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Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 13, 2014

11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:45 pm

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  1. What a tough schedule – every organization should begin its day near noon. Of course, he’s the President, so he can do whatever he wants to do. Except golf tomorrow – hahahaha.

    Loser. I was anti-Obama before it was mainstream….

    • WTOP is reporting that the Federal Government is closed on Thursday, and I can’t blame OPM for that at all. It is coming DOWN in DC right now. I can’t sleep for all the snowplows trying to keep the roads clear.

  2. Four day week-ends are now becoming routine!
    If all he needs is a pen and a phone, why not close the Oval Office down and send him back to Chicago.
    As Keith pointed out a few days ago, there are no cars in the WH driveway anymore. We can’t even see the visitor logs.
    He’s not a lame duck – he’s a dead duck.

    • To be fair: in Obama’s defense, the Federal Government is closed on Thursday, and most of DC is hunkering down, so there’s not a whole lot he CAN do. The Winter Storm Warnings for the DC area run through Thursday, per latest guidance from the National Weather Service. They’re calling for several inches of snow in a city which historically panics over a few flakes.

      So, as much as I hate the days he gets briefed and shows no other public events, on this occasion, he’s got a valid reason for it.

        • I mean, honestly. Federal employees/state employees get told to stay home. What do you think happens to those of us who work in regular jobs? We get our @ss to work. Whether it’s at the grocery store, or a restaurant, or we own a business. We get to work.

          How do you think people would respond if all the private businesses (which they can usually manage to drive to – believe me, I’ve worked on “snow days”) were all closed?

          • Well, right now, if you don’t own your own SUV, you can’t go anywhere in DC, even if you DO work in the private sector, because Metro has got all bus and paratransit service in DC shut down, and above-ground rail service is a roll of the dice at best. VRE and MARC–the commuter train lines from Virginia and Maryland, respectively–are shut down as well. So right now, if you live in DC and don’t have private transportation–and there a lot of DC residents who fit that category–you can’t get to work if you WANT to, public OR private sector.

            There are colleges, day care centers, local governments, school systems, courts, and houses of worship that are shut down. Heck, Walter Reed is open for ER and inpatient care ONLY as I type this.

            The National Weather Service for Baltimore/DC is telling everyone to travel only in an emergency, and if they MUST travel, to have blankets, food, and water in their vehicles in case they get stranded.

            This storm going on right now is no joke.

          • Oh, and this just in: Montgomery Mall–PRIVATE SECTOR, thank you very much–is also closed today. Sandy Spring Bank is closing all locations, as well.

            So the private sector’s shutting down in DC today, too.

          • As do some of the (ahem) military personnel from Detrick, Meade, Quantico, and Andrews, which are either reducing operations, or closing, due to the storm.

          • Good pt. I used to be within walking dist of one job I had in DC and was expected to mush over and shovel the front steps (it was a townhouse) and sit on the phones. We made do. Or…I made do. That was a weird job–the guy was an early computer genius–invented the algebraic theory of machines–but we bid on govt contracts and others like how to cut the most bras out of the least material–as determined by an algorithm. This was 1967–computers were exotic. The only part I understood was the snow shoveling. The guy dumped the business, moved to Paris, then was arrested later back in the states for impersonating an army officer. Good times…

      • ok, so snow day today, but what’s the reason for all the other light schedule days?

        I’m from the snow belt, so it’s fun sometimes to poke fun as the south deals with it. I do understand you don’t have the infrastructure that we have up here, so don’t take it too personally. My friend who works in the ER is dealing with the ice in Atlanta, I applaud all the essential workers doing what they have to do to keep things going. Stay safe, everyone!

          • My brother used to be a park ranger and had 4-wheel. In blizzards, he would volunteer to pick up nurses for their shifts–he hoped to meet women… He had a fine time doing it–but his wife eventually turned up at Denny’s with some girlfriends–eyeing the big, buffed rangers…and now 3 kids later…But he did love being of service to the angels in the snow.

  3. I can’t tell the difference between the weather and Washington – both give off snow jobs.

    I got a laugh from a forwarded ‘official’ email from my brother, who lives in NYC. Good News: no one will have to move their car for alternate parking days until after the Monday holiday. Bad News: if your car is parked at a meter, you still have to feed the meter.

  4. And in that daily briefing:

    OBAMA LACKEY: Mr. President, the Joint Cheifs are recommending we raise to DefCon 3.
    OBAMA: Why’s that my favorite little sycophant?
    OBAMA LACKEY: Because the EPA just made a sweeping administrative ruling giving a few hundred thousand acres of Wyoming state land to a couple of Indian tribes in the name of some air permit regulation. And you do know what happened the last time this country played Cowboys and Indians?
    OBAMA: That doesn’t sound constitutional
    OBAMA LACKEY: Uh Mr. President
    OBAMA: Oh right, we don’t care

    The administrative regulatory complex has become the modern day King George and I put us somewhere between 1773 and 1775 right about now.