As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Quote of the Day || February 11, 2014

“Uhh, in case you didn’t notice, it’s called Obamacare, okay? I get to decide when it starts, okay?”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. ‘I get to re-decide when we leave Afghanistan, too.”

    U.S. Shifts Afghanistan Exit Plans

    The U.S. military has revised plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan to allow the White House to wait until President Hamid Karzai leaves office before completing a security pact and settling on a post-2014 U.S. troop presence, officials said.

    The option for waiting reflects a growing belief in Washington that there is little chance of repairing relations with Mr. Karzai and getting him to sign the bilateral security agreement before elections scheduled for the spring.
    Wall St. Journal (PayWall)

    • Were those dogs sitting at the table of the State dinner? It doesn’t matter anyway, it’s gross to let dogs sit at the table, food or not. It’s frightening to think what they’ve let those dogs do in our WH.

      • It’s not the dogs, AZ Granny….it’s the vile actions of the current WH occupants. Moochie has nothing better to do with her time than making sick jokes using the dogs as props. Bo and Sunny have excellent breeding which is more than you can say about BO and MO.

  2. There they go, hand in hand, little Barry and little Francois, two socialist politicians sinking heavily in the polls.
    I wonder if Hollande amuses Barry with some Dieudonné jokes. Have you heard of him ? He is a black Parisian comedian with roots in Camerun, very popular with very antisemitic shows. He has also taken up a certain salutation, “la quenelle”, by many regarded as an inverted Nazi salutation. He is very controversial ( French authorities here and there try to stop his shows ) but he has many followers. I just saw a French footballer ( black, many in their teams are black ) salute la quenelle after a goal. Looks like the thirties are returning in la France. Add to that all these imported Muslims and you have an explosive situation.

    • I’d heard of this Dieudonné creep but I had no idea of how awful he is until I looked at his Wiki: he hosted a Holocaust denier on his show, and called Holocaust rememberance as “memorial pornography.” Then, he said it was a pity that a Jewish journalist was not sent to the gas chambers.

      But, as an American, I am not at all comfortable with the government’s censoring him. I prefer this nation’s approach: let him exercise his right to speech and let his critics open up on him.

      • True Mandy, I am no friend of censoring either but in this case, given how many Muslims there are in the urban environments, you never know when it will get out of hands.
        You say that you “prefer this nations approach” with the right to speech but I sense that free speech is at risk in the US under Obama. I believe there is a lot of censorship out there. What about that rodeo clown, for example ? What about the subdued Obamaslaves in the media ? But I would very much like to be corrected on this topic.

        • By definition, censorship comes from the government only. A recent attempt at censorship happened when a sheriff and district attorney in Missouri threatened to arrest people who spread lies about FCMABBHO during the 2008 elections. Nothing came of it as far as I recall.

          As for the French, they–and Germany (remember the riots in Bonn over andanti-Muslim cartoon?)–are paying the price for their long years of looking for cheap labor.

          • Oh, censoring comes in subtle forms as well. We have for example a sort of “self-censorship” here after the Mohammed cartoon riots. Our amorphous anti-discrimination laws breeds self-censorship.
            I think many immigrants in France are there because of Frances colonial past, immigrants in Germany, mostly Turks, may be there because of cheap labor or because Germany just couldn´t say no after the war. Many immigrants have been really good and useful for their adopted countries but there are many radical elements among them nowadays.

          • Agree, I am of course absolutely pro free speech, a cornerstone in any democracy. But free speech gets really tricky when you deal with people who wants to erase it. The West is in a new and confusing situation.

          • For me, that’s all the more reason to exercise our rights. I approach it as Mill did, arguing that freedom of speech is an extrinsic value allowing us to reach the truth through debate.

            But, I wonder what he would think of the “livelier impression of truth produced by its collision with error” if the residents of a Parisian banlieue were to riot again.

  3. Excuse getting off topic:
    Just heard Shirley Temple has passed. 85 years old.
    For years they always had reruns of her on TV.
    It is ashame that most younger people don’t even know who she is.

  4. I just pulled up Drudge a link from:
    Noted: A sign posted at a Falls Church, VA. location reads:
    Holders of Black Card membership WILL be requested to
    pay a TAX on their membership starting 1-1-14 as required by
    implementation of provisions of the Affordable Care Act.
    This is not a charge for membership fee, but rather a tax requested by the government.
    If I may ask, Has anyone of the fellow readers here, notice this increase in your fee for a membership to exercise at a club?

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