As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || February 10, 2014

Obamacare contractor has problems . . . Washington Post
Millions stuck in coverage gap . . . Wall Street Journal

Dems shun Obama on the trail
. . . Politico
Holder adds gay marriage rights
. . . Wall Street Journal
Canada: Keystone could harm ties . . . National Journal
Michelle praises hiring of veterans
. . . Associated Press
Paul warns Texas could turn blue . . . Politico
Rubio offers education reform
. . . Associated Press
John Bolton won’t rule out run
. . . Newsmax
Scarborough for president? . . . Daily Caller
The Hillary papers . . . Free Beacon

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || February 10, 2014

  1. Scarborough for President?

    No surprise here. How many years has he been fiddling with that hair? Finally, this morning, it’s looking fairly decent. Good to go!
    Almost forgot – which party, Joe?

    What a pompous oaf – droning on and on every morning about his days in Congress and how he knows best how to play the game.
    Maybe he should talk more about why he abruptly left Congress just weeks after being re-elected to his third term. It wasn’t, as he claimed, to spend more time with his children!

    • The main thrust against Hillary Clinton should be Benghazi, and the author of this diary who died in 2000 doesn’t cover it. Rand Paul did come out the other day and say that Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President because of Benghazi, but I don’t see that getting as much ink as his comments on the Predator.

      • Rand Paul is being skewered for daring to bring up the past. Scandals have a shelf-life with the DEMS, don’t you know?
        Fast forward to 2014 – Poor Bill – he was just a victim of a predatory 20 year old intern. Just couldn’t figure out how to extricate himself from the situation, lol.

        • Yes, well, I think Hillary can turn this all into positives: either a vast right wing conspiracy, Hillary the Victim, Hillary the future Tough-As-Nails Commander-In-Chief, you chose. She can twist anything thing she wants to suit her purposes. I say ‘focus like a laser’ on Benghazi.

  2. Noticed the headline about Bolton running for President. I’ve been curious about that since seeing him discuss economics policies in an interview once. I was surprised at how well rounded his knowledge is, outside foreign policy things. Need to know more, but keeping him on my radar.

  3. Republicans are worthless.

    Regarding Obama’s latest reach out to immigrants with some association with terrorists. Goodlatte says this.

    “Yet again, this administration is abusing the powers granted it by Congress,” Rep. Bob Goodlatte, Virginia Republican, said after he had a chance to digest the changes. As chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Mr. Goodlatte likely would be the chief Republican negotiator on any immigration bill, and his evaluation of the president’s willingness to reinterpret the law is indicative of where many of his colleagues stand.”

    No action, of course. Good of him to point out the continuing string of abuses of power by King Barack, like we don’t see it.

    And as well, apparently per Amash and Bachman the Republicans have decided on a clean debt limit passage. Not the hill to fight on.

    There is no hill the Republicans are willing to fight on. The more power Obama grabs, the more the Republicans grovel. I am so done with them.

    • Did you see or hear Kelly Ayotte’s continued backing of Obama’s and Reid’s plan for amnesty? Unfortunately, she is not up for re-election this year, but I shouldn’t get upset because I anticipate the voters in her state returning her to DC anyway.

  4. In light of President Hollande’s visit to the United States and state dinner, a headline I found appealing was that Hollande has been forced by a huge traditional marriage demonstration in France to back down on engineered families for gay and lesbian couples.

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