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Quote of the Day || February 14, 2014

“I can now reveal that I’ve also delayed global warming until 2016.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

12 Responses to Quote of the Day || February 14, 2014

  1. I understand that he is also considering an Executive Order declaring that all the lies he hast told to date are not really lies. Because he is SO smart, the proletariat doesn’t understand that they are necessary to advance his vision for Amerika. In other words, the average Amerikan is stupid and, hye, they’re for the children and they’re the right thing… TO DO!

    • He also is preparing to announce the answer to the following question: can a president pardon himself for crimes he committed during his presidency?

      • Come summertime, you have my OK to ‘neener-neenrer’ when you’re enjoying balmy breezes and we’re sweltering in 110 degrees of agony here in AZ.

      • Thousands of people had, have their flights delayed because of the snow. He is going to hop on board an extremly expensive flight to the warmer state of CA. I think he should stay in where he is at, and play lets find the golf ball in the snow with his guest. Lot cheaper.
        Everyone digging out their driveway, or God Bless, dont’ have electricity still, etc: He will probably look out the window and wave goodbye to everyone.

  2. Well, he’s coming to CA tomorrow with enough hot air to ignite our bone-dry terrain, He could at least do some water drops from his flying flotilla. He’s useless.

  3. Tell it to that DeBlasio character–he is in deep cess for opening the schools yesterday and then closing them about the time the parents got to the office and THEN blaming the Natl. Weather Service.