As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

White House Dossier Will Not Publish Today

Due to illness. I’ll be back full time Monday.

I’ve put up an open thread so you can temporarily take over the website below.

Thanks for your patience.


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  1. Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for the open Thread.
    After you take your yucky medicine. Swish a mouthful of water and spit
    Yes it is very basic medical advise, but it helps a little.
    Take Susan’s advise and keep hydrated.
    One last note, instead of getting stressed out watching/reading the news, watch old episodes of Andy Griffith. Smile.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. After being subjected to as much BS as you have through this administration it is no wonder you haven’t gotten ill more often.

  3. OK, Has anyone seen Drudge Report article regarding Putin?
    O stated Putin has a “tough guy” Schtick he uses to appeal to his native countrymen while on the world stage.
    I think he may have read a couple of comments comparing his appearance compared to Putin at times.
    SCHTICK!!! He comes up with some words! Smidgen, etc…

    • I use “shtick” quite a bit. Along with putz and meshuga, it’s one of my favorite Yiddish words. Oh, how could I forget chutzpah? FCMABBHO has a lot of chutzpah.

      • I understand a lot of people use it, and do respect the word bein used. He just comes up with a lot of words, I doubt he ever stated in his life prior to this job.

        • yeah I don’t quite get your issue with “shtick” and “smidgeon.” both of them are perfectly fine words. I’m far more bothered with some of the OTHER words Obama uses, like “amnesty” and “single-payer.”

    • Yes, I read it, lots of funny comments. Barry claims they get along so well, hmmmm, I remember Putin saying ” like a monkey with a handgrenade”……

      • I hope you are not in moderation again. I wanted to ask you how Holder’s lecture to the Swedish parliament on LGBT rights went over. If you can post on the open thread, that is.

        • Julie, it was a very hush-hush affair, I didn´t see any pictures of it but I read/ heard about that speech . Seems like he praised and flattered this country no end so we all wonder what it was all about, what did he really want ?? . Many guessed it must be about the Assange business but authorities deny that this was discussed at all. But then again, authorities are not to be trusted. He even stayed over night and didn´t leave until next day, I do not know were he travelled afterwards. Doesn´t look like a European tour after all.

          • I don’t know how much of our news you get, but another example of the ineptness of this administration is the brouhaha of the US State Department’s spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, being caught on tape by the Russians f-bombing the foreign minister of the EU re Ukraine. They are very upset about it as if they haven’t done any eavesdropping on the Europeans themselves. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander as we say. Angela Merkel fully supports the EU on this.

          • Julie, it has been big news over here. Our Obamaloyal Secretary of State, Carl Bildt , has tried to sooth and make it disappear from the news but it is really harmful for the White House. It is now evident that the Obama administration has a hand in the Ukraina conflict ( just what Putin claimed ) and that the EU is tepid about it. Ukraina is a divided country, the western part is proEurope the eastern part is proRussia. We should not meddle in their affairs. No more revolutions, no more civil wars. Europe would get another big wave of asylumseekers if that should happen. We have enough with unrest. Let the Ukrainans deal with it in an election or even, in case of real unrest, let Russia deal with it. After all, it is happening in their backyard, not ours.

      • Putin once said that trying to negotiate with Obama is like playing Chess with a pigeon.
        First it knocks all of the pieces over, craps on the board, then declares itself the winner.

        Similar to Boehner’s comments that trying to negotiate with Obama is like getting jello to stick to a wall.

  4. Did anyone mention ‘stay in bed’? Preferably under a nice faded quilt, soft with age. Get well soon. The country needs your snark!

  5. Please take good care of yourself! We will all miss your ‘take’ on this crazy time when ‘common sense and FACTS’ are AWOL in the lamestream media – worse than ever!

    Also, I’ve had a ‘headache’ for approximately 5 years! Any advice from the WHD bloggers? Enjoy reading these ‘posts’ everyday! jb

    • This would not apply to all types of headaches, but I used to get bad headaches just around my right eye. Read something about low potassium being a possible cause. The home remedy is actually to place a banana peel on the face where the pain is. Not being one who can walk around with a banana peel on my face, I tried just eating a banana when I feel these headaches coming. Works for me, but might not for everyone.

