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Saturday Open Thread || February 8, 2014

Thank you all so much for your many kind wishes. Feeling much better.

I’ll return full time Monday. Please continue to run the place for me.

Have a great weekend!

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    1. I think if we had the full frame from the Obama side we’d see perhaps some broken glass, dishware on the floor. Me thinks Michelle not very happy with her Preezy being 5 years into his Prezzi and being nothing but a Failzee and that makin her look all Badzee and right about now she’s gettin all Angreeze and stuff.

        1. Thanks. Just never know from whence the inspiration will come do we? lol
          I actually had one of those intellectual “is the internet helping or hurting” topic for discussion pieces posted but as usual I inserted FAR too many words than the Word Press filter would allow so it’s now stuck in “your comment is awaiting moderation” hell and I refuse to email our sickly host just for the sake of my ego! lol

      1. Thank you – that was a touching and inspiring performance. I have never heard that song – and am not familiar with Vera Lynn. A special treat on a Saturday afternoon!

      2. I enjoyed the song. I had never heard of Vera Lynn. I looked her up, and learned who she was. I appreciate now knowing that part of history from that time period.
        I tried to make comment yesteday. Unable, but appreciate the site.

  1. A few takeaways from the opening ceremony of the Olympics;
    Wow. A spectacular production. Our MSM honed in on what seems to be the only technical glitch as if it ruined everything, but the rest of the show was awesome.
    The look back at the history of Russia was fascinating and well done. Again, the MSM focused on the bad times that weren’t in the program, as if we in America would include some history that we wish hadn’t happend here.
    The Parade of Nations…just jaw-droppingly impressive. The young athletes from almost everywhere smiling, waving, and not scowling or shouting ugly slogans makes one wish that their elders could find the same common ground.
    The USA uniforms. Ugly. Weird. Dated.
    IMO, the Winter Olympics are the White/Asian games. The lack of Black athletes was so apparent, as we’re used to seeing Blacks in all of our sports arenas. Further, the Winter games are mostly sports that only those of means or wealth can play. The young American who won the first Gold Medal spent days, months, years on the ski slopes; time and access that those of lesser means don’t have.

    The ceremony was great, marvelous, and the performers reminded me of the dedication and talent that Russians give to everything.
    Russian dancers, music, and art are celebrated around the world.

    1. Well said, srdem! It was awsome…technologically and culturally. The Ballet sequence, the Borodin dream sequence -the great Russian composers – superlative.
      Team Russia also excelled in the Parade of Athletes with their gorgeous red/white fur trimmed coats/
      What a contrast to the 2012 London spectacle with the dancing NHS nurses!
      If Barry ever did the Olympics, it would be the history of Blacks in America starring JayZ and Beyonce with the Dougie performed by FLINO.

      1. Talk about boring! That panegyric to their national health service was as political as you can get, and I wondered then and I still wonder today if that wasn’t all geared to help promote Obamacare over here. Socialists are more loyal to socialism than they are to their own country.

        1. You have a great point, Julie. Why else would the UK showcase NHS – it has been in existence since WWII. It had to be a little scheme between BFF’s, Cameron and Obama. to promote Obamacare.

      1. Thanks for the link. Wow. I had no idea all that stuff was cut out of NBC’s broadcast. I agree the commercial breaks were annoying and the comments were more so.

        Just once, once every two years, can a commercial medium just show a world-wide celebration without comments, without commercials? A “pubic service” tribute, if you will. Just once.

      2. I had seen the men’s choir singing “Get Lucky” on a NYT except yesterday. Today, someone was writing about how ‘humorless’ the opening ceremony was, but I found the choir very humorous in a charming East European way of trying to be hip. Here were all these stariki (old guys) bopping around like Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd as the Festrunk Brothers on SNL. Sorry so many will have missed it. I was laughing with them, not at them, and I think they were poking a bit of fun at themselves.

      3. Thanks for the link. I had no idea they had made cuts. I watched it the other night, before knowing of cuts. I do not plan to watch anymore of it.
        I will search for the success of our American athletes in the paper or on interenet.

    2. I heard and read most of the media declaring before I got a chance to watch that the Parade of Nations is an utter bore, and I couldn’t disagree more. It was one of my favorite parts: all those strong, healthy, and gifted people, mostly young but not all, from all over the world showed how beautifully diverse (yes) our human race can be.

