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White House Sidelined by Modest Snowstorm

Downtown Washington has about six or seven inches of snow, and so the White House is going into hibernation.

They are, surely, having a nice chuckle in Moscow, where there’d be no government during the winter with such an attitude.

White House briefing? CANCELLED. Biden trip to the House Democrats’ retreat in Maryland? CANCELLED. White House reporters have been informed that nothing will be happening chez Obama and to go home. Or rather, don’t bother coming in.

And Iran has been asked to stop spinning centrifuges for the day.

38 thoughts on “White House Sidelined by Modest Snowstorm”

  1. Finally, shovel ready jobs available in DC !

    I’m sure he’ll have no problems flying out to California though. If I’m mistaken the pilots rank higher than BO does on travel conditions and safe flying ?

  2. The soldiers assigned to guard the tomb of the Unknown Soldier are still there, and will remain there no matter what the weather.

    My dear Father wrote a letter home dated 12/26/44 describing the weather and fighting at the Battle of Bastogne. Freezing cold, massive snow, low on ammo, running out of fuel and food, no care for the wounded, and yet they fought on.
    Just sayin’

  3. I can understand Jay Carney not wanting to hold a press conference. He doesn’t want to answer when Moochelle is leaving and her Presidents’ Day Vacation Destination.

    Especially, President Obama is meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan at the WH and then flying to CA to meet again with him so he can then go golfing with his buddies.

  4. Well…there might be 7 inches of snow on Pennsylvania Avenue, but I live in one of DC’s bedroom communities and we had over 20 inches. Not a modest storm even by Minnesota standards. There’s no way I or any or my neighbors were making it into DC today (I work about 5 blocks from the Washington Monument).

    1. That amount of snow sounds like a good reason to stay indoors, catch up on some household chores, or just relax with that book you’ve been meaning to read.
      Stay warm and dry. Spring is on it’s way, soon.

    1. And my snark is directed at the idea that DC/federal employees will use any excuse. I believe they closed down two weeks ago for a pretty much non-storm.

      I’m in Michigan, and we’ve had a heck of a time. Our little store has been open EVERY day. The restaurant where I work only closed when we lost power in the ice storm that shut down the entire country (although we did close early- 5 pm- on two occasions when they closed the roads).

      1. Two things.

        One, I’ve done contract work for Uncle Sam in the DC area before, and there have been more than enough occasions when it was snowing like mad and we didn’t get so much as a 2-hour delay.

        Two, I’ve got a 24-hour gas station nearby, and the people there who came in are reporting that pretty much every mom-and-pop they passed on the way in to work was closed.

        The Folger Theater and Kennedy Center have called off their evening events. You can also add Fair Oaks Mall to the list of private sector closures in the DC area.

        This ain’t Fedzilla looking to get PTO for a couple of flakes, okay?

  5. I suppose it would be too much to ask the Global Warming Climate Change unicorns to have the grifters at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue snowed in for the next two years.

    That said, as we know limiting freedom of speech and control of communication is one of the goals of this mini benito and his ilk, past and present. Here are three links that address the various ways this is in play in today’s transforming Amerika. From the Executive office interactions to the FCC “threat” to investigate newsrooms to the Progressive Demokrat Party championing continuing use of IRS targeting of conservatives. And that mega merger of Obama/NBC/Comcast and Time Warner does not open up the the field any wider for the free dissemination of unbiased information.


  6. t’s good to be King!

    Obama’s Weekend at Sunnylands with Lots of TV

    WASHINGTON – President Obama has added an item to his agenda for Presidents’ Day weekend: The leader of the free world is looking forward to binge-watching DVDs of his latest favorite television show: HBO’s edgy new “True Detective” series starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Mr. Obama made a point of approaching HBO’s chief executive, Richard Plepler, at the state dinner for France on Tuesday night. “Where is my True Detective and Game of Thrones?” Mr. Obama asked Mr. Plepler as he told him that the coming weekend would be a good time to have the DVDs. That Mr. Obama iis a fan of “True Detective” should come as no surprise. He is known to favor dark dramas like AMC’s “Breaking Bad” and HBO’s “The Wire.” Those are now off the air, and the president evidently needed to find a replacement.

    In “True Detective,” Mr. McConaughey and Mr. Harrelson play investigators hunting for a serial killer in Louisiana. The series, which began last month, has a complex plot that unfolds in multiple timelines and flashbacks.

    “Game of Thrones,” soon to start its fourth season, depicts medieval battles in George R. R. Martin’s fictitious Seven Kingdoms.

    After his conversation, Mr. Obama waved over one of his aides to make sure that Mr. Plepler knew where to send the DVDs to ensure they would make it through White House security and end up in the president’s hands.

    Mr. Obama is scheduled to leave on Friday morning for a three-day trip to Sunnylands, the historic Annenberg estate in Rancho Mirage, Ca

        1. Speaking of TV inequality, I see that Comcast just bought out TimeWarner in my L.A. area – $45B.. What happened to anti-trust laws and net neutrality? The thought of writing a check to Comcast/NBC/MSNBC every month is sickening,

  7. I wish just the WH would be side-lined by the storm, but unfortunately, it is not so. Private sector businesses will be affected terribly for Valentine’s Day (florists, restauranteurs) while the public sector will get another paid day off. Aren’t we talking about all the big cities on the East Coast from DC up to Boston? Meanwhile, the Obamas will be able to fly out to their respective holiday destinations.

  8. A President Palin would be undaunted by a few inches of snow. If her Cadillac Escalade could not negotiate the roads, Todd’s snow mobile could. Given her winter driving skills, Palin could get around just fine in her old VW Jetta diesel.

        1. Bristol sold her home and moved to CA back when she was working on that reality show. I think her mom and dad still own a home in north Scottsdale though.

  9. I am in moderation jail AGAIN. Maybe we should start a fund for release of those who get sent there frequently, often without cause and always without explanation…just sayin’. :)

  10. No person’s liberty or property is safe when Obama’s White House is open for business. So today is like a holiday or “safe day” for the citizenry.

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