In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


The Obama Morning News || February 12, 2014

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  1. Keith, I appreciate noting this. I read it while I was awaiing your next thread. On
    Edward Snowden interview was blocked out by US Media last week.
    Everyone else in Europe was able to watch, the interview. Not Free Americans.
    Part of the Olympic Opening was also cut, so that Free Americans could not watch it.

  2. No offense, but the dress the Mrs. is wearting….
    I could go to my locker and pull out several blanks, sheets, to throw around me as today’s outfit.

        1. She was supposed to have lost weight in Hawaii, but I don’t see it. Of course, all that yardage would make anyone look big, but I’m referring to her exposed body.

    1. I’m sure you could, Lee. Some of her outfits look like they’re made from tablecloths or draperies too. Really sad that with the world at her fingertips she chooses some of the most hideous fashions. She really needs help from the What Not to Wear crew.

      1. You’re not going to want to read the Robin Givhan gusher about how gaw-jus it is. Wapo. I agree–even though that color is one of my faves, it is not right for her skin tone and the whole shebang is too cloth-y. That is a term we use in our fam for too much cloth in it–not for too big,

  3. For those who’ll bitch about Michelle’s wearing a designer gown, read the article. She’s far from the first first lady to wear couture.

    1. I think we’re all aware that previous first ladies wore designer gowns. However, Michelle’s the first first lady to tell how us what to eat, how much water to drink and how to feed and exercise our children. The Obama’s continue their excesses during tough times in our country. With the trillions of debt and budget cuts they should hold more austere functions. There is no need to invite all of the Hollyweird group that don’t care about our country and are there only for personal gain.

      Remember the media frenzy over Ann Romney wearing a $3,000 designer dress? Amazing how the table is turned when it’s their darling wearing a $12,000 designer dress most likely paid for by taxpayers. Ann Romney paid for her own dress.

      1. I do remember that frenzy. I don’t know how they do it, but the Democrats always manage to savage the Republican women and yet they get away with it themselves.

  4. Senator Cruz knows he can’t stop the bill to raise the debt limit that was passed by the RINO leadership and Democrats in the House. By demanding a 60-vote threshold, he is assuring the vote of every senator is on the record for raising the debt limit once again. That also means at least 5 Republicans can’t hide behind the simple majority vote of the Democrats.

  5. I have mixed feelings about the debt limit debate. Last October Obama used it as a weapon. Since it’s off the table now, it appears that he has been disarmed and whatever befalls us, as a result, can be used as a tool against the Dems.

  6. Thanks for the list of state dinner attendees. Last night before I went to bed, I saw a WaPo headline referring to them as “DC Royalty”, and today I wake up and find Republican Paul Ryan was there along with Al Sharpton. I don’t recognize many of the other royalty but I see that the security and Benghazi crowd were present.

      1. Politically AC/DC? As long as the Republicans continue to control the House–and hopefully gain more conservatives–I wouldn’t care if they lost one of two seats and Paul’s is one of them. Boehner’s could be the other..

          1. Typical Soviet behaviour — Chicago stye. Remember Obama’s campaign where he dispatched his opponent by availing himself of sealed divorce documents. There are probably very few people this reptilian group doesn’t have something on.

            Moreover now that NSA has violated congressional and other’s privacy and can report it to the President there is little left unturned,

            When you the propaganda media, the IRS, the NSA under command and you rule through bureaucratic decree not much breathes without Obama knowing about it.

            But, of course, he is always finding out things on the teevee — just like the “folks”.


  7. Did anyone catch the clip of Casanova Biden groping a very beautiful blonde at the reception last night? He spotted her in the crowd and rushed right over to her..with lust in his beady eyes. What a lech! He has too much time on his hands, lol.

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