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Live Stream || White House Briefing – February 12, 2014

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  1. I came to drop off an OT comment. Before I could I heard the boy King say he “was eager to work with congress” — clicked off before the but that tells us unfortunately he has disbanded it for poor sandbox sharing skills and wanting to adhere to an old piece of paper called the constitution.

    Anyhoo, as the Obama propaganda media is busy elsewhere I thought I would bring you this get out of jail free card story about a deBlasio buddy who merely had outstanding warrants and apparently is involved with a pretty crummy charter school as well. And he is a Bishop as well. Because we need more Al Sharpton wanna bes in government and free to walk the streets.

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    And for those not too busy with the scandalous Christie thing, Ray Nagin former Democrat Mayor of Chocolate City has been found guilty on corruption charges.

    And finally Abortion Barbie of Texas has flipped on 20 week abortion. This, of course, is after she flipped on open carry. Opposition to Obamacare is only about a day away on this pink sneaker chick.

    OMG, he is still talking! Oh yeah, a raise for government proletariat. Yea!

    1. Maybe, Nagin and Tony Mack, the mayor of Trenton can buddy up in a nice cozy cell block. Mack, convicted, has to be extricated (legally, of course) because he’s not willing to quit. NJ State law says otherwise and once convicted cannot serve in public office.

    2. I missed verdit earlier. Will another date be set for sentencing?
      He still needs to answer for Katrina. If he was not familiar with a Hurricane, he should have read a book after becoming Mayor.

      By the way fellow readers stay warm if you are in the snowstorm path.

      1. Nagin said he did not to know his vacation trips to Jamaica and Hawaii were paid for by St. Pierre. He also said he wasn’t told that a family trip to New York was paid for by a movie theater owner who, prosecutors said, received help with a city tax issue after Katrina wiped out the theater.

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