As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – February 10, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. srdem65 reporting from the next to last row in the briefing room.
    First up on the agenda; bashing Repubs for all of the country’s ills.
    My fellow chair-sitters totally ignored this partisan attack and moved on toward the President’s rumored plan to kill an American citizen with a drone.
    MrCarney refused to comment except for his comments on the issue.

    OK, now MrObama will not pay a “ransom” to the Repubs if they raise the debt limit. A weird nonsensical answer to a legitimate question.

    More gobbledygook on “comprehensive immigration reform” as it will improve our economy, and other lies.

    A pointed question on the papers released that smear MrsClinton and how MrO feels about that. Answer; I don’t understand the question.

    NorthKorea, back to the killing of Americans without due process, and now back to smearing Repubs again. More lies about how wonderful immigration reform will bring to the US.
    Oh, don’t want to talk about plans from Dems to delay reforms until the President is out of office…meaning until the elections are over in 2016.
    There’s that word “ransom” again. They like that image; ransom, hostage sounds very ominous.
    break time………………

      • He’s rather good at diffusing a pointed question he doesn’t want to answer.
        If anything, his partisan attacks on the Repubs is tiresome and sound forced. It’s just on edge of whining, and the professionals just ignore his tirades. He really shouldn’t be the point man for these attacks.

    • Thanks for taking one for the team, srdem! When I tuned in briefly, they were asking about the Hillary papers. So keen to ask about Hillary, while questions about current president’s scandals still go un-asked.

    • Can you give some insight, regarding your fellow reporters?
      At the water fountain what are they is being discussed?
      Is everyone constantly insulted by not having answers to their questions. In other words, When a question is asked he only answers in a circle. Rambles

    • srdem65,
      That is the most honest “WH Briefing” I have ever heard.

      I still wonder what these so-called ‘professional journalists’ from ‘ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, etc.’ are doind there.
      Are they just over-paid seat warmers/parrots for the Obama regime?

  2. First of all Keith, thanks for posting these press conferences.
    Now the rant comes,……

    Carney is IMO nothing more than a pawn in Obama’s regime to keep him from addressing the press.
    Constant references to what the president said.
    The president has stated.
    I cannot reply to that because of the ongoing investigations.

    Just once I would like to hear someone in the press stand up and ask Carney why he thinks that his boss is qualified to be POTUS.
    We would get the pablum answer,….because the american people elected him.
    That’s not what I asked you Jay,…

    Allow me to change the subject.
    Where was the president on the night of the Benghazi attack ?
    Why is he protecting Eric Holder over the Fast and Furious situation ?
    Is the IRS still harassing conservative, Christian groups for their beliefs ?

    He’s just a press secretary folks, a face on the media, nothing to see here,….move along.

        • My pleasure to bring ….hmm. Nothing.
          What we learned today is that the Obama administration blames the Repubs for everything, and they only way the Dems can promote their agenda is through lies and stealth regulations.
          IMO, the press secretary’s podium should not be used as a sniper’s nest taking shots at the Repubs, but rather to promote any bi-partisan moves that show this President is a real leader of Congress. By blaming the Repubs for what doesn’t happen, it shows the Pres has no sway whatsoever in the House or the Senate.
          When MrCarney directs questions to this agency or that person instead of giving an answer, he announces that MrObama has no idea what is going on in his own administration. The questions aren’t pulled out of the sky, they’re being published in every media, he should have an answer.

  3. I see NBC was forced to show the Russian Police Choir singing Get Lucky after they cut it from the opening ceremony coverage. It went viral via the grapevine. They cut the one thing which they thought showed the Russians having a sense of humor and fun .