      You know, NBC must be in quite a bind because I’m sure they want high ratings for the Olympics but on the other hand they so predictably want to be politically correct with the Obama administration. All those snide comments about the one glitch in the entire program (a sign of Russia’s over ambition), about it all being a display of personal power by Putin, about its ‘kitchy-ness’. Our President and our state media have shown our country to be sourgrapes, but so far our athletes have proven their sportsmanship. I imagine they have often been on tenterhooks whether their Olympics would be a go or not.

      1. Julie, you mailed while I wrote. Do you think the curiously sour press has something to do with Obama and his gay agenda ?
        By the way, did you notice how popular the American troup was ? Big ovation ! Oh, let´s forget about all these politicians and celebrate the athletes and this big party that the Olympics really is.

        1. I think it’s mostly sourgrapes on a personal basis with Obama and therefore his press. Putin has outshone him on the world stage. Most everyone sees Putin as a leader regardless of his other qualities, but most everyone sees Obama as an empty suit.

          As for the gay agenda someone made a comment here a few days ago about the amnesty issue in which the person said that he or she could guarantee you that neither of our two political parties has the interests of the Latinos at heart. It’s just what you say it is, an agenda for Barry to campaign on.

          Yes, I did notice the warm reception the Russians gave our team. Our athletes, unlike our President and his media, likewise have behaved in the Olympic spirit, and I hope the comments I am reading here reflect the good will of our ordinary people.

        2. P.S., Swedish Lady. I got your reply about Victoria Nuland. (We seem to have two open threads going!) I agree: we should not get involved in any other country’s civil war. It’s what I think about Syria as well, and frankly as far as my country goes, I don’t understand the rationale of its cherry-picking of which parties it supports. Also, in complete agreement to your point to someone else about our hypocrisy vis-a-vis Islamic homophobia. I often see that excused as, oh well, it’s just their culture! It’s also part of Eastern European, Judeo-Christian, and other cultures, but they’re guilty somehow.

    3. Srdem, Girly, Denise, I absolutely agree with you, it was a fantastic show ( although I don´t agree with srdem on the US costumes, I liked them a lot.) I wrote earlier today that I find it so strange that many in the western MSM tries to pick the show apart. Is it because of Russias view on homosexuality and feminism ? How many activists have infiltrated the media ? And why, in that case, are they not directing their anger towards the Muslim countries were gays and feminists have real, acute problems ?
      Srdem, yes winter sports can be expensive if you don´t live next to the slopes that I bet many of the athletes did as children. Many of those great Swiss. Austrian and Norwegian skiiers are almost born with skis on their feet. And the Dutch skaters, well, they just don the skates and hop out on the frozen canals. And icehockey, well, anyone can play hockey here for free. But if you have to travel to the slopes, stay in hotels, buy equipment, lift cards and so on, then it´s expensive.

    4. We wattched the Olympics on NBC and realized when we
      opened our local newspaper this morning that we missed a lot
      of good programing. Every year I wonder why NBC always
      gets these venues. It seems all they really care about is their
      commercials. We used to watch these on German television
      and they always showed their commericials at the end. Too
      bad NBC doesn’t do this.

    1. LOL, well, you know ! I know she doesn’t have a clue about addiction which is my guess about the coddled Biebs, a hug from mom is the last thing he needs. Hopefully one of those judges he’ll be facing will put his, you know, ass in Rehab. His parents seem to have an enabling problem, so no MO, shut up, you know.

      Pretty tough comments on the Politico site, everyone seems annoyed by her :D

      1. Bieber’s Mom doesn’t even live with him but she texts him often, lol!
        And if Mooshelle doesn’t stop making a fool of herself on all of the radio and TV shows, her kids are going to disown her.

    2. They’re not winning converts or points. They’re digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole. Why do you think the establishment Republicans have backed off of amnesty? It’s because a huge majority of the country rejects it.

      1. What scares me most is the fact that Boehner has been pro-amnesty until this week! He practically crucifed Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. So why the shift…now? Did he just now realize the majority is against it? Only 3% consider it a priority? His brain cells are dead as a door nail.
        More reason to vote them all out in Nov. RINOS do not change their stripes.

        1. Boehner was listening to the daddy warbucks of the party and not the voters. May he have cooked his goose! I’m sure you have read that the Karl Rove type PACs have failed and that the truly conservative PACs are ‘raking it in’.