    • I was in a major accident years ago. Major pain everywhere during recovery. I was afraid to take the pain medicine they gave me. I discovered for the headache: The piece of skin between your thumb and index finger: Pinch that gently with your other thumb and index finger for a couple of mins.
      Today just for a normal headache, I do the same thing, and it works.

      • By the way, for my major back pain back than, I hunch my back just a little to ease the pain. It worked but today I constanly have to double check my shoulders. I used that remedy for several months and I got use to not having my shoulders straight as a boad.

      • Thanks everybody! Mandy, Dr. Bluto’s ‘prescription’ would be a permanent solution to a temporary (5 year long) headache! A little harsh, ya’ think? If voters clean-up DC, I believe I’ll miraculously recover – at least it is something hopeful to look forward to curing my throbbing head.

        Artcat – just, now, ate a banana – Delicious – hope it helps!
        Lee – acupuncture (sorta) – WOW! It really relieved some pain! Also, go to the laser spine institute . com site!
        rulierose – oops! You asked 1st!

        My sister said to STOP listening to bho’s interviews and speeches! He is on tv EVERYDAY several times per day!

        Keith, you and your bloggers are the BEST! jb

  6. Well, it appears that Boehner has put the immigration bill on hold due to Obama’s disregard for following the laws of this nation.
    ‘Bout time somebody gets in this guy’s face.
    Obama’s arrogance is off the charts.
    Whether it will work or not remains to be seen.
    There have already been bills introduced in congress to impeach him, but it won’t happen until the majority in the senate is reversed.
    He will probably never be impeached because he is black, but the threat is still there.

    • I forgot about the soup.
      Keith also don’t forget about the warm bath, that should relax you and help to rest. Make sure the bathroom heater is on for several mins before taking your bath.

  7. Mmmmmm……..a balmy 42 degrees and sun in DC on Friday………I can’t blame someone for getting ill………;) I wish I could upload some homemade Matzo Ball soup. It will cure anything except being a Progressive. Matzo Ball Soup only cures it does not fix stupid…….

    Anyone else enjoying Ran Paul’s comments on Bill Clinton and the War on Women?? He has done a great job of framing Clinton as the sexual predator that he has been.

  8. Take care of yourself, Keith. Rest and sleep are great aids to healing. Or, a little Jack in a cup of hot tea with some lemon and honey…

  9. I just watched the grand opening of the Olympic ceremony in Sotchi. It was splendid !!! Wonderful ballets, wonderful music. I must say that the US troup had the best clothes. They wore Ralph Lauren and they all looked just great. I guess that they can, if they want, sell these starsandstripes jackets when they leave and make a lot of rubles because many, many will wish to buy them. By the way, one of my favourite athletes is Bode Miller, the fantastic downhill skiier.
    I also liked the official Togo (!!) clothes. They had a troup of about four , I am not sure what they do in winter sports, but their jackets were awesome with palmtree patterns.Very original.

    • So nice to hear the Opening ceremony was such a success, swedishlady. Here in the U.S. it is being judged by one single photo on Drudge. The comments from those who have not yet seen it are deplorable; but comments from you and others who actually watched it are superlative.
      It begins in two hours here in perpetually sunny California. Who knows what NBC is doing to do edit-wise. If only we could watch – LIVE.

      • Yes Lee, it really was a great show but it seems like many in the western MSM wants to pick it apart for some reason. Is it because Russia happens to have another policy on extreme homosexuality and feminism ? Are gay and feminist activists infiltrating the western media ? If so, why do they not speak out against the really horrible anti gay laws in the Muslim countries ? Or the extreme unfair conditions of the women ?
        I think this show was much better and more dignified than the PC spectacle in London 2012.

  10. Beautiful opening ceremony at the Olympics. Different Country athletes walking in now.
    Note one of the Olympic circles did not open during cereromy.
    It’s saw nice to see people from all over the world smiling at the same time.

  11. I hope you’re not sick from being around some little cauldron of illness called a child. They are the worst little cesspools of sickness one can find.

    I rarely got sick until my own kids entered school, and then I spent the next 12 years getting every cold, flu, and virus there was. So glad when they finally went off to college.

    Feel better soon my friend. Although, you might want to try and convince your wife that lots of sex helps the immune system. Can’t hurt to try.