in Aspen after hitting the slopes in Vail back in 2011. “She likes it here,” said local Sheriff Joe DiSalvo, according to the Aspen Daily News. Reasonable deduction.

Michelle on phoneMichelle is once again at the home of Jim and Paula Crown, major Democratic donors who own the Aspen Skiing Co.

According to the New York Post, Mrs. Obama’s arrival shut down the Aspen airport for an hour on a high travel day, forcing other vacationers to cool their heels on their private jets as they waited for Michelle to land and disembark.

One of our readers wrote Friday that he had “spotted a caravan of about 7 black SUVs with a police escort leaving the Aspen airport. In all likelihood that was her.

White House Dossier of course broke the story Friday that Michelle was skiing Aspen disguised as a Babushka.

By skiing in a tony Colorado location, Mrs. Obama – who in an reference to greedy Republicans asked “Who are we?” repeatedly during the 2012 campaign – chose the most the expensive location for taxpayers possible short of heading to the Alps. She took an Air Force jet and a cargo plane 2,000 miles across the country so she could slide down America’s most powdery slopes beside its wealthiest skiers.

There are plenty of mountains along the East Coast, including right here in beautiful Virginia – those just a chopper ride away – that could surely have sufficed for a modest skier like Mrs. Obama.

And now that global warming is causing global cooling, the hills presumably have the high-quality snow Michelle covets!

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  1. It’s good to be the King and the Queen! We need to cut them some slack. I mean, all that fundraising and birthday party planning… and only a month of so after returning from Hawaii.

    1. You’re right of course. They must be weary and exhausted. As that saying goes, there’s no rest for the wicked. When they return they’ll have to plan their spring break trips and lavish summer vacation. Such is the life of FLAUNTUS and her family.

      My thanks to whoever called her FLAUNTUS. It’s spot on.

          1. Mandy, We know you are a liberal because you lack a sense of humor. Cheer up, we could have Hillery next. Then you will have a big O for sure.

  2. I get it. Not only are they wealthy people in their personal affairs, but as FirstCouple can command resources and privilege that most leaders of other nations could only dream about. They’re not even in the 1%, they’re in a class all by themselves.

    What is wrong with these excesses is that it becomes a flaunting or in-your-face of how special they are, and how unimportant we are. There’s no financial or other reason why they don’t have a family home to visit during the President’s term. There’s also no reason they can’t rent a suitable abode that meets security requirements.

    The First Family can’t have it both ways; they can’t be considered private citizens allowed to move about as they please, and public figures entitled to the accomodations provided by the taxpayers.
    These constant vacations and massive expensive activities don’t sit well with a public where jobs are few and far between, and 50 million people can’t feed themselves or their families without food stamps.

    1. They think they earned it through the inconvenience of being the White House and having to travel around receiving adulation from the self-interested segments of the masses.

  3. Nice article on the tone deaf Obamas …

    Lets recap this past month ….. arrives from a month in Hawaii in time for her Big Birthday Bash (about a half million?), a gaudy, tented State Dinner (about 5k a head x 350 guests), THE dress. Now playing with her 1% friends in the very tony Aspen ski resort. And she has the gaul to lecture us about income inequality and shared sacrifice ? As the Townhall article states, they don’t believe in anything they tell us to do. Time to cut up their U.S. credit card !

    1. Great article, thanks for the link. Can you imagine how devastated Michelle will be when they have to return their US credit card? I’m sure she’ll think she’s been demoted to a life of poverty after all these perks she’s entitled herself to.

      1. They be jus movin’ on up to the eastside, that all. Tell me now, how is this guy now worth $16 million? Came into the white house not even a millionaire. In 5 years he’s worth millions? A president’s salary is how much? Moochelle hasn’t worked in years. Maybe the House should investigate where he got $16 million from. Since when does the first family get to go on a private vacation, without the president, and the government pays for it?

