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  1. The Olympic games start today.
    Go, USA, go!

    The reporters who are whining about their sub-American standard hotel accomodations don’t seem to understand that when government does it, it’s not done right.
    Their complaints about having their electronic devices hacked and video cameras everywhere are laughable……really, media types, the USA is doing the same thing to it’s citizens.
    W’sup, NSA?

    • That’s probably because most of the reporters rarely travel outside the rarefied air of the ruling class elites. Everything is beautiful and there is no repressive government in their bubble. Gotta say, the video camera in the showers was a pretty frightening admission. Although I wouldn’t be taking any showers in the contaminated stuff I’ve seen photos of.

    • I have a feeling these are the same reporters who had to travel to Crawford, TX. The whining sounds familiar. :)

      I watched some of the coverage last night (skating, skateboarding), but Costas was unbearable beating up Putin and other politics I’m just not interested in.

      The athletes venues looked great, that’s what it’s all about ! The US figure skater who skated poorly, blamed himself (his competitors did very well) not “crappy conditions”. He remarked also about how great the ice was.

        • Heard something about Obama telling Costas the reason for his not attending – he didn’t want to draw attention from the athletes!?! Can’t imagine what the U.S. Team is thinking about this remark! Hope he doesn’t plan on inviting all of them to the WH after they return! What a phony,

          ***As I recall, that’s the excuse he gave for not attending church services in D.C. – didn’t want to disrupt the congregation.

          • He threw a dig at Putin’s macho image: it’s his ‘schtick’ according to Obama. I’m not naive about Putin at all, but I do think petty, catty political remarks have no place in the Olympics. And, imho, it reflects poorly on Obama, not Putin. I also looked at the NYT (another Obama propaganda arm) coverage of the opening ceremony, and it too is very negative. Seems to be a lot of Schadenfreude about.

            But yes, Girly, there a no boundaries to Obama’s narcissism.

          • Drudge has a headline and photo: Scary Sochi
            Reading some of the comments from those who are watching it LIVE… they are saying the opposite – it’s beautiful, educational and historic.
            If Obama ever had a chance to do the Olympics, we would be watching an opening ceremony featuring the history of Black entertainment throughout the ages starring Beyonce and JayZ.

          • I’m going to watch tonight 7:30 Pacific Time. I wondered about Drudge’s headline and then I couldn’t call it up and read it. Sorry to answer so late but our keyboard is finking out on us and I couldn’t type earlier.

          • Yeah right, boy what conceit! Please! All of the fuss is orchestrated by Obama himself. Not only that, he’s not much to look at these days, kind of bloated and swollen looking. Putin is in much better shape, always has been. To tell the truth I like some of Putin’s comments about Obama, the one playing chess with him is funny and the one where Putin says “a monkey with a hand grenade” — that one is unbelievable, did he really say that Putin? Oh my God!

          • Also, Obama is a coward, probably afraid to attend, his democratic socialists wouldn’t let the little boy go, would they now — watched Jay Leno last night and I am heartbroken about Jay. The NBC crowd had to get rid of Leno now because election time is coming! They have to get Hillary elected. NBC thinks that its their job to do that, the creeps. NBC, and the Press, they gotta get Hillary in — what a bunch — can’t believe NBC is so political now, I will never watch the other jerk replacing Leno, he’s a bore and not funny. I tried to watch him sometimes but his humor is so childish.

          • Tell her brava from me. My brother who was a very early NBA player was teaching inner city girls basketball when he was in his seventies. Using God’s gifts, both of them.

      • What was Costas blathering about in politics, LGBT rights in Russia? Whatever it was, it shows that NBC is working as a propaganda arm for Obama in opposition to the ethos of the Olympics.

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  2. My post is in Moderation Jail. In short, Cummings sent her three letters on committee letterhead, yet yesterday he denied he was acting on behalf of the committee. He supposedly was investigating voter intimidation.

  3. In other news, Roger Ailes has added James Carville to the roster of raging Liberals at FOX. This can’t be anythihg but a Hillary love-fest for the next 3 years. Problem is…Carville will drown out Conservatives on their own formerly ‘fair and balanced’ cable channel with his ear-splitting rants.
    We’re entering a time warp,0,5224240.story#axzz2secKezY2

  4. The Taliban said it has captured a military dog belonging to the NATO forces in Afghanistan. The insurgents have posted a video of the canine on Facebook.

        • Dogs are so sinful in Islam that a large contingency of Muslim cabbies at the Minneapolis Airport refuse to allow even seeing-eye dogs ride in their cabs.
          Same goes for alcohol – no unopened bottles of wine or other alcoholic beverages.
          Guess that puts a question mark on Obama re Islam. He was told to moderate his alcohol intake by his doctors when he had a Physical in 2010, lol. Well, doesn’t mean all Muslims are ‘good’ Muslims,

          • Some do believe that getting a dogs saliva on the skin or clothing requires the person to ritually wash and pray. But not all believe this. Many Islamic families have dogs that they raise to hunt. Rarely are these dogs considered family pets, but I know some who have dogs as family pets – and who love my dogs and let my dogs lick them as they pet and hold them.
            It has been my experience that most do not imbibe and prefer not to see alcohol displayed in the home. As a courtesy, we do not imbibe when they are in our home nor do we display the wine bottles. Some do imbibe, however.
            My point is this, our media tends to categorize Muslims into one broad category – and as it is with Christian believers and Jewish believers, there are differences with the categories of beliefs. Sorry for the rant, but someone needs to share their personal experiences if they have them. Mine are first hand from living in a primarily Muslim country.

