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McCaskill: Obama, Stay Away

Democratic Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, who has in the past been mentioned as one of Obama closest friends in the Senate, suggested today that Obama stay out of states where Democratic senators appear deeply imperiled.

“I’m trying to be really candid and honest on this show,” McCaskill said.

Well that’s refreshing. I wonder if being candid and honest gets her in trouble with Congressional Democratic leaders, who rarely sound candid or honest to me.

McCaskill herself is not up for reelection.

Haven’t heard much in recent years about her “friendship” with Obama, which was much ballyhooed in 2008, when she campaigned for him over Hillary. Used to hear that Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) was a close friend, as well as Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), maybe a couple of others.

But the truth is, I don’t think Obama has any close friends in Congress. And I don’t think he ever did.

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  1. ‘Candid and honest’ from Claire McCaskill reflects her ‘newly found’ sentiments of Missourians who have been ‘slamming’ her offices with, ‘Where are your mid-western common sense, candid and honest, voting record that reflects Missourians?’ as compared to Obama’s comments and edicts! He talks DOWN to all Americans, and we are NOT stupid!

  2. What friends, unable to admit their mistakes so they let him take the blame for everything that went wrong.
    Giddy with power when the Black Dem was elected and they find themselves completely in charge of everything, they open the federal purse to spread a trillion dollars around, only to find that it didn’t make any difference anywhere.
    Undaunted, the Dems used their position of majority to pass their dream of comprehensive healthcare reform, only to find that it made all the difference to the public who hated it from the onset to the disaster it has become today.
    MrObama’s positive polling dropped by the tens in four years. He lost his majority, and was left to promote a flawed, hated program that he didn’t design, he didn’t vote for, but he was left to sign. He lied to the public about it’s intent, but what could he do, how could he not?

    So, he’s the face of failed government, a member of the hated political liar’s circle, and now the Dems who planted the seeds of Obamacare, don’t want him around them as they try to keep their cherished seats of power. What friends, huh.

      • Your last paragraph is an astute observation.
        You have trouble establishing friendships with people that can’t trust you.
        They are distancing themselves from him because he is not trustworthy, and they can see it because they aren’t either.
        It is a fascinating scenario to watch unfold.

  3. That’s because the McCaskill’s new BFF is Hillary. I live in Missouri and I swear she has earned her “Cacklin Claire” nickname.
    All she does is latch onto the latest star of the moment and then convince the idiots in KC and St Louis that she’s really an “independent” voice in DC looking out for them.
    Except for those two enclaves she’s seen for what she is but when Akin put his ego in front of the state and refused to drop out of the race in ’12 our fate was sealed. 6 more years of cackle and crap.

  4. Missouri gets the government it deserves. I saw that earnings tax on my first paycheck in Kansas City. It did not take long to understand Kansas City blues.

  5. The Portuguese Water Dog won its category. If it goes on to win Best in Show. will FCMABBHO figure out a way to photograph himself in celebration?

          • I don’t consider myself a dimwit and consider myself knowledgeable enough to know when a dress is flattering and the backside of this dress was not. My first impression of the dress when I looked at the photo was that it looked like a Disney fairy princess dress because of the billowing skirt. For the $15,000 or so we probably paid, the dress top was indeed elegant but Herrera failed on the skirt, especially the back with all those layers that accentuated MO’s backside.

          • I totally agree with your comments on the dress, AZG. Your description of it as a Disney fairy princess dress is dead on. I knew it reminded me of something, lol.

      • Wow, your last name certainly isn’t fitting. How rude. Newsflash, Ms. “Manners”: We are all entitled to our opinions here. If you disagree, you don’t need to call people “dimwits”, claim they “don’t know shit”, and tell them “it must suck to be you”. Ha, sounds to me like you’re projecting a bit, given how angry and bitter you come across and that my one observation set you off on a tirade of four comments. Yes, it surely must “suck” to be someone who becomes so angered by someone else’s opinion on a blog. Whew, your days must be exhausting!

        For what it’s worth, I am well aware of Carolina Herrera and usually like her designs. This particular dress had a lovely top, yet I wasn’t crazy about the very full bottom, nor the color combination of black on top and blue on the bottom. Mostly, I didn’t find the voluminous lower part particularly flattering.

        As far as my comment about the bow on the back, one of the photos in that article I linked to made it appear as if there was a bow on the back. However, I just saw a better photo in another article this morning and I see it’s not a bow, just a bustle-like gathering of material, which is not very attractive:×350/michelleback.jpg?hash=989fdefa5fedfc635eead48211f611e2

        More photos here:

          • Thanks, ImNoDhimmi and Star. It’s unfortunate to see that one of the regular posters here seems unable to politely disagree with another’s opinion and without name calling.

            Star, I’ve been around on and off, just not commenting as much as I used to. It’s difficult to keep up with all the comments, although I do try. Also, for a while the blog wasn’t allowing my comments to post for some reason. I posted a couple of times from my phone, but that’s a pain in the neck, so I gave up for a while. Thankfully, it’s letting me post again now. Although, it did eat one of my comments yesterday.

    • No, but there is a prize for the use of the most curse words in comments on this blog. The prize: a one week stay in Bo and Sunny’s doghouse. If it gets cold, the Carolina Herrera gown will be available for use as a blanket.