        2. Well, Zuckerberg and the RINOs are still running commercials for the ‘House Republican immigration plan’ on our local radio station, so it’s not over yet. They will probably lay low until after the general election. The Senate bill will die once the 114th Congress convenes in January 2015, so they’ll no doubt act before then.

          The most telling statement made by Boehner during his retreat on amnesty for illegals is that he said out loud that the president can’t be trusted to enforce the law. That just tells me that the corporatists running the GOP don’t give a hoot about rule of law and adherence to the Constitution. If they did, they would hold this lawless president accountable for his misdeeds. These RINOs care more about being accepted by the ruling class elites and state-run media, than they do about the survival of our country and our way of life.

  2. Good thing this isn’t an Obama supported, OFA run website. The thread would most certainly stay blank as all the little minions just wouldn’t know what to say without getting their daily talking points.

    While your wit, satire and the pearls of wisdom you impart on a daily basis are, most assuredly, sorely missed I can also assure you, your readers are not basement dwelling, hot cocoa drinking, onesie wearing, meterosexuals whose only goal in life is to one day touch the hand of their great and glorious Dear Leader.

    So go back to bed, get some much needed rest, and in a few hours pop back and enjoy what the mosaic of thought the WHD crowd creates from a simple, two word, “open thread” titled post.

    And now a rant from the long-winded, blowhard of your crowd.

    I’ve been on the world wide web since before it was the world wide web. Back in those days it was just us geeks and code and bulletin boards receiving posts sent over telephone lines by computers built at home. TMI?

    Point is, in all those years, in all that’s transpired I’ve never come across a site quite like White House Dossier.

    While yes, it’s purpose is singular, to hold the Obama administration accountable, it’s reach and content touches on more issues, sparks more discussion on who we are as a nation, than any website I’ve ever come across. And it’s all done by a “community” scattered across who knows where and who will never meet.

    Yet for as scattered as it may be, as virtual as it may be, it is solidly grounded in our founding principles and preserving this great nation for future generations. Though we’ll never meet, we all know that each and every one of us today is the “future generation” that those who came before us died to protect.

    OK, down from soap box. But believe it or not, I WAS leading up to a topic.

    Said topic, should you wish to opine. (No hard feelings if don’t, refer to “we’ll never meet” part of opening rant.)

    The internet, better or worse for society as a whole?

    I ask it in context from an old site that has long since evaporated into the cosmos. The site was

    It started in Boston, and had discussion boards on everything form the mild gardening and cooking to the explosive topics of politics and international affairs.

    Believe it or not, somewhere out there in the bowels of the internet (if such bowels actually exist) is an internet discussion between myself, a UN contractor living in Canada and numerous others actually putting forth open and honest discussion on the Israel/Palestinian issue. Jew, Christian, Arab, we all had our biases but we didn’t let that bias turn us deaf to opposing voices. Our discussion was not to convince each other we were right and they were wrong, it was “what could be done”. And at times it got very open, and very brutal.

    Abuzz was later purchased by the first version of NY Times digital which of course promptly substituted abuzz’s free and open debate for politically correct speech approved by “moderators” so as not to “offend” anyone and within no time the site was bankrupt and gone.

    I was one of those moderators for a while. Until the editorial bias of the Times began to creep in and then it became just another web site pushing an ideology.

    I didn’t realize it at the time but looking back I believe I witnessed the beginning of the end of the internet being used as a tool for open, honest, intellectual political debate into its current form of but a virtual Colosseum of just spectators shouting for blood from their favorite gladiator.

    Yes, there are still some sites committed to putting forth facts and truth in honest intellectual form (this site being one), but for every White House Dossier there are literally hundreds of thousands whose only purpose is to push ideology and achieve the agenda at all cost.

    On one side, I see the argument that such sites just expose themselves for the frauds they are and such expansion can only help society in the long run.
    On the other I see a public becoming MORE apathetic, more ignorant of fact, more polarized as those sites suck up one empty mind after another, fill them full of just enough half-truths to make them feel invincible, and them send them out into the world to prosthelytize unfettered and unchecked of fact.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want the internet kept as free and open as it’s ever been.

    It’s just that I see such instant exposure to such radical thoughts and indoctrination as destroying the very ideals I thought those long, long years ago as the 21st century dawned the internet would foster.

    And so, to you, IF you’ve made it this far, what say you?