          • Really appreciate learning from your first hand experiences in a Muslim country, Aileen. It’s good to know that moderate Muslims, if that’s the word, do exist. We tend to lump all of them into one category b/c of the actions of a relatively few.
            My only complaint is that Muslims, in general, do not denounce the actions of those who commit the atrocious acts. It leads one to believe they are tacitly condoning that behavior…and leads to great mis-trust.

          • Some do denounce but do not have a blog to voice their dissent to a wide readership as we have here and on other blogs. I wonder if we would be as vocal in our dissent if we thought it might endanger the lives of other people of like beliefs. I wonder if our government will continue to allow us to voice our opinions.
            In addition, there are many different types of their religion – just as we have Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostal, Catholic, and Mormon Religions that identify themselves as Christians. Some hold stricter beliefs than others about various issues.
            I want to be clear that I do not support those who commit atrocious acts – anywhere. I also do not share the Muslim beliefs – and have been challenged a few times about my Christian beliefs.
            I do think they view their beliefs with sincerity and devotion just as I do. They think they are “right” and I think I am “right.” I am not called to judge their beliefs or to convert them. I am called to live my beliefs as an example to them as respectfully as I can.
            The country I reside in is very peaceful – and has been a mediator in many issues among various nations. I do not want to name the country here simply because I do not want to call attention to my friends there – they are a private people. I can say that it has been an ally of our country in the past. I am quite aware that it is also not representative of other ME countries – Christians are allowed to practice their religion openly in this country. I often ponder where our country would be if we supported our religious beliefs as they support theirs…and I am not referring to the actions of extremists. I am referring to the common, quiet people who consistently and quietly support their local houses of worship.
            Some assert that Muslims as a whole within our country are not supportive of our charitable endeavors and are not respectful of our religious beliefs or our constitution. I do not know any Muslims here so I cannot voice an opinion on that issue. I hope they are as charitable and respectful as the expats (that I know) are in the ME.
            It just seems to me that as my mother always said, “The squeakiest wheel gets the most grease.” By that I mean that it seems to me that the media focuses on the attention seekers rather than those who live quiet, unassuming, respectful lives. I have been asked “Why do Americans allow someone to shoot school children?” That was a startling question to me. Yet, that was the news they saw – just as the news we see from those countries are the actions of a few extremists. Extremists are every where.
            Do you understand the point I am trying to present? In our country and in theirs, the media snapshots of our lives are not those of the people I know in each country.
            However, there is no place like the United States of America. The freedom we enjoy is rare. The opportunities we have enjoyed are still there…they are just a little “hidden” right now. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. I love our country more than ever. I cherish our freedoms and appreciate them more than ever. I pray every day that God will have mercy on us. We must find it within ourselves to be steadfast in our beliefs as we support the tenets and ethics used to establish our nation. And “having done all, to stand.”
            May God, in His Mercy and Grace, bless America.
            Sorry for the length of my response. I have been pondering this issue for almost two years…thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

          • Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and thoughts, Aileen. It does alleviate some of my fears, although I am endlessly troubled by the Islamic invective -“Death to the Infidels'”.
            As you stated, you are living in a relatively safe zone for Christians in the ME….a wonderful experience, I would imagine.
            And, as you said. the ‘media snapshots’ of extremists are not the people you know.
            For those of us who have not experienced inter-actions with Muslims on a personal level, many remain wary.
            As we all are aware, there is good and evil everywhere. The key is vigilance.
            With Obama, we are descending into a state of lawlessness – people who shouldn’t be allowed in this country are coming in droves.
            I worry.
            Will we turn into Londonstan…or the slums of Latin America?
            Worse yet, will Christianity and Conservatism survive the onslaught of the radical left?
            Stay tuned!

  5. More from the CBO report:

    For some people, CBO notes, the incentive to reduce their hours or quit their jobs will be especially strong: “People whose income exceeds 400 percent of the FPL are ineligible for premium subsidies, and for some people those subsidies will drop abruptly to zero when income crosses that threshold.”

  6. I refuse to watch the NBC coverage of the Olympics. I am fortunate that I have access to the CBC (Canadian) broadcast. Currently watching the opening ceremony live and it is truly amazing!

  7. Sometimes, the best truths come from fiction.

    Take a look at this clip. (Apologies for the subtitles.)

    Watch the whole thing, but pay particular attention starting around the 2:10 mark.

    Does this have any extra oomph behind it due to current events? Discuss.

    • I just watched. It was easier to understand and grasp what was being said by looking away from the screen.
      People who have no hope easier to control. Scary.