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Michelle Still a Hit with America

Thought you might want to have a look at this. Mrs. Obama tweeted it out Monday under the phrase, “Bon Appétit!”

Obama dogs

Some may think this is insulting in a down economy, particularly with one of the dogs wearing some kind of necklace. But honestly, though it’s a little tone deaf, I don’t particularly care. I don’t think the dogs are going to eat off those plates. And I don’t think most Americans imagine the interior of the White House looks like a hardware store.

Anyway, the whole Marie Antoinette Act, complete with nearly a month of pampering in Hawaii, seems to be working for her. The latest poll from Pew puts Michelle’s favorable rating at 68 percent, with only 24 percent having a negative opinion.

Here’s now she stacks up against the competition:

First lady ratingsPersonally, I think it’s hypocritical to present yourself as a warrior for the downtrodden while living so immodestly, especially when so many are feeling downtrodden. But most Americans, clearly, disagree.

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  1. That is disgraceful. I understand why they do not want to post pictures all over with their daughter’s picture. However they can look back at their family photo album and remember when the dogs were shown off, instead of them. (The daughter’s can look back)

  2. Twitchy had a field day with the ‘family photo op’ and my favorites go to….

    David Burge @iowahawkblog
    said Michelle Antoinette, from inside 1600 Versailles Avenue

    So the President’s wife just tweeted photos of her jewelry-festooned canines eating at a mirrored palace table.

    • Most people give the first lady, any first lady, a break. It’s like getting personal with the children, just not done. I’m not of that camp though. She’s been in our faces since day one.

  3. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is this photo tweeted to millions of Americans saying about the O’s and their dogs?
    Is it saying…look how nice we treat our dogs by allowing them to eat off of a formal table setting?
    Is it saying…look how lucky our dogs are to be invited to a formal dinner and you’re not?
    Or is it saying…we can do anything we want and too bad for you?

    re: the polls
    All FirstLadies enjoy high favorable ratings, no matter what their party affiliation.
    All FirstLadies are subject to critical opinions depending on their actions, and how the public sees them in the context of
    the condition of the economy, and their husband’s actions.
    Right now, 90+million Americans are out of work, and 50+million are surviving on food stamps and these facts make this insulting tweet all the more hurtful and just downright mean.

    • As far as I’m concerned we don’t have a First Lady not since
      Laura Bush left a gaping hole of abhorrent behavior behind with
      the next faux FLOTUS.

  4. Now those dogs have breeding! Don’t see any elbows on the table; faces in the plates – shoveling food; uncrossed legs (well, little BO looks like he wants to leap off the chair); or barking for more caviar and champagne.

    Laura Bush still tops MO in all categories. Probably moreso than the poll reveals.

  5. I said this earlier. This — this – is what Mooch learned from Oprah.

    Yeah girl. You go girl. Celebrate your doggies. Don’t be letting the demands of being First Lady be your master.

    Grifters — the lot of them.

  6. This is inappropriate on so many levels.

    A dog wearing an expensive necklace while sitting on the WH furniture at a table decorated to the NINES. It looks like a table setting from Downtown Abbey.

    The fact that the dogs are treated like royalty. But then, the current occupants view themselves as royalty, so why not the pets, too.

    The fact that so many of us are hurting and barely making ends meet in these economic times, in spite of being told by Washington how the economy is improving. Wonder where they live. Oh, DUH–in the richest area of the country.

    The fact that FLOTUS doesn’t care how the rest of us living. She deserves it as a member of the political class.

    Oh, my.

  7. Oh, look… the Obama’s are having the dogs for dinner!

    Barack is showing Michelle how much he enjoyed the finer aspects of #IndonesianCuisine !

  8. Oh swell, another photo from Michelle Antoinette, who doesn’t seem to give a damn about perception. Nor does she seem to care the dogs are sitting on OUR furniture. ARRGH!