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Americans Don’t Like Obama’s End Runs

My faith restored! Well, some of it, perhaps. Maybe Americans still do care about the Constitution. Musty old document written by men with more knowledge about history, philosophy and human nature in their ingrown toenails than most of our politicians, including former Constitutional professor/lecturers, have in their entire goopy reservoirs of grey matter.

Obama runsBy a large majority, voters do not think President Obama should be using executive authority to bypass Congress.

The Fox News poll finds that 74 percent think end running Congress through executive orders is “not the way our government is supposed to work.” This includes 93 percent of Republicans, 80 percent of independents, but also, surprisingly enough, 54 percent of Democrats.

Meanwhile, a plurality of voters, 24 percent, give Obama an F on the economy. Only nine percent give him a A, while 22 percent give him a B, another 22 percent rate him a C, and nine percent say he gets an “incomplete.”

Voters continue to be pessimistic over the future of the economy. Fifty eight percent think the worst is yet to come. That’s up from 52 percent a year ago, and it’s the highest level recorded since April 2009.

Obama is also failing at what he says is the issue nearest and dearest to him, decreasing income inequality. Sixty percent of voters think federal policies during Obama’s presidency have increased the income gap – a number that included 52 percent of Democrats.

Oh, and 51 percent of voters voted for Obama in 2012. Go figyah.

37 thoughts on “Americans Don’t Like Obama’s End Runs”

  1. Obama’s chickens are just now “coming home to roost”. He will go down in history as the worst president ever- even worse than Jimmy Carter, if that is even possible.

  2. Had the media paid more attention to Obama’s first term and reported honestly, we may have been spared his second term. I could have sworn a potted plant would beat him Nov 2012. Sigh.

  3. Yes, he won, but there was a whole heck of a lot of voting irregularities (aka fraud) going on to get him to that 51% of the vote. He won not based on the effectiveness of his leadership skills, but by demonizing his opponent and balkanizing the American people. The one Ohio black woman who voted six times for her messiah was proud of her illegal act, because she believed she was defending his “right to sit as president of the United States”.

    Clint Eastwood was right. Obama “is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

  4. You know that Obama and his minions would say, “Oh, that’s just a Fox News poll”.

    Just like he told O’Reilly. He is either kidding himself, or he just doesn’t care what (most) Americans think.

    I haven’t decided which.

  5. Whoa! I see flashing lights and sirens going off in that poll, not good news.
    If we’re to believe that this poll was phrased the same for all groups then @40% of Dems want the President to rule unilaterally and completely bypass Congress. $40+% of Dems don’t care if the President follows the strictures of our constitution and would probably approve a dictator-like leader for our country.
    Who are these people, why would they feel this way? Are they the pampered underclass who survive with government goodies, are they just radicals who believe that government should rule the people and not the people rule the government?
    We’re in big trouble here.

    1. On one Linked In disc, a guy kept saying, come on, let’s just give in one more term to find his footing. I sometimes wonder about the Am people–are they paying attn at ALL? I know my sister isn’t.

    2. I caught part of Rush’s show yesterday while walking when he snarked he could be as popular as Obama by taking money away from people we don’t like and giving it to people we do like.

      I think he broke the code :D

    3. In my opinion, most older Democrats don’t realize their party has been hijacked by the radical left. They still believe the Democrat Party is the party of the little guy; not the party of Stalin or Trotsky. Denise made a good point too. It is easier to ignore the robbery if you’re getting part of the take.

      1. I have two friends in Birmingham, Alabama who are like that. To them this is still their fathers’ Democratic Party, and they can no more visualize changing political parties than they can imagine leaving their church.

    1. I get it. Those 24% only hear what they want; MrO is a kind, caring man who wants everyone to have great healthcare, he wants them to have a good job, he just cares and smiles at them and wants to be with them and blah blah blah.
      They don’t question how these good things can happen, who’s going to pay for them, or how it affects others.

      They don’t know who JoeBiden is, don’t care. Heard about the Supremes but don’t know what they do. etc. etc. etc.
      I know they weren’t part of these polls, but 1/3 of my family feels this way about MrObama. I’ve learned not to say anything at all about politics to them.

      1. How often I hear, “I don’t DO politics.” Well, politics is DOING us and time is running out. This is different from a functioning system with people who agree or disagree on a bill–the whole thing has shifted like tectonic plates about to crush us.

  6. Americans don’t like Obama’s end runs…so what are we going to do about it? Sit back for the next 35 months watching him trample on the Constitution? Remoive all the pens and phones from the WhiteHouse?
    Desperate men do desperate things…and he is on the edge.

  7. This is a silly question, I know. But have any of the national pollsters actually done a direct poil asking Americans if Obama should be impeached?
    All the pundits seem to believe there is no ‘public will’ to impeach him. I have my doubts about that.

    1. Your doubts are justified.
      Bills have been submitted in the house to bring impeachment charges up for a vote.
      To my knowledge, none have been voted on.

      1. I will say it again. I feel sorry for the Nixon’s family watching all of this.
        I will say it again, The terrorist are laughing their faces off, but what we are doing do ourselves, or should I say what we all allowing to happen to us. This is our Country. The people in office work for us, and answer to us.

  8. Having Obama as the Chief Executive of our beloved country is like giving a four year old a pack of matches and a box of dynamite, and saying “Have fun! Be creative! You’re in charge now!”

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