As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Get a Brain

The ronniebuss strikes again.

12 Responses to Get a Brain

    • Thanks for the link. O and the crew isn’t stopping.
      Let me make myself clear (to them).
      I have no talent what so ever.
      My brother has drawn (well) since he could pick up a pencil.
      My brother has played guitar and drums since he was a small kid. Just picked it up.
      My brother has the funniest sence of humor ever.
      I cannot tell joke correctly, always mess up with the joke line.
      I always wanted to be a life guard and a surfer.
      How long will it take me to buy that house in Hawaii, learn how to surf, and get my life guard degree?
      I still cannot believe where this Country is going. They won’t stop with one stupid move after the other.
      Keith and readers, I appreciate as always this moment of speaking my mind.
      We can still do that, Correct?