        1. I’d like to see an audit of OFA and it’s various spinoffs. Just wondering how they go from Obama for America, a political donation website, to Organizing for Action, a “non-profit” community organization. Just as quickly as Lois Lerner approved and backdated the nonprofit status of Malik Obama’s BHO Foundation, OFA received one of those elusive 501(c)(4)s that conservatives can’t ever seem to get. Anyway, those financial books would make for an interesting audit.

        1. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos of the Reagans. Girly, I remember that photo of the Obama family and what stunned me was that it was taken by the official WH photographer as if it was planned. (couldn’t they have at least tidied up a bit?) To this day it’s still posted on the WH website. It definitely was not a very flattering photo of the first family.

          DMcG, congrats to your son on his upcoming marriage. May he and his bride have many long years of happiness together.

  4. I’m quite certain that the level of skiing MO is at (once a year!), they could have used a local resort or enjoy the beautiful trails at Camp David, as the Carters and Clintons have done…..

    With hopes their rich buddy has a private slope and ski lift because you know they’ll be shutting down the slopes and lifts for *security* at a great loss to the community in lost lift revenues. Eat cake !

  5. I am sorry there needs to be a limit on personal travel for the first family. The Government would not allow a corporation to expense the spouse of the CEO to take the company jet on vacation. I have no problem with the first family traveling with the President. This Carte Blanche card given to the First Lady has to stop. She is not a constitutional officer. They need to make them fly commercial. She and the Secret Service can have the entire section of First Class. I am sure their are plenty of commercial pilots that are former military pilots that are still have clearance.

    The idiom of “pigs get fat hogs get slaughtered” certainly applies. Michelle is nothing but a HOG.

    My biggest fear is after 2014 elections Repeal the 22nd ammendment movement will begin to allow Obama to run for a third term.

    1. How about this: the President could have had AF1 detour to Colorado on his way to California, dropped off the F.L. and kiddies, and later, pick them up on his way back to DC.

      Or, gasp!, the whole familiy could have gone to California for the weekend. I know, I know. Family vacations are just so low-class, but it would be nice and less an issue.

      1. Me, to AZ. I am scared what he may have up his sleeve. He and Congress don’t seem to worry about that silly, old Constitution anyway.

    2. If I remember correctly, it takes both Houses of Congress to approve the measure to repeal a amendment, then 3/4 of the states would have to ratify the amendment. I have serious doubts that states would even touch the repeal. The ratify portion can take years to voted on.

      As usual, BO and MO have turned a deaf ear on how most Americans feel about their use of WH Airlines .. but no one has the guts to stand up to them and put a stop to it.

  6. They’re both going to spend the last, I hope years of their free ride as
    much in your face as possible. It’s a sick twisted game they enjoy to see
    just how much they can push the American citizen to the brink without
    a revolt. They truly enjoy it and it will only get worse.

  7. So this is the reason we all voluntarily fork over a large portion of our hard earned money via crushing taxes so this racist, America Hating Harpy, maquerading as the first lady (how’s that for a contradiction in terms! Lady!) can enjoy all the benefits and luxuries of the capitalistic system and Republic that she and her fellow democrat party communists are working so tirelessly to destroy. I am waiting for the unforeseen event that will finally ignite Americans to rise up in revolt and take back the Republic.” Dictator Obama and the democrat party communists would be wise to remember the prophetic words of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Americans are at long last beginning to awaken and realize our greatest enemies in our Republic’s history are the current Dictator in the White House, his fellow democrat party communists and especially their minions in the propaganda media.

    1. Michelle knows billionaires Jim and Paula Crown from Chicago, not through Jim’s sister, Susan but the patriarch of the Crown family, who “forgot” to disclose his criminal activities [google Lester Crown bribery] to Congress and the Defense Department.

      The Crowns are lovely people. LOL. They own the Aspen Skiing Company which refuses to pay a living wage in one of the most expensive places in America. [Although the Crowns support the Tocqueville Society–which endorses a living wage for “healthy families.”

