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Quote of the Day || February 7, 2014

“There was nothing willy nilly or irresponsible about my statement that marijuana is no worse than alcohol. I did extensive testing.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. Well, there was some nilly willy and irresponsible remarks about the EU by that State Department top official, Victoria Nuland, who now had to apologize.
    I guess that Barrys government is interfering in the Ukraine and they wanted more support from the EU. But the cold war is over when we wanted all of these countries in our playground and I guess Europeans nowadays are rather tepid about interfering in other countries business . We have more than enough to handle as it is. I say, let the election throw the Ukrainan President out if the people wants it, no more revolutions in our backyards. Ukraine is split in a “western” half and a Russian half. Interference might be dangerous.
    Also, her remarks was caught by the Russian spying surveillance. The White House is now complaining about that. Oh dear, dare I whisper NSA ??? Barry and his gang, such amateurs. Too much marijuana ?

  2. How ironic…
    If you work for the US Government (unless you are the “President”, a “Senator” or a “Representative” in the Congress) you have to take a DRUG TEST.

    • Sounds like same issue of the O Care Mess.
      You vote on it, but stand at ease, you do not have to be a part of it.
      Wait till the line gets longer and people who supported them, are in a long line for medical care, and they see that all the Senators, Reps, and Pres. walk right in!

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  4. All I know is that I have seen promising lives ruined and wasted because they began smoking marijuana and went on to other addictive drugs. They became addicts. For that reason, I believe marijuana is a gateway drug.
    In addition, if smoking tobacco is damaging to one’s health, why isn’t smoking marijuana (or anything else) damaging to the lungs, etc?
    And, as is the case with alcohol, in sufficient quantities it does impair judgement.
    Personally, life and the living of it