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Michelle’s State Dinner Dress: $12,000

I realize they are wealthy people, but does Michelle really have the money to throw down $12,000 for a dress? I mean, it’s not like Obama is an industrialist. Likely it was gift from the designer, Carolina Herrara, or at least provided at a steep First Lady discount.

Still, in my humble opinion, WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY. The immodesty and decadence from the nation’s leading battlers for the poor continues.

Imagine if Laura Bush walked out in a $12,000 dress with the economy continuing to swirl in the toilet? Or, God forbid, Nancy Reagan?

66 thoughts on “Michelle’s State Dinner Dress: $12,000”

  1. I don’t know how the dress was paid for, but I have read that the state dinner itself will cost us taxpayers a half million dollars.

  2. Considering that the total net worth of everyone invited to the StateDinner was about $10billion dollars, a $12K dress sounds almost frugal in comparison.
    I recall that TheDonald’s current wife’s wedding dress cost @$100,000, soooo.
    Just sayin’.
    However, for that kind of outlay you’d think the dress would flatter the wearer and not make her look like the ‘Giant Woman That Crashed The WhiteHouse Dinner’.

  3. Sally Quinn has aged…..I didn’t recognize her until she started to speak. Early in Mooch’s tenure as FLOTUS, someone asked one of her staff people if she had someone to help her choose clothes. The answer? The first lady doesn’t think she needs someone to do that. Well, I’m sorry, but when you put that silhouette (gown from last night) on her body, it does nothing for the “behind” the scenes view (and I speak as someone who has far too much on which to sit!) Every outfit she is going to wear for any occasion, pictures need to be taken front, sideways and from behind so “someone” can give an accurate opinion as to how it really, truly works. This may have been a $12,000 dress, but it did nothing flattering for the FLOTUS. She probably didn’t pay “full price”, but we need to remember the criticism that was heaped on the head of Nancy Reagan because friends in the fashion industry let her borrow things to wear for State Dinners…..the libs were nasty in their reporting of such things.

  4. I actually thought Mrs. Obama looked beautiful. I loved the gown and that it looked great on her.

    However, when you’re railing against income inequality and pretending to be a champion for the downtrodden, wearing a $12,000 dress is tone deaf. Why couldn’t she wear an “everywoman’s” gown — something that someone in the middle class could afford. Remember the first inaugural? They girls were outfitted from J. Crew. And they looked great!

    Remember during the campaign when they hit Mrs. Romney over the head because she wore designer clothes? Remember when Governor Palin was taken to task when the campaign bought her new clothes to wear while campaigning?

    Hypocrites. All of them.

    1. I love your positive attitude about FLOTUS looking beautiful.

      For me, there is no article of clothing that will make her attitude attractive.

      1. The word “beautiful” when applied to the hulking, perpetually scowling First Flotsam is a gross misapplication of the word. Her arrogance and sense of entitlement at the taxpayers expense is borderline psychotic.

        As for the dress it was dreadful. She looked like she had stuck her head through the tent on a camping trip.

    2. First Lady Michelle wears her everyday clothes more than once. I admire that about her. She shows the American Woman that you don’t need to show up in a different outfit each time you go somewhere…As for the State Dinner…You’re suppose to spend more…and you’re suppose to shine….First Lady Michelle looked like an Ebony Queen. I was so proud of her…she was gorgeous…She is gorgeous…I know that nothing she does will satisfy you are any of the ladies on this page…That’s just unfortunate…

      1. I am a white Republican and I think her dress was gorgeous. Stars back
        in the fifties wore that style, like Marilyn Monroe, Loretta Young, Elizabeth
        Taylor and many more. Her gown looked like silk taffeta to me. The color
        looked beautiful on her skin. Some people don’t actually know anything
        about style. Maybe they should look back in history on design. There is
        a book call “In vogue fashions” starting back to the 1920’s.
        Back in the twenties called the “art deco era” had black and white decor.
        It was very fashionable as that was the Jazz era and the african Americans
        were the ones that set the style. White women brought blacks up from
        Harlem to teach them the Charleston dance. Cab Calloway also set the
        style for Zoot Suits. The Jazz era was a fabulous time in history.

      2. Yeah adiebeebop. Ineed, nothing ill satisfy those who love to see, invent, yell negative. The first lady is a gorgeous woman, and she is super intelligent, She got an education, she is warm and charming, she seems a great mother and supportive guiding spouse. Goodness me, that’s a whole lot in one package… which of all of you can say that about yourself?

  5. Doesn’t She ever look in a four-way mirror before stepping out in public?? The view from the rear was tragic and it looked like the gown had never had the seams pressed out. It looked like a total waste of $12,000 to me–if I were the designer, I certainly would not want this dress to be an advertisement of my wares.

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  7. Her skirt looks like a flying sky-blue bug.

    Before the blog, “MIchelle’s MIrror,” changed its focus to political commentary (and lost its charm), it used to do posts on Michelle Antoinette’s fashion disasters and how much they cost. The Queen dresses very well and, as observed, it is ridiculous for her to pretend to be in solidarity with the underclass. But that’s always been her ballyhoo, “I’m just like you. You may adore me as an example to you.”

    1. About MOTUS: after the WhiteHouse put an embargo on any photos not taken or approved by them, we never saw MrsO for days, weeks, no one knew where she was, much less what she was wearing. Oh! here she is in Maryland, no, she’s in California, that her ducking into a pricey restaurant?
      Nary a single photo of her while in Hawaii, not one, for weeks on end.
      She’s now our “where’s wally” since her comings and goings are not public anymore.
      Blogs change. The WHD changed from it’s original mission.
      Stick with us, I recall your insightful and snarky comments.

        1. If she had any more junk in the trunk, the front wheels would come off the ground.

          Meanwhile, school children are putting together videos like this because her pet cause is making them starve.

          When does the revolt start?

    2. MOTUS is still one of the best blogs ever, and continues to follow Mooch’s fashion foibles. The posters there are a very caring and close knit group. I wouldn’t miss a day of MOTUS.

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  11. This is nonsense. I understand you need to do some of it but if you pulled back on the rabidness 15% and upped the IQ 15% I don’t think you’d lose your audience.

    1. If we were 15% smarter (thanks by the way) we’d be less snarky? Oh, I sincerely doubt it. Many of us even gradiated collitch and hold advanced degrees–and we are still mean. Something about this phony, elitist, freespending, scofflaw admin just pulls it out of us.

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  15. This kind of extravagance is a non-event among African first ladies. They feel it is their time to show the world this “nouveau” status.
    Unfortunately for Obama who wants to redistribute US wealth, this picture is ironic.

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  23. “Imagine if Laura Bush walked out in a $12,000 dress with the economy continuing to swirl in the toilet? Or, God forbid, Nancy Reagan?”

    Laura Bush and Jenna took a shopping tour of the capitals of Europe just months after 9/11/2001, while America’s economy tanked and its citizens were waiting for another attack. Bush wore dresses as expensive as Obama’s

    In the depths of the deepest recession since the Great Depression (up to that time), Nancy Reagan stripped the White House and redecorated it while out-of-work families were living in cars. Reagan wore dresses as expensive as Obama’s.

    Imagine if you had a clue, instead of ass-kissing partisan crap for brains.

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