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Video || U.S. Forces Snag a Terrorist

This is some pretty interestingl video, and it illustrates one thing President Obama has done fairly well: Catching and killing bad guys.

What you’ll see below is U.S. operatives scooping up a terrorist suspect, Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, after as he returned to his family’s home in Tripoli after dawn prayers October 5.

According to the Washington Post, which obtained the video:

A white van trailing Ruqai pulled alongside his car. Then at least three men, with guns drawn, jumped out of the van as another car blocked Ruqai’s escape and a third vehicle idled down the street.

The men yanked Ruqai, also known as Anas al-Libi, out of his car and threw him in the van, according to a video of the abduction obtained by The Washington Post. The video, from a closed ­circuit camera in the neighborhood, provides a rare glimpse of a U.S. covert operation and captures some of the bewildered reaction in Ruqai’s home once he had disappeared.

And so now he’s sitting in jail on his Anas.

10 thoughts on “Video || U.S. Forces Snag a Terrorist”

  1. Kudos to our Special Forces teams for a neat capture.
    Now what do we do with the bad guy; send him to Gitmo until the President has him sent back to his country, bring him to the US for trial, or just catch and release there in Tripoli?

    It would be wonderful if out President would allow our military to go to Benghazi to snatch up the bad guys responsible for the massacre there. It seems we know who they are and where they live so it wouldn’t be too difficult to find them.

  2. Obama had about as much to do with catching this bad guy as he did catching OBL. Given how much he had to be talked into that decision, most likely he has a blanket order to not advise him of future captures/killings unless they are going to fail, in which case he will issue a statement eit

  3. This operation speaks more about the men and women that work endlessly behind the scenes to track, locate, and apprehend or kill the heads of the Hydra known as Al-Qaeda.

    While the CIA may have a highly dysfunctional culture, as written about in Ishmael Jones’ “The Human Factor,” they still can put together operations that can take down the bad guys. I’m glad to see that, instead of doing a drone strike on Anas, they captured him. The amount of lost intel the drone operations have cost is incalculable. Human intel is vital in this war on terrorist and Islamist fundamentalist. Obama does not seem to understand the need to take these people alive, so as to squeeze as much information out of them as possible,

    There are times I think he is afraid of what these targets might say or expose to interrogators. Rather than have the information they hold in their heads, he seems to prefer to separate their heads from their bodies.

    1. Absolutely, Shofar. We need to interrogate these animals to find out what they know, and then use the info to take out more of them. Gitmo is the perfect place to hold them while the Perrier is warmed or cooled to the perfect temp for a little water boarding!

  4. I don’t go along with the mystique of giving Obama credit–or blame–for everything that happens. And often when something bad happens, like that lil’ ole’ Benghazi incident, a fall guy is quickly found to take the blame.

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