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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, February 11, 2014

9:00 am || Hosts arrival ceremony for State Visit of French President Francois Hollande; South Lawn
10:00 am || Begins meetings with Hollande
Noon || Joint press conference with Hollande; East Room
2:00 pm || Meets with Defense Secretary Hagel
3:30 pm || Meets with senior advisors
6:55 pm || State Dinner in honor of Hollande; South Lawn

All times Eastern
Live stream press conference at noon

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    • Well, if they set up a tent on the South Lawn IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER, they can invite more donors (actual or potential). And who cares what it costs us to heat the tent!

      Why did they visit Monticello today???? Was this something the women had planned to do and when Hollande dumped his partner, did they not want to dump an event in Virginia?????

      • This is a stretch…but since Jefferson lived in Paris for five years when he was the Minister to France, there is a ‘ French Connection’. As I recall, Jefferson designed Monticello based on his love of European Neoclassical architecture.
        Hollande might have expressed a desire to visit Monticello, and Obama jumped at the chance to invite him over for a tour and a State dinner. He needs the photo ops.

    • has the menu for tomorrow’s big do. Do you think they’ll post the calorie count of each dish to be served to the guests?
      Amazingly, they’re serving the exact same dishes that I have planned for tomorrow’s dinner. Imagine that!
      (not really)

  1. Well, my prediction was right. This PO(tu)S is so predictable. I knew he would be going on another four day golf weekend this year with his buddies, just as he did last year for the first time (since the election was over, of course). Last year he went to Florida golfing, but I just had a feeling this year he would go bigger and bolder and head to CA for a long golf weekend. Sure enough, I just saw this on this week’s schedule:

    On Friday, the President will deliver remarks at the House Democratic Issues Conference in Cambridge, Maryland. Following the conference the President will depart for Rancho Mirage, California, for a meeting with His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan at Sunnylands, the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Estate.

    Yep, he’s flying all the way to CA as an EXCUSE to be out there for a long weekend. I’m sure his Chicago pals will be at the State Dinner tomorrow, and then fly out to CA with him on Friday. And, of course, Moochelle will be headed to Aspen with her friends for their annual girls’ ski weekend. Must be nice to live like the 1% on the taxpayer’s dime. I’m so sick of this POS.

      • Oh, sorry. I didn’t see that. I was just assuming she’d be going there again. She’s been skiing on Presidents Day weekend every year since February of 2009. A few years ago, she went to Vail and I thought it was Aspen the last two years. Whatever the case, I’m sure the entitled Mooch will be going somewhere for a four or five day weekend.

      • Thanks, Julie. I just found that discussion I missed on Saturday’s open thread.

        Apologies to DeniseVB who already posted the link to the USA article about BHO going to CA on Friday and remaining for the weekend.

        I still think there’s no way Moochelle is staying back at the WH for the long weekend while PO(tu)S heads to CA to golf with his pals. Despite her nearly month long vacation in Hawaii, she’ll feel she deserves another break.

  2. With Iran roaming toward the maritime border, and other international matters, you would think he would touch base on that first thing in the morning.

  3. Obama finally snagged a foreign leader to accept an invite to a State dinner. Last year, Brazil’s leader, Dilma Rousseff, sent her regrets for a State dinner in her honor – the only State dinner on the calendar year.
    It must not matter to Obama that Hollande has taken a right turn in recent weeks – calling for austerity, smaller govt, tax cuts for the rich, payroll cuts, and an admonition that only businesses can create jobs and stimulate growth. With approval ratings at 19%, Hollande is trying to save his own Socialist posterior.
    Now that Obama is virtualy an asterisk on the global scene, Hollande’s trip to the WH is more like a visit to a terminally ill acquaintance. Socialism is a terminal disease..

  4. Po(tU)S: Francois, you were s******* two or three! Did you give each of them a kiss? I am s******* 320 million Americans! Do you think each of them deserves a kiss?
    Francois: M’ais non, Monsieur President! Vous l’homme!(E’scuse’moi!)
    It has been 55 years since I lived in Verdun.

  5. OMG — you’d think this was a functioning Administration — all these meetings and such. Must be our supreme ruler showing off for the visiting socialist.

  6. Menu caviar and beef plus a salad served in terriaum bowl with herbs
    and honey from WH magical kitchen garden. How very twee. New frock
    alert and given the climate it will either be a dud or a doozy.