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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference with Hollande

The press conference has concluded.

15 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Press Conference with Hollande

  1. Explaining why Obamacare is too hard for big companies to comply, making the case for people to leave their jobs and “start their own company”, as if ..oh my.
    He has no idea, no concept of what it takes to “start their own business” or even what it means to have a job where the employer pays part of the health insurance that is really non-taxable income for the worker. He doesn’t understand that individuals paying for their own health insurance are doing so with income net of taxes paid.

  2. He just tuirns on his heel and walks out. No niceties, thank you’s, no mention of Hollande’s plans for his stay, or the State dinner…nothing. Rude and classless.

    • Funds are the key–there is only so much he can do without money. He can shift around the fringes, like his silly closing of the WH, but say he wanted to wave his wand and say, “Let’s build a Death Star,” Congress would say, whoa, whoa, what are you using for a trillion bucks? But I will say that like a toddler, he is really pushing limits now to see how the parents will react. So far, it’s been “OK, I saw you take that cookie, but no whole cake before dinner.”

  3. Hopefully the Clintons will be there, seated in the dog chairs, with Shrillary as Hollande’s dinner partner — justice. Later he and Billy Jeff can retire for brandy and cigars and a little discussion about wimmens and power. Barack will be off doing whatever the heck he does with whoever he does it with.

  4. Hopefully the Clintons will be at the dinner. Shrillary can be Hollande’s dinner partner — justice — and then he and BillyJeff can retire for a talk about wimmens and power.


    I might have posted this twice. Apologies if I did.