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The Obama Morning News || February 13, 2014

Obamacare signups grow, but still lag . . . CS Monitor
Obama unaware? Sebelius in frequent contact . . . The Hill
Sebelius met with favored journos . . . The Hill
The top ten Obamacare delays . . . Daily Caller
House GOP presses for answers . . . Examiner
Senate also suspends debt limit . . . Newsmax
Debt up $2.7T under Boehner deals . . . CNS News
Podesta helped UN craft radical agenda . . . Fox News
WH launches cybersecurity effort . . . Free Beacon
Obama headed to East Asia . . . Wall Street Journal
McConnell missing GOP Senate wave . . . National Journal
Poll: Clinton 21 points up on Christie . . . Newsmax
Hillary’s vulnerabilities . . . Politico
Paul attacks designed to weaken Clinton . . . Examiner

15 Responses to The Obama Morning News || February 13, 2014

    • Why is Preezy going to Kalifornia to meet the King of Jordan when he had ample opportunity to meet with him in DC? Because he can, and there are golf courses on the left coast that aren’t buried in the snow.

      Why is Michelle Antoinette going on her annual posh ski vacation while the rest of America suffers as debt slaves under the iron fist of the federal leviathan? Because she can, and the quisling GOP just lifted her credit card limit again.

      Who’s going to stop them?

      • Oh so true, @Susan. Who indeed can stop the O’s from doing whatever they please, whenever it suits them.
        When the Bush family went home to Texas on these kinds of holidays or congressional breaks, there were some who complained, but the majority shrugged at the thought of the President “going home” as a posh vacation.
        The O’s, who have no “home”(?) to retreat at these times, find themselves in possession of a private jet, government monies, and friendly donors who allow them to camp with them at posh resorts.
        Less political figures, and more like celebrities, the public just shrugs at these excesses. No one seems to care if the Kardashians zip here and there from one pricey place to another, and so…..the O’s are the DC “kardashians”.

      • Verboten? I saw a TV report a couple of years ago on how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Muslim countries. It goes on even though the rulers frown on it, especially in Iran.

    • I like how Obama’s going to Fresno to talk about the devastating drought. Isn’t it caused by the EPA trying to save the delta smelt? They don’t care that farmers went out of business, thousands of workers are without jobs.

      • Lol. Enviros and city officials alike are scratching their heads as to why Obama is vsiiting Fresno. “He can’t make it rain’, they say.
        Well, maybe he is bringing Voodoo Granny to do a rain dance.
        According to one newspaper, he is looking for ‘moderates’ on both sides of the aisle for his ag/climate change policies.
        In that case, all he has to do is take a short walk over to the Capitol bldg.

    • That was an interesting read. I think it was in defense of Obama’s trip (those mean reporters with their “gimlet” eyes–Jonathan Karl?), but it was stretched pretty far.

      You seem to be able to dig out a lot of information on the Obamas. Is there any indication that Obama has telephoned the American Olympians who have won medals and congratulated them?

  1. Oh no, along with “economic recovery has slowed” now we have the “Obamacare signups grow, but still lag”. Always have to have a positive word in the title.