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Video || Child Losing Hearing Nearly Barred from Specialist

This kind of stuff is just starting. You are not just going to pay for Obamacare with your taxes. Given that insurers are forced to limit service providers in order to stay in business, you may be paying for it with your life.

Don’t know what they teach at the Suriname National College of Medicine? Well, you may soon be finding out.

CBS News presents this wrenching story of a four year old girl, Kate, whose ear infection progressed to the point that her hearing was nearly gone in one ear. Her parents apparently selected their insurer from the Washington state Obamacare exchange. Kate soon got the same bad news you, your children or grandchildren may be getting down the road: The specialist you need is out of network.

For now, the hospital is picking up her tab.

From the video:

Doctor: This is not an isolated incident. The exclusion of a major provider like Seattle Children’s (Hospital) from the major insurance network in this market is unprecedented.

Reporter: The hospital is considered in-network on only two of the seven plans from Washington State’s health exchange.

Doctor: We’re seeing denials of care, disruptions in care. We’re seeing a great deal of confusion and at times anger and frustration on the part of these families who bought insurance thinking that their children are going to be covered, and it’s in fact a false promise.

The false promise, really was that America could get sumthin’ for nuthin’. It don’t work that way.

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  1. I agree it’s awful that five of seven Obamacare plans in Washington exclude Seattle Children’s Hospital. That’s absurd and must be fixed. But at the same time, if I live in Washington and have kids, it’s on me to at least figure out which hospitals are “in network” before I sign up for a plan. That’s just what you do. Being surprised at a facility being “out of network” is just being ignorant, and not really the “fault” of Obamacare, as much as I despise that law.

      1. When my retina detached–this was Medicare now–the “best” doc in town, who patched up the basketball player, was not going to be mine. Later, just within the surgeon’s practice, I leaned “my” surgeon was not considered the best by his peers…Too late, four surgeries, eye blind. This stuff is a crapshoot for everyone!

    1. One small caveat. In several states hospitals and doctors were incorrectly listed as being “in network” – Obamacare is the Forrest Gump of health insurance … “You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get!”

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  3. That poor little girl; stuck with parents too stupid, too dependent on others to take her to a specialist without getting permission from someone first. Who allows their child to suffer the misery and pain of an ear infection because their “insurance” doesn’t cover a certain hospital. In addition, unless there is some surgical intervention required, all ear “infections” are treated with antibiotics, not hospital care.

    This story is supposed to show the health insurers as heartless, money-grubbing misers who care nothing about the suffering of children.
    The story, in whole, is suspect and the blame should be shouldered by the parents who waited for someone else to pay for their daughter’s care, and Obamacare for forcing insurers to make harsh decisions to stay in business.

    1. They are getting away from the old amoxicillan 10 days thing on ears–the specialist has to be a surgeon…You’re right, the story does not hang together…we need more info.

  4. Given how many people are in every single congressional district, it is almost a mathematical certainty that a child in every Democrat’s district will die because of this law over the next six months. I know that’s cold, but you know it’s true.

    The town halls will be brutal…assuming the Democrats even have enough stones to show up for them. If they don’t, their GOP opponents will correctly call them cowards.

    These mid-terms could end up as the most historic denunciation of leftism in American history.

    1. Who can forget the immortal words of Kathleen Sebelius when discussing the fate of the young girl who needed a lung transplant:
      “Some live; some die!”

    2. almost a mathematical certainty that a child in every Democrat’s district will die because of this law over the next six months. I know that’s cold, but you know it’s true.

      How do you figure? Not the best of the best doctor, denied all care, can’t afford? Can you support this?

      1. The average congresscritter “represents” 709,000 citizens. So you only need 200 horror stories scattered correctly among an aggregate population of 141,800,000. If you were a Democrat, would bet your career on odds like that? I wouldn’t.

        The idea that there will not be a single Zero-care horror story out of a population of that size, with a wonky system just getting off the ground, among citizens who generally don’t know the ins and outs of the insurance racket, stretches credulity.

        It’s a matter of odds and probabilities. And the probability is higher, I think, than even the pessimists currently believe.

          1. Died due to lack of care which, absent the ACA, they otherwise should reasonably have expected to receive, or, died due to lack of care that, absent the ACA, they otherwise would have received.

            I am referring, broadly speaking, to patients who die not for medical reasons (disease, trauma, and so on), but for, again broadly speaking, “paperwork” reasons (insurance, administrative, and so on.).

            With all due respect, Star…do I need to explain the meaning of “is” next?

  5. According to a Seattle News report, it is the Washington State exchanges that are denying treatement for these children requiring special treatment…even though they were re-assured that special/unique cases would be covered.
    Chidrens’ Hospital filed 125 requests for treatment; only 20 responses. Eight were denied.
    This is a horror story and should be headline news every night. This is only the tip of the iceberg.
    Last week on the Kelly File, a mother described her experience with the Platinum Plan. She thought her two children were covered but they were not. She spent weeks trying to get her children included on her family plan, to no avail. She was told the only alternative was to put them on Medicaid! She was horrified. Never, she said. She had no alternative but to purchase private plans for the children.
    By indiscriminately placing as many people on Medicaid, regardless of their economic status, Obama is edging closer to Single Payer.

  6. The people who voted for this mess, need to be the ones who explain to all these people being denied, being cut, loosing jobs.
    They all should be questioned everyday. The ones that refuse should be noted as doing so.

    1. I personally would prefer to see them frog-marched off Capitol Hill and put in stocks out on The Mall, so all of America could come by and spit on them.

      Did I ever mention that I don’t have the highest opinion of politicians?

    2. My new county executive voted for this law (she was one of the democratic hold outs that got suckered by Obama’s “promise” of no taxpayer funded abortions. Cost her re-election in the house, but didn’t stop people from voting for her again in this local race. I swear, elections are won by name recognition and fancy election yard signs!

  7. It never ceases to amaze me that Americans sit still in the face
    of so much abuse, dishonesty and corruption. Europeans would
    have taken to the streets long ago!

  8. Many Americans were not expecting to get sumthin’ for nuthin’ — but were hoping that the policies they had been paying into (directly or indirectly) over the years would be there in case of unforeseen circumstances. For many of us, buying insurance was an investment in security, and all things considered we’d prefer that we really not need to get even an equal return on our investment, because we’d rather stay healthy.

    The Democrats have essentially stolen the investment that so many people were prudently making. It’s truly reprehensible.

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