      Typical limousine liberals:

      1. I learned to despise the skiing industry when I lived there. The game is rigged so that a resort has absolutely no liability if a skier is hurt as a result of its operations.

        1. Obama is so great, donchaknow, that he is best friends and on a privy nickname basis with all the greats of the world, living or dead.

  8. How long is this vacation? Are the girls going to make up their school time? There are only a certain amount of days a student can be off of school. Will they be doing their class assignments and studies in the cabin/hotel they are staying in, as their mom and dad are playing?
    I do not care to keep track of weathly peoples life, that is their right to privacy. However I don’t believe their kids miss so much school.

    1. I don’t know about Sidwell, but many schools have winter break right now. And, even if school is in session, kids can get leave to take vacations.

          1. Spring break! How coincidental. After the beating he has given to Church dogma, I would hope the pious Vatican dwellers would block the entrance with pitchforks and torches.

  9. OT If the useless US COC wants to do something for American business they should stop advocating for amnesty and start helping American business who are being required — illegally in my opinion — to sign a pledge under oath that they will not fire someone due to Obamacare.

    As for Mama Mooch — is anyone really surprised that she commandeered a separate taxpayer jet to transport her and the princesses and the retinue to Aspen yet again. They could have skied Tahoe or as suggested elsewhere, the flight could have been diverted to drop them off and pick them up. At this point, it is all moot — .

    I have arbitrarily promoted the Obamas from grifter status to Grand Grifters.

          1. Why I bother is beyond me. Yes, it’s the US Chamber of Commerce–the one across Penn from the WH, the one where I spent about half my twenties, have you beein there? Have you been to their so-called “Insider Breakfasts”? Have you been a member of the Trade Action Coordinating Committee that met there weekly for decades? The acronym is COCUS. If you want to sound “in,” you can use it.

  10. Oh, so she is getting interested in winter sports ? Mostly white people are into these sports but I bet that she likes that.
    I just saw a fantastic icehockey match from Soochi. The US against Russia. It ended with a tremendously exciting penalty duel and the Americans finally won by sudden death, TJ Oshie is the great hero of the day. And Putin, who is a great hockey fan, was in the audience to witness the victory. Seems like the Olympics doesn´t get much coverage in the US and it´s a pity because so far the games have been just great. And the weather has been lovely with sun and blue skies. I don´t think there are many Americans there, I believe that they have been scared away by the US media. They miss some great entertainment, I must say.

    1. My husband and I have been wondering if Obama called any of the US team’s medal winners to congratulate them. We both think they have no interest in the Winter Olympics because the sports basically have a white European face. Not so in the case of the Summer Olympics two years ago when Michelle Obama was very visible. Of course, as I commented to someone else, the opening ceremony of those Olympics had a huge tribute to the British National Health Service right before Obamacare made its debut.

      1. Not sure about what he did after Vancouver when the US won silver four years ago, but for the record, they’re still in the preliminary rounds in Sochi. The medal round hasn’t started yet.

          1. Nothing certain, but I doubt it. Obama probably thinks a half pipe is something novel to smoke choom with, that skeleton is something he’s got too many of in his closet, and that curling is something Reggie Love’s toes do.

            He’s doubly wrong on the last, I would think, but that’s another discussion.

      2. Ironically, it was Putin who made his way to the TEAM USA quarters yesterday for a 30 minute (unannounced) visit to ensure that their visit was going smoothly… according to their ‘standards’. The athletes were ‘delighted’. My guess is Obama has not been in touch or it would have been headline news.

        The Grifters have no interest in anything that does not allow them to be the center of attention.
        One of their very first political flops was the spectacle they made of themselves in Copenhagen as they attempted to strong-arm the Olympic Committee into giving Chicago the summer games. They were eliminated in the first round.
        MOOchelle related that ridiculously sappy story about sitting on her father’s lap (at age 19) as they watched the games.

