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Obama to Take Three-Day Golf Vacation

President Obama’s trip to California today is expected to launch a three-day weekend of golf, getting in some undoubtably badly needed R&R just a month after completing a two-week golf vacation to Hawaii.

Obama at beachSome of his usual golf buddies from the White House and around the country will for sure be on hand to cheer the president out of sand traps and party with him during the evenings.

Obama gets in a day of work today first. He’ll visit Fresno to discuss federal aid for drought-stricken farmers. Of course, he’ll link it all to global warming.

He’ll be touting  a new $1 billion “climate change resilience fund” to help communities deal with bad weather caused by global warming. Congress, which still has the power of the purse, even during the Obama presidency, would need to approve it.

In the evening, he’ll head to the the Annenberg Sunnylands estate in Rancho Mirage, California, where he’ll meet with King Abdullah of Jordan. They’ll discuss Syria and other issues. No word if Obama will suggest that global warming is behind the Syria crisis as well.

Weirdly enough, Abdullah has been in Washington this week, but he’ll fly out to California to hook up with the president, who also has been in Washington this week.

Which gets us to golf, which Obama will be indulging in aplenty at the Annenberg estate’s nine-hole course after he gets rid of Abdullah this evening. Last June he pulled the same stunt, meeting with Chinese President Xi and there and then hitting the links.

One of course is left wondering what the real reason is for the taxpayer-funded California trip. While I wouldn’t have put it past Obama to arrange to meet Abdullah in California so he could gain access to a golf course, there’s no denying that a trip to California to talk about farmers’ dire conditions there is a worthwhile presidential excursion.

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  1. Obama’s no dummy. I’m sure in addition to global warming, he will explain to those present the manmade drought MUST continue to ensure the survival of the snail darter.

    1. Throwing money at a man-made drought and expecting the steely-eyed farmers to think that’s going to help them is a whole lot of wishful thinking on MrO’s part.
      Droughts aren’t new to the fields of California or the Southwest, rains comes, then it doesn’t. Money won’t make it rain or allow the fields to be irrigated.

  2. He barely comments on the effects of this winter weather, the effect of closings on the economy, the increase in fuel prices, the shelter from the cold for the less advantaged, etc. but “dire” conditions in California, a state that consistently politically mismanages its water and other natural resources is reason enough for a tax payer funded golfing trip. I think not.

    Saving the a Delta smelt (some harebrained looney congress person — Boxer, Pelosi or Feinstein — I forget which) decimated farming in the San Joaquin Valley and is one of the biggest water grabs in history. California deserves this. And Barack Obama does not deserve three days of golf to make another ridiculous speech about global warming, climate change or whatever else is going to spew forth.

    1. I totally agree, @Gracepmc.
      As for the vacation and golf……….every minute he’s on vacation or on the golf course is another minute he’s not dreaming up some new way to spend money we don’t have, or to force some new order or regulation on our backs.
      He has my personal permission to stay there for the next three years, golf until he learns how to do it well, and we’ll deal with the other DC elites at the ballot box.

    2. Re the Shady Bunch. Grace, I have a confession to make: I never watched the Brady Bunch. I’m just not drawn to sitcoms or TV dramas. But I did hear that Marcia, Marcia, Marcia comment one time and went from there, totally on shaky ground I guess.

  3. Suunylands used to be known as the Western WhiteHouse – mainly Republican presidents. Walter Annenberg was also a confidante to Eisenhower, Reagan and Nixon. Carter and Johnson never ventured into Republican territory. Clinton – yes. Rarely.
    The community organizer didn’t dare exhibit his proclivity for such ‘elite’ vacationing until his second term. Looks like he is turning Sunnylands into his permanent ‘vacation home’ – two vacations in less than a year.

    Annenberg was a humanitarian, philanthropist, AND a capitalist. He would be spinning in his grave knowing that the Shyster-in-Chief was lounging around at his estate.

      1. LOL! Since we are funding her extravagant lifestyle, don’t we have the right to know where she is squandering our $$$?
        Who does she think she is?

  4. It’s telling that Obama is ditching his wife on Valentine ’s Day to hit the links. All of those reports about marital problems must have a ring of truth to it. It always seemed odd and infuriating to me that they took his and her airplanes every time they traveled wasting millions of taxpayer dollars.

    1. Last year when the Chinese President was told to meet Obama at Sunnylands for their first meeting, the FLINO snubbed the Chinese first lady by taking off with her kids and friends for a separate vacay – can’t remember where it was – there have been so many,

  5. 2 things:
    1) Congress will of course approve the fund and of course add some pork to the bill.
    2) Obama couldn’t meet Abdullah in Washington because of the snow. Abdullah was willing to but Obama can’t work with 2 or more inches of slush.

  6. The Obama administration caused this drought in the central valley. When we drove through there several years ago we were surprised to see all the dry farm land and signs erected along the road protesting the EPA turning off the water because of the delta smelt. As a side note – it was also disturbing to see farm workers in the Salinas area wearing hazmat suits while tending the crops. I’ll take food that grows on plants you can touch, thank you very much.

    Here’s a video about the water shortage. And further insulting to those farmers/workers out of jobs, was that when they brought in food boxes for the families, the produce came from China!

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  8. President’s Day:

    It’s the day Obama sticks his head out of the White House. If he sees his shadow, it’s one more year of misery in the United States.

  9. Great, the big O wants a billion dollars to mitigate the effect of climate change on California’s water problem. He is also playing golf on a desert golf course. A desert golf course uses, on average, 375 MILLION gallons of H2O a year. Ya think some onion grower out there might welcome a few of those gallons? If the clown-in-chief ever has a good idea, it will be his first. You want to fix California’s water shortage? Reduce it’s population by 50% (90% if you only take Democrats).

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