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The Obama Morning News || February 14, 2014

Obama to link drought to warming . . . Examiner
Obamacare helps GOP in 2016 . . . National Journal
Latinos failing to sign up . . . New York Times
Dems urge more IRS targeting
. . . Fox News
Obama turns to foreign policy
. . . Wall Street Journal
Jindal warns of war on religion
. . . Newsmax
Obama: It’s OK for Dems to avoid me . . . Reuters
The young Chris Christie . . . Politico Magazine
Richard Nixon, hopeless romantic . . . Politico Magazine

12 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || February 14, 2014”

  1. Que problemo! California can’t give Obamacare away to Latinos! As the country’s greatest niumber of uninsured and the largest hispanic pop. (50%), only 20% or less have signed up for the exchanges. If my math is correct, 50% of 40M = 20M; 20% of 20M = 4M hispanics who have enrolled – leaving 16M uninsured,
    Out of these 4M, how many are signed up for Medicaid?

    Illegals are not eligible for the exchanges or Medicaid (which may account for the vast number of the uninsured). However, things are about to change:

    “Unlike other states, California allows young people who were granted deportation deferrals by the Obama administration to sign up for Medicaid. State Senator Ricardo Lara is expected to introduce legislation this week that would allow immigrants living here illegally to sign up for the exchange and receive state subsidies. ”

    Between California and NYC where deBlasio plans to give illegal immigrants sanctuary AND ‘basic services’, the country will be bankrupt in no time. NYC has the second largest pop. of illegals.

    No need for immigration reform – illegals are now an endangered species. Our lawless PINO has declared ‘no deportations’ and there will be a free lunch served on a silver platter in perpetuity.
    Come one, come all! All aboard the gravy train!

    1. Holding a Medicaid card in California will carry as much import as Sheldon’s Justice League membership card since there won’t be any healthcare providers ot honor it.
      If legitimate payers of health insurance can’t find a doctor, how is the holder of the freebie card going to find treatment?

      Americans have an understanding and tradition of preventive healthcare that most Mexicans avoid. They don’t understand vaccines against diseases, or regular visits to a doctor for those “free” checkups on their health.
      They will still use the emergency room for their ailments, because they have no other option and by the time they get there they will be in dire straits.
      Before Arizona decided to take the law in their own hands instead of hoping the federal government would do their job, we were almost bankrupt with the care and feeding of millions of illegal aliens.
      Good luck to the taxpayers in California. If and when Congress approves an amnesty bill they might as well change the name of the state to “MexiCal”.

      1. Re Medicaid: Last year, I received a letter from my brilliant internist and renowned nephrologist of nearly 30 years at Cedars-Sinai that he had formed an ACO. I paid it no heed, didn’t quite know what an ACO was – until I arrived for an annual physical last month.
        Upon entering the front office, I almost had a stroke! The reception room was filled with immigrants – not a Caucasian in the place. It had to be a mistake! I was in the wrong office!

        After waitiing over an hour, I had to rescedule the appt. due to time restraints,
        Arrived home, grabbed the laptop.,…and immediately checked my doc’s physician page. Sure enough, there it was – in black and white. He now accepts Medicaid patients!

        I’m still in a quandry. It’s too late in life to change physicians, he is a great doc – but what to do? Get anti-depressants every time I have to sit in a waiting room that looks like a ‘clinica’?
        Not to mention – I am a germ-a-phobic!
        It’s one thing to bear the burden of doling out tax dollars to support these third worlders, and quite another thing to have them in my backyard.
        /Rant over/

        1. You can try to always get a first appointment time. That way you won’t be subjected to the waits. Otherwise there’s not much you can do.

          1. Great idea, Robin. Why didn’t I think of that?? Will do!

            @Star….my reaction was not due to ‘poor sick people’ needing medical care. That’s callous. It’s a suffocating feeling to know that this is not the country I once knew and loved. The handwriting is on the wall.

          2. I know you are not calling me callous, when you are disdaining the brilliant doctor’s new patient panel. I am glad a brilliant doc will take Medicaid. Why not? Also he is a nephrologist–and kidney issues are worse in minorities.

  2. Senator Cruz gives Mark Levin the scoop on the Senate Republican’s betrayal on the raising the debt ceiling with no reduction in spending. What do these ruling class elites in the Republican party fear the most? When they are forced to come out from behind the skirts of the radical Democrats and tell US the truth. Remember their betrayal and send them packing in the primaries.

    1. What a deceitful fraud. This so-called teacher of constitutional law is doing the same thing he accused George Bush of – seizing power through executive orders.

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