        The petty, petulant community organizing agitator and the LSM did everything in their power to discourage Americans from attending. He insulted Putin with the ‘gay’ delegates’. He was unable to stop the politicking for the sake of 286 athletes who have trained a lifetime for this moment. A pox on him. He is loathsome.

      3. Julie, I remember that London opening ceremony, I thought it was vulgar and political, I had hoped the Brits would do a better job. I don´t think that the Royal Parachuter, the old queen, was amused. The Soochi Games are so much better. A pity that the White House and the US MSM have worked so actively against it. After all, Putin should have some credits for saving the world from a Syrian civil war. But I guess that´s why Barry is moping. Plus that it is “too white” for his agenda.

        1. Our NBA (basketball) is having an All Stars Weekend, and I wonder if it was meant to take attention away from the Winter Olympics. They couldn’t have held it next weekend? Anyway, maybe the spectacular US win in hockey will make Americans more interested in what’s happening in Sochi. (I overuse the words ‘wonder’, ‘hope’, and ‘maybe’ too much. Have to work on that.) : – D

    2. And if the Games do conclude without a security breach–knock wood–Putin’s going to have every right to say, “See? We Russians do know a thing or two about security.”

  11. He belongs behind a desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Getting to the bottom of the scandels.
    I don’t want to hear anything else from him, untill these things are resolved. I want him on TV aplogizing for making such a foul comment about his pen and phone. If he wants to work in that matter, he needs to resign, pack his family and move to a Country with a dictator and rule that Country.
    I just had a movie idea. Instead of Chevy Chase and the funny Wolly World movies. We need a movie about this crew in the WH.

    Why isn’t he visiting some of his mom’s part of the family. What a wonder site that would be for him to lower his standards (and hers) by going to a family barbacue.

  12. There is no excuse to be spending Federal funds to send Mooshell and the girls on a ski trip. None. Obama should be paying these costs out of his pocket, not ours. Combined with their statements about “income inequality” and their wealth bashing, their behavior is hypocritical and shameful. Honestly they should both be imprisoned for absconding with public funds.

    1. I won’t make an exact guess at how many people know all these negatives about her except to say that I think it’s a pretty low number.

  13. An extra week in Hawaii, a 50th birthday party, dresses and jewels galore and now skiing in Aspen. Oh, next month we have Spring Break vacation, followed by summer vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

    Enough is enough. I know very few families who can afford one modest vacation and Michelle has no problem spending over 18 million dollars of TAXPAYER money in just 5 years for her vacations and extravagant lifestyle.

    Obamacare is going to cost us an additional $600-700 a month for a comparable policy in 2015….there is much we could do with $7,000+ a year (excluding the $6,000 per year we pay now for a high deductible health insurance policy).

    While Teen unemployement is 21% and Black teen unemployement is 38% Obama plays golf and Michelle goes to Aspen.

    1. The only consolation I take in all of this, is the certainty that those two wicked people will burn in the deepest, hottest pit of hell for all eternity.

      Rumor is that they’re already passing out lots on the other side to see exactly who gets to cast them in.

        1. It’s not strong enough.

          Do you think Hugo Chavez made it past the pearly gates? Josef Stalin? The Duvaliers? Che Guevara? Pol Pot? Ho Chi Minh?

          Obama betrayed this country. He lied his way into office. He promised to change the tone in Washington, and he did…for the worse. He talked a good game about being the United States of America, and look where it is–so divided it’s about one major incident short of an honest-to-God civil war, by my count.

          This evil man has raped this nation to the point where its spirit is nearly broken. He has taken a beacon of freedom and opportunity for all of humankind, and done everything he can to dismantle it, ruining countless lives along the way.

          He has destabilized the Middle East, he’s letting Iran get the bomb–which will set off a nuclear arms race in a very unstable part of the world–he’s gone to war without the consent of Congress, he’s presiding over an NSA that would make George Orwell himself recoil in horror, his (in)Justice Department turns a blind eye as “his people” beat down strangers in broad blazing daylight, he’s weaponizing the IRS to silence his opponents…do you really need me to go on?

