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Another Obamacare Mandate Delayed

This one is huge. And nakedly, egregiously political.

Companies with 50 to 99 employees will not be forced to offer health insurance to their full time workers until the beginning of 2016, the Treasury Department announced this afternoon, ensuring that businesses will not be struggling to meet the onerous new requirement during the 2014 election.

Larger employers also get a break. They now only have to offer insurance to 70 percent of their full time employees in 2015 and then 95 percent in 2016.

But the mid-size firms are the ones that concern Democrats the most, since they might have moved to decrease their full time workforce to below the 50 employee threshold to avoid penalties.

Previously, following an extension last summer which took the start date from 2014 to 2015, companies would have been racing to afford the new requirement by trimming their payrolls, moving people to part time, and reducing benefits and pay during the final quarter of 2014, when control of the House and Senate will hang in the balance.

Now the issue will go away until the off-year of 2015, partially depriving Republicans of one of their most potent election-year weapons.

The White House made the move after it only last week sought to claim that the new rules would not affect how businesses treat their employees.

41 thoughts on “Another Obamacare Mandate Delayed”

  1. They’re thinking, the Democrats, phew! we can fool the voters one more election round. And, sorry to say, going by past history, it might work.

    1. Even sooner: 2014. The Republicans have announced to one and all that Obamacare will be the sole issue on which they will go after the Democrats so now the Democrats are trying to move it to the back burner.

    1. The “Execution Clause”–Article 2, Section 2, Clause 5: “… he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,…” Meaning, as passed by the Congress, whether the President agrees with the law or not. Obama is changing the law based on election day prospects, personal poll results and pressure from his political advisers. This is why he is a rogue, out of control President.

    1. No offense, but we all keep asking the same question.
      I suggested that Fox scroll the Long List all day long.
      As far as the other news stations, we all know they are not doing anything for the benefit of the viewers.
      We saw a film earlier on the scroll about sheep.

  2. The new delay isn’t so much about the Repubs using Obamacare as a cannon to shoot directly into the Dems ship, but more to prevent a debacle such as what has happened already with this disaster of a law.
    The best path for the Dems at this point is to slowly remove all mandates, allow insurance companies to return to their previous offerings, and hope for the best outcome.
    When the government website didn’t work, and still isn’t completed as of today, then it’s time for the Dems to pull the plug and let the law die a natural death.
    As it is now, the Repubs will not only cast this law as the miserable thing it is, but remind all the voters that it is so flawed the Dems can’t force it’s implementation because of it’s flawed conception.
    They’ll say; the ACA took away good, reasonable health insurance from individuals, then when it came time to force companies to buy in the program, they caved to special interests.
    This is a win/win for the Repubs.

  3. I don’t believe the Constitutional Professor in Chief should ever be allowed to use the phrase “Rule of Law” ever again.

    Wait, let me include “Let Me Be Clear” among banned phrases. Every time the President says let me be clear it is followed up with a lie.

    I wonder if he ever studied Article 2, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution that contains “he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed” ?

      1. Actually, this section of the U.S. Constitution states that is the President’s Constitutional Duty as Chief Law Enforcement Officer and as such he has to enforce all laws not the one he just agrees with.

        The House and Senate do not enforce they just make them. Well, they are supposed to but the President wants to do their job as well. I wonder if they realize they don’t have to make anymore

        You are correct they all should obey the laws of the U.S.!

        1. Exactly. Problem job is not being done.
          I would have received an F in school, if I stood up and boldly said I did not read it.
          The assignment in school was “Read It”. Next day teacher said OK students, Did everyone read their assignment?
          Everyone nodded yes. Even if some didn’t.
          The point I am making is if I am remember correctly, if I would have stood up and boldly told my teacher, I didn’t read it, but I know it is good. I would have been punished or got a bad grade.

    1. Let me add “we’re going to make sure …” — which generally means they’ll do no such thing, but Obama seems to think that merely uttering the words has a magical power achieve an end– or rather, to give people the illusion that he cares about them, which he doesn’t.

  4. The Dems have told us over and over that their “reform” is urgently needed by millions of people — so Republicans had better be demanding to know why Obama keeps illegally delaying the delivery of this wonderful benefit to millions of Americans.

    Republicans had better keep reminding voters that the Dems don’t want them to know what their “reform” really does to them until after it’s pretty much too late to prevent the damage.

  5. Obama put an exclamation mark on his illegal actions re the employer mandate today., While walking with Hollande at Monticello, he was asked about ‘breaking protocol’ when he decided to stroll outside on the terrace to view the scenery. His arrogant reply? “That’s the thing about being President…I can do anything I want”. Trying to impress the French President, no doubt!

  6. Are the Republicans ever going to go to the Supreme Court or to impeachment? This “President” constantly breaks the law and violates his oath of office? Why is nothing ever done about it? I blame the Repubs just as much as Obama and his cult worshipping drones.

      1. They can replace Boehner with a special election within the house.
        Do you think they have the guts to do that ?
        If they did, that would send a message to Obama.
        Keep in mind that they can elect anyone for speaker,….he/she does not have to be a sitting member of the house.

  7. Gee. Our company has 112 employees. How attractive will it be to find a reason to shed 13 of them?

    And by what authority does Obama do this? He just wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror, says “You can do anything, you’re the dicta . . . I mean the president,” and off he goes.

  8. It’s a good thing that this is “settled law, passed by Congress, signed by the President and validated by the Supreme Court”, otherwise, all these arbitrary changes might lead one to believe that Obama is running his own banana republic!

  9. Why has not one republican in the House had the guts and patriotism to introduce articles of impeachment against this Dictator of a president who continues to break the laws of the land at will? All I ask for is just one who loves this country enough to stand up and defy this communist, corrupt ursurper of power? Is there not one honest and brave member left in the House of Unrepresentatives?

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