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Michelle Obama Discovered Skiing Disguised as a Babushka

President Obama jetted off today to California for a three day golf bacchanal, begging the question: Where’s Michelle?

The couple has a tradition of vacationing separately on President’s Day weekend. He golfs, she skis. But so far, no word on Michelle’s whereabouts.

That’s why, as editor of White House Dossier, I dispatched three reporters to Colorado – one to Aspen, one to Vail, and one just to get high. And lo and behold, our reporter in Aspen found Michelle hurtling down a mountainside disguised as a Russian Babushka.

Michelle skiing

White House officials denied Michelle was attempting to ski incognito.

“Her outfit is a tribute to Sochi,” said one source close to the first lady. “She wants to express solidarity with the Russian people as they host the Olympic games.”

Well, Michelle is kind of missing the boat. The Russian look has definitely been updated since the fall of Communism.

Maria Sharapova

But Michelle’s Russian peasant garb is also meant to contrast with the $12,000 dress she wore to the State Dinner this week for French President Francois Hollande.

“Mrs. Obama likes to remind us she’s both a member of the Kulak class and a gal of the proletariat,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. “Everyone knows the first lady shops at Target. Well it so happens she also gets her clothes at second hand shops in Brighton Beach.”

Carney refused to comment on reports that she threw a samovar at President Obama as he left her this morning on Valentine’s Day.

H/T to Michelle Obama’s Mirror for the skiing photo.

51 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Discovered Skiing Disguised as a Babushka”

  1. Next time you need someone to go to Colorado and get high, give me a call, I’m in the book.
    Your article gave me the only smile and laugh I’ve had today.
    I’ll need it, expecting another 3″ – 4″ of global warming and I’m so tion shoveling.

  2. Is that really a picture of her in that getup, or is it a joke picture.
    Forgive my vocabulary, I can’t think of the word. Super imposed?
    Possibly the word. Regarless that is funny. Same time she is doing that, She will be thinking of hubby, in that wonderful CA. weather.

    1. It’s kind of hard to be on the down-low when you’re a 6ft tall Black woman whose face has been published “above the fold” on every media in the world, and travel with dozens of security vehicles.

  3. The thing is, both Obamas are so over the top in their claims of what they can do (or what they have done), I wouldn’t put it past her to say that she skis on an Olympic level, and maybe that’s what the One meant when he said, “I can do anything.”

    1. Yes, he onced claimed he could play like Lebron James. Of course he forgot to add that he could play like Lebron if someone blindfolded him on the court.

  4. Spotted a caravan of about 7 black SUVs with a police escort leaving the Aspen airport an hour ago. First thought was that it must be Michelle.

  5. You could have given me a spoiler alert on that one. I have a sensitive stomach! Good Lord! Why didn’t she go skiing in the $12,00 blue wonder?

  6. I hope she gets down the hill with that form. She knows how to use those edges though. All the tax payer dollars that have gone into those ski excursions and she appears to still be on the bunny slope. Guess she is not as “athletic” as her bertter half.

    1. (…once again the sycophant “media” will not look into the ‘Obama’s’ like they did not look into the ‘Clinton’s’…)

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    1. I love the last paragraph, can’t stop laughing:

      First Lady Michelle Obama and the first daughters have other plans for the weekend, potentially allowing the president something he doesn’t get much of in Washington — downtime with some of his golf buddies.

    2. If he wanted to get away from it all and meet foreign leaders as this article indicates he could use Camp David. Not kingly enough I suspect.

      Note to use Anne’s link to cut and paste you have to remove the “t” in front of http:

      Otherwise, thanks for the link. It certainly is beautiful

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  9. If you want to vomit, check this out

  10. They are just ridiculous…every year same old thing. Cannot even fake spending Valentine Day together like we peons do much Presidents’ Day????? God spare us this phony first family!

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  14. “The couple has a tradition of vacationing separately…”

    Nice euphemism, Keith.

    How about, “The couple has a tradition of being together as little as possible”. Isn’t that closer to the truth?

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