    1. Deep.
      I appreciate your your thoughts. I have been working on a computer for years. I never commented untill this past year.
      There is a main news site, that I commented on for a while. I quite, because I was not reading anything but anger and attack. Yes we disagree from time to time here, but I learn and read intelligent information, and comments from everyone. I appreciate Keith taking the time to allow us this avenue.

    2. Please forgive the cut and pastes following, but your words are true.

      “Point is, in all those years, in all that’s transpired I’ve never come across a site quite like White House Dossier.
      While yes, it’s purpose is singular, to hold the Obama administration accountable, it’s reach and content touches on more issues, sparks more discussion on who we are as a nation, than any website I’ve ever come across. And it’s all done by a “community” scattered across who knows where and who will never meet.
      Yet for as scattered as it may be, as virtual as it may be, it is solidly grounded in our founding principles and preserving this great nation for future generations. Though we’ll never meet, we all know that each and every one of us today is the “future generation” that those who came before us died to protect.”

      “On the other I see a public becoming MORE apathetic, more ignorant of fact, more polarized as those sites suck up one empty mind after another, fill them full of just enough half-truths to make them feel invincible, and them send them out into the world to prosthelytize unfettered and unchecked of fact.”

      To me, your opinions make the point that the internet itself is a useful tool for society – however, the users of the internet can be good or bad.
      For me – I thank God for internet every day. I am not always overwhelmingly thankful for some of the users.

    3. Geoff, you ask if the internet is better or worse for society as a whole. It depends. If you are looking for a recipe to make a home-made bomb – not good. If you are looking for a recipe to make a great New York Cheesecake – good!
      If you lock yourself up in your parent’s basement looking at x-rated sites – not good. If you use your time wisely on the information super highway – good.

      i’m not as worried about the internet radicalizing people – it’s the schools, television, movies…and the nightly network news that we have to worry about. Young people today don’t use the internet – they tweet and text. Obama is now invading their space. He is omni-present – ubiquitous.

      On the bright side, Geoff, Americans in general are beginning to wake up thanks to Obamacare and the jobless situation. He’s not looking so good these days,

    4. wow Geoff, a site from the past – I too remember the days of being in Boston in the 80’s and logging into the various BBS’s using a 1200 baud modem and the discussion threads. Brutal is an understatement! CityLights was another site, along with a LIRR site in NY. And yes, there was no moderation in those days. For those wondering, these were days before Windows OS, or just moving into Win 3.1. Green or Brown screen text typing.

      Do you remember BCS??

  3. “We have surveillance video from the hotels that shows people turn on the shower, direct the nozzle at the wall and then leave the room for the whole day,” he said. An aide then pulled a reporter away before Mr. Kozak could be questioned further on surveillance in hotel rooms.

      1. Interesting post. It’s sad that it’s come to this, but I have no faith in what the Western press puts out, at least American and British. They’ve become the equivalent of TASS. I’d like to hear from the press of other countries including other Western countries like France, Germany and so on. Denise quoted an American athlete the other day, a skater, who had no complaints.

        1. This was at a press conference with Russia’s deputy prime minister. Would reporters lie about what he said? It’s easy to Google “Dmitry Kozak” to find other reports about it.

        2. Agree, @Julie.
          Of course, some of the photos tweeted are hilarious, but the good ol’ USA doesn’t always shine either. I once had a contractor install a closet in our house where the door opened inward!
          I also have an awkward story about the time I had to use a restroom at a truckstop in Chicago that I won’t relate. ugh.

          All in all, it seems that mother Russia tried it’s best to provide suitable housing for everyone, but not everything went the way they wanted.
          Get over it , MSM, enjoy the Olympics.

          1. Agree, srdem. The Olympics should be about the athletes who worked extremely hard to get to the Winter Games. State-run media should stop looking for an angle to make the games about themselves and their political beliefs; let the athletes enjoy the spotlight and the most memorable time of their lives.

  4. C-suite brand executives are descending on Sochi to do what big companies often do at the Olympics and other huge sports events—curry favor with clients and partners by showing them a fantastic time. But behind the scenes, the execs typically have specialized operatives who quietly but painstakingly make sure the guests’ trips go well—though history continues to complicate what that means.

  5. Also on Saturday, a senior Iranian naval commander said his country had sent several warships to the Atlantic Ocean, close to US maritime borders for the first time.

    1. Colonial North was on FOX news this afternoon and voiced his opinion (and this is not an exact quote) that the Iranian situation will eventually lead to an alliance between the Saudis and Israel. I think he may be correct.

