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GOP Caves on Debt Ceiling

Updated 5:33 pm ET

In a victory for President Obama, House Speaker John Boehner this evening is moving a “clean” increase the debt limit, failing to tie it to any spending cuts, changes in Obamacare or any of the other ideas previously backed or considered by Republicans.

Republican leaders expect the measure to pass with Democratic and some Republican support. They most recently had considered tying to the debt limit a restoration of military pension benefits that had been cut, but they abandoned the idea this morning.

Obama had vowed not to negotiate on the debt limit. His strategy succeeded.

The House Wednesday will depart for a two week recess.

UPDATE: The bill, which lifts the ceiling for a year, passed 221-201, with a few Republicans joining nearly all Democrats.

11 thoughts on “GOP Caves on Debt Ceiling”

  1. Today I called my Representative, my Senator and Boehner’s office and gave them my opinion on the Republican lack of response to the illegalities and maneuverings of the Shyster in Chief. I was prompted to do so by Geoff’s comment earlier that the Republicans should have a war room of people making public and actively working against these abuses. (my summary not Geoff’s words)

    1. You GO girl! Now, we just need 60 million more and we’re IN! I truly believe the way to defeat the dems is to turn their own tactics against them. Pick 3 simple messages:
      1. Obamacare (DUH)
      2. The immorality of financial pedophilia against our children
      3. The lack of jobs and crap economy Obama is creating
      STAY on those 3 points, have the information to back it up and don’t take the bait when the dems put another shiny object in front of you.
      It really isn’t hard but somehow Boehner and McConnell just can’t seem to accept EZ as a strategy.

  2. As much as I hate to say it, it’s really the only play on the table. With the media in his pocket and the Dems fully united behind an all or nothing deal the alternative was to hand the dems a talking point to distract from the Obamacare lunacy and slow economic growth that will continue till November.
    Washington retreated almost as many times as he advanced. Yet we still won the war.
    I agree that Boehner needs to go but on this particular issue we were in a no win situation and after dodging a bullet on the government shutdown I’ve got to say the prize is November, not a Dem manufactured crisis in February.

    1. I agree. Nonetheless, the bill passed with only Boehner and some co horts and the Dems. The leadership and the Democrats.

      “In a narrow vote, 221-201, 28 Republicans voted with 193 Democrats to
      approve a “clean” extension of the federal government’s borrowing
      authority — one without strings attached — sending the legislation to
      the Senate for a possible final vote later this week. Two Democrats and
      199 Republicans voted no”

      Republicans Voting Yes:
      Boehner, Calvert, Camp, Cantor, Coble, Collins (NY), Dent, Fitzpatrick, Grimm, Hanna, Hastings (WA), Issa, King (NY), LoBiondo, McCarthy (CA), McKeon, Meehan, Miller…Gary, Nunes, Reichert, Rogers (KY), Roskam, Royce, Runyan, Shimkus, Smith (NJ), Valadao, Wolf

      More to the point, I assume Boehner can do the same thing with any legislation, including immigration. 28 Republicans.

      My Rep. did not vote yes.

    2. I agree with Geoff. The debt limit would have been increased regardless of what cuts Mr. Boehner negotiated. I thought of this as a smart tactical move. Right now, the focus is on the disaster that is Obamacare, the falling economy and how “big government” is failing Americans on every level.

      Fighting over the debt limit would have scared the markets, incited media outrage and caused negative headlines for the Republicans.

      The morning after the clean bill passed, the nation is focused on the cost of Mrs. Obama’s gown and children losing their healthcare benefits because of Obamacare.

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