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Obama: We’re Just Smoothing Things Out

President Obama today said the latest Obamacare delay is no more than an effort to make it easier for his fellow citizens to transition to the new health insurance system:

The goal is to make sure folks are healthy and have decent health care, so this was an example of administratively making sure we are smoothing out this transition giving people the opportunity to get right with the law but recognizing there are going to be circumstances people try to do the right thing and it may take time.

Smooth, indeed.

What he’s actually doing, of course, is trying to keep the issue off the agenda for the 2014 election by moving the employer mandate to January 1, 2016 from January 1, 2015, hoping to ensure that Obamacare isn’t smoothing the transition to a Republican Senate.

Obama spoke during a midday press conference with French President Francois Hollande.

36 Responses to Obama: We’re Just Smoothing Things Out

  1. If the GOP had any adults at the controls it would put together a war room of analysts and put together costs and facts sheets for all those businesses Obama just gave a banana republic delay too and spread the info far and wide of what the costs and consequences are going to be real dollar wise come 2015 if they don’t kick Harry Reid out as majority leader in 2014.

  2. All of this diversion is disgusting.
    This puss needs to be slammed with Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandals that he says that there was not a smidgeon of evidence to the fence post sitting big Bill O’Reilly who didn’t have the balls to pin the poser down to essentially anything.
    Hey Bill,….how do you think the poser got to where he is ?
    You are a cat toy to him.
    Bill thinks that he is a powerful force because he gets the big interviews with the boss.
    I find that humerus

    • I was extremely disappointed that O’Reilly didn’t just ask one simple question:
      Mr. President, you are Commander in Chief, public records show you were informed for the attack on our consulate in Benghazi within the hour of the first shots fired. Those same records show that you were informed at that time that the whereabouts and condition of Ambassador Stevens was unknown.
      Mr. President, what did you do the rest of the night between being told of the attack and the next morning when you flew off to Las Vegas?

      • Yep.
        No one has the balls to pin the skinny black guy down and make him answer the questions that we as Americans want answered.
        It is a sorry situation, but we must endure the consequences of the weak representatives we were induced to elect.
        Time to take the tiller from the ones that are steering us toward the rocks.

      • O’Reilly is a putz and a self-serving one at that. He devoted a segment every night for a week to the post interview. I finally sent him a pithy comment…

        “All you need is a pail, a short stool and a pair of overalls, you’ve milked the interview to death.”

        Oddly enough, I didn’t get the courtesy of a reply. LOL

        • Thank you,, Sadie, for giving that blowhard a piece of your mind! I happened to catch him last night for the first time in years – and it was barf-inducing. He had all these stooges on for one hour to tell him how great the interview was while he rolls his eyes in ecstasy. Sickening!

        • That’s exactly my reaction to O’Reilly’s nonstop, “Hey did you see my interview with the President? Did you think I did a great job? I was great, wasn’t I?” Good night, Bill, let it go. No, you were not great. Obama played you like a fiddle.

  3. Smoothing things out–STEAMROLLERS smooth things out. Of course, you feel crummy afterwards. This reminded me of a new Ted Turner thing I heard about–a website called upwave. The motto is that they entertain the health right into you. This sounds painful.

  4. At this point, I’m more inclined to believe in the existence of unicorns than I am to believe that anything Obama says is true.

    The day he’s out of office, there will be a shout of victory across this land the likes of which the world has never heard.

  5. The worm squirms. And those gawd-awful hand gestures! “We’re giving them a chance to get right with the law”. What??? This shyster has violated the ‘law’ 27 times! If it’s so great why delay it?

    Last year, it was all about getting rid of our “JUNK” policies. Today, it’s all about flexibility – smoothing the transition. Wrong! It’s all about 25-50M cancellations and an election.
    The situation is unprecedented – a treasonous coward is on the loose.
    Congress is comatose – worthless parasites that they are. The DOJ is more corrupt than Latin America/Mexico, and the LSM is MIA.. Where do we turn?

    Obama has taken 80% of the work-force (small businesses) and he is using them as human shields until he high-tails it out of town in 2016.
    We can’t let him get away with it!

    It’s time for an act of civil disobedience. We need to force this quisling into a showdown – force him to abide by his own law – the law he signed and championed nearly five years ago. The law that was passed in the dead of night without one Republican on board,
    Either that, or the law must be declared null and void.
    We cannot keep the country in turmoil for 2.5 more years,
    We need to harass him night and day until he has no place to hide,
    Small business owners and employees, the economic engine of the nation, need to come to the aid of their country. Let Obama know you will not cooperate with him. You will not sign affidavits re employee dismissals.
    This is not Communist China.
    Obamacare is an (O)bamination! Stop it now!

    • From a friend today…

      my obama plan never appeared in January so as Feb fast approached I picked up the only plan I could get to be coveredd by Feb 1. The plan cost more than double what I was paying, but thank God I took at step because now I was in the ER the very next day and again a few days later. I was going to switch to a cheaper plan with a higher deductible either ($600 or 1200), depending. But my GI doc wants to do a colonscopy on me in March after I heal up, but that I will have to pay for the part of his fee is not covered. So, extend the more expensive plan another month or pay out of pocket for deductible, etc. This Obama care nonsense has really been a problem for me.

      I shouldn’t have to worry about such things when feeling like this.