    1. “Right now all around this country there are groups with harmless-sounding names like Americans for Prosperity, who are running millions of dollars of ads . . . And they don’t have to say who exactly the Americans for Prosperity are. You don’t know if it’s a foreign-controlled corporation.”

      FCMABBHO knew who founded AfP!

  6. I just heard the other shoe drop!

    Remember back in December when Plouffe remarked that obamacare really wouldn’t be up and running until 2017. Today I heard on Fox rumbling that Obama may delay full enactment until 2017.

    My question: “Can President Glitch tweak it until after the 2016 election?”

    1. Yes, he can. He’s an imperial president who has gotten away with illegally tweaking his liberty stealing health insurance scam more than 14 times already. As long as we allow the Vichy Republicans to lead the opposition, he will continue to rule by fiat.

    2. I hope this is not to fool the public in returning the endangered Democrats to the Senate and House in November. Surely, people’s memories are not that short.

    3. The state insurance commissioners have some say. In my state (the people’s republic of New York) the insurance commissioner refused to extend cancelled plans for ONE year wen the White House requested/ordered it. Understand California did as well. Not sure why.

  7. Chesler noticed that as soon as she took out the paper, one of the security agents looked at her sharply. He came over and asked to see her newspaper. After looking at the cover, the agent then took The Jewish Press and brought it over to another security agent. The two agents then had a discussion, apparently about the newspaper and about Chesler. She was then told to open her luggage, which the agents proceeded to search.

  8. I’ve been thinking about filing my income tax, and I think I will ask for a check for my refund, and not give the IRS my bank account information.

    Any thoughts from my Dossier friends out there?

  9. Good morning, I just noticed an article on Daily Caller regarding Common Core.
    Take a look of how a common math problem is/will be taught. Question: Which shows a way to make a ten to subtract?
    It than has choices: Below the question it has dark circles, and clear circles to choose from.
    Scroll down: It than mentions the issue that Common Core math lesson plans attack Reagan, list Lincoln’s religion has liberal.
    Pro Common Core Panelist: The children belong to us.
    Curriculum Coordinator in suburban Chicago: Explained students can be totally right if they say 3×4=11.
    All parents not only have to monitor their childrens studies, but will have to teach them the basics at home.
    Keith hope you are doing well.

      1. I scrolled to fast earlier this morning. I appreciate you pointing out the links. As I mentioned earlier, I was unaware of Vera Lynn. I have some friends to call from way back when, and let them know about this as well. I had use to listen to Pink Floyd, if I would have known, I would have let my Grandfather- WWII Vet listen to it.

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  11. Meanwhile, over in Sochi, one of the British bobsledders evidently had a close call involving an elevator: she hit the call button, the doors opened, and there was no elevator car there. She got a scare, but that was the end of it. Fortunately, nothing tragic happened.

    Just as well, because there are two things that would have followed that which I wouldn’t have survived. Number one, the headlines in the UK tabloids, e.g.: “British slider gets the shaft!” And number two, Rosalind Shays references during Olympic coverage.

    1. I also understand Russian has spent billions… of dollars on this
      Olympic. Besides the elevator, stories of cameras in bathroom. and Russia picking up hundreds of stray dogs and killing them. A Russian billionaire was trying to save as many as possible.
      Now has anyone heard any positive information from people who are visiting? Just curious.

      1. Sochi’s Internal Refugees

        The house stood until the end of 2012. But eventually, the family lost their case at each level of the Russian court system. Their last hope for justice is now in the European Court of Human Rights, which one day might oblige the Russian authorities to pay them some compensation for their lost home.

    1. MrsO is probably going to spend the weekend hugging her children as she advises them not to smoke pot or throw eggs at the neighbor’s house.
      Dinner at a nice restaurant with a spouse, a dozen armed guards, and a flock of papparazzi does not seem to be very enjoyable or pleasant.
      It’s not like the O’s never leave the WhiteHouse so are desperate to go just anywhere, so what’s the up-side to such a spectacle.

    2. Oh boy, the lowly community organizer is milking the taxpayers for everything he can get!
      What’s the problem? The WhiteHouse isn’t good enough for the King of Jordan? He has to put on the dog at Sunnylands (the Annenberg estate) in Rancho Mirage? Just like he did with the Chinese President last year?
      And, btw, the golf course is only nine holes!

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