          He and his live like royalty–they cost American taxpayers more than all the royal houses of Europe put together!–while American citizens become Obamaland serfs. Rulers like that are generally referred to as “tyrants.”

          And he is a tyrant of the same mold as Stalin, as Pol Pot, as Hugo Chavez.

          He is the single most evil man ever entrusted with the American presidency, and it’s not even close.

          In the Divine Comedy, the 9th circle of Hell is reserved for traitors. Round 2, Antenora, is the final judgment place for those who (ahem) betray their communities.

          Now, if you want to argue that Obama has not betrayed the United States by his conduct in office, be my guest.

          My previous comment stands. Every word of it.

          1. I’m sorry, but didn’t he say that he was “really good at killing people,” without so much as batting an eyelash?

            Hasn’t he killed Americans overseas in drone strikes?

            Do you honestly think that no one will lose his or her life to degraded or denied care before his health care law is cast on the same ash heap of history as the Soviet Union?

            Do you really believe that there will be no price extracted in human suffering, if not in blood, for the unconscionable debt this man has racked up?

            And do you really think that it’s somehow more “humane” to leave people alive, who have no sense of purpose, no higher ambitions, no hope beyond their next paycheck, even that which they may well lose to yet another regulation?

            It is one thing for a tyrant to kill an innocent person in body, for the soul of the victim will find rest in the arms of its Maker. For a tyrant to kill a person in soul, yet spare the body, and leave that person as merely a soulless shell, a hopeless walker of this world, an empty vessel waiting for the end…that is the greater cruelty, and you know that is the truth.

            Obama may not (yet…..?) be dumping dissenters in mass graves. But he is indisputably killing the American Dream, murdering the spirit of the American People, slaughtering the dreams of our Founding Fathers, and exterminating the liberties that so many Americans have given their utmost to preserve.

            And all so he could get an eight-year all-you-can-golf pass.

            If this is not the essence of evil, if this is not the manifestation of malevolence, if this is not the visage of villainy, then by all that’s holy, what is it?!

          2. Darkangel, I personally don’t believe there is a heaven or a hell, but I agree with everything else you’ve written. I’d like to see Barry get his punishment in this life, so we can all watch and applaud.

          3. I think it’s the essence of spin, not the essence of evil–leaving people empty shells–you’re going to hell, killing people–you’re going to hell…Who are you to decide? Maybe there is an alcove in hell for people who overdramatize a situation and thus make a serious situation look kinda hair-on-fire and stupid. I wonder…as some here say.

          4. I may be no one to decide…

            But I couldn’t help but notice that you conspicuously ducked the more direct questions. I may have put a bit too much emphasis on what you think is the wrong point, but there are several which you did not answer.

            So let me repeat myself.

            Didn’t he say that he was “really good at killing people,” without so much as batting an eyelash?

            Hasn’t he killed Americans overseas in drone strikes? (Which, I should add, may be extrajudicial, and possibly illegal?)

            Do you honestly think that no one will lose his or her life to degraded or denied care before his health care law is cast on the same ash heap of history as the Soviet Union?

            And do you really believe that there will be no price extracted in human suffering, if not in blood, for the unconscionable debt this man has racked up?

            You can give me four Noes if you prefer; we’d have to agree to disagree on two, and you’d be factually incorrect on the other two.

            I’m sorry, but anyone so wicked that he can brag about being “really good at killing people”–and who orders double-tap attacks which hit first responders, by the way–doesn’t exactly sound like somebody who’s destined to get fitted for harp and wings.

  14. Where and when did she learn to ski in the first place? Never been to “Chi-town,” is skiing popular in the windy city? I could understand latte ordering and sushi-menu navigation skills, maybe handbag shopping skills too, but skiing? More hoity-toity hullabaloo from the queen of dead gardens.

    And don’t think that last line was lost on this child of the 70’s.
    I believe you were channeling Better Off Dead.
    “Do you have any idea what the street value of this mountain is?”

    1. I can’t recall a real picture of her sking.
      I think she is in front of a fireplace eating all the food, she has yanked out of our children’s hands in the schools.

  15. Reparations with a vengeance!
    The MOOchelle soap opera brings to mind one of history’s funniest insuts given by Winston Churchill and directed either to Lady Astor ot socialist MP Bessie Braddock (depending which version you hear):

    When accused by one of them of being ‘disgustingly drunk’ the Conservative Prime Minister responded: ‘My dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.’

    After all is said and done, the billions of taxpayer $$$ that were squandered to turn this celebrity wannabe SouthSide ghetto girl into Cinderella will be all for naught. Her golden carriage will turn into a pumpkin on Jan 21, 2017. She will be persona non grata in most circles…and America will survive the storm.

    1. I picture her trying to fit that size 10 foot into a size 5 glass slipper.

      I agree with your assessment: the Obamas have not spent any time setting up a political machine like the Clintons, and come January 2017, it’s all over for them.

      1. All who believe as we do on this forum must turn out the vote. It must start this year in 2014 mid-terms. In 2012 too many conservatives stayed home and let this ruination happen. Vote everyone out that supported the healthcare mandate. Take back our country in both 2014 and 2016. Anyone that does not get 2-3 others to support quality local and state candidates need not complain. I am proud to be in the land of Susanna Martinez!

      2. And, you know what, Julie? I don’t believe for a second that the Grifters give a whit about setting up a political machine. They care nothing about the Party, politics, or the country. They’re in it for themselves. When they are not trying to bring America down, they are fiendishly building their private empire – profiting from insider financial transactions, lining up future corporate board positions, real estate investments, and making use of the OFA ‘pension fund’.

    2. Love that Churchill quote. He certainly was no wallflower when it came to speaking his mind.

      Your Cinderella reference got me to thinking of the ugly step-sisters trying to squeeze their huge feet into Cinderella’s glass slipper. Never mind the glass slipper, Mooch wouldn’t be able to squeeze that lumberjack frame inside the golden carriage.

      1. LOL !
        Your references to the ugly step sisters conjures up another vision. One of MOOshelle, the wicked queen, trying to find a Prince for her little darlings. Maybe she will don that blue thing with the’train-wreck’ and hold a Ball before they leave the WhiteHouse.

        1. Drizella and Anastasia……….

          When our sons were 5 and 2 years old, we were not good people by referring to our neighbors grown daughters as Drizella and Anastasia between my wife and myself. It was just a little inside joke. Unfortunately, we discovered how good our oldest son’ hearing really was when he asked their mother where Drizella and Anastasia were??? LOL, my wife was pretty embarrassed but fortunately the neighbor did not hear what he said or did not get the reference.

        2. Perhaps there’ll be arranged marriages to muslim sheiks, who will be able to provide the Surly Sisters with the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed.

  16. Obama plays golf with childhood friends/aka Choom Gang –
    Bobby Titcomb and Greg Orme. Michael Ramos completes the foursome.

    No mention of King Abdullah. Obama probably gave him the bum’s rush last night after a late dinner. Now he can write off the ‘Weekend at Walter’s- GetAway from Michelle’ celebration.



  18. My personal favorite was the ‘wookie”. We’ll all probably get audited now for making negative comments, regardless of how apt they are.

    1. No, I disagree, Ediebeebop. I don’t see it as jealousy. It is the high flying lifestyle of the current occupants of the WH. It is like the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous except it is on our dime.

      For me, it isn’t just the First Family. It is the entire Congress living high on the hog on my and your hard earned money. It is time to put a stop to the free wheeling spending in DC.

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  23. cara michlle Obama sari molto lieteo se scendessi qui in sardegna per farmi una visitina con tuo marito Barack Obama e le tue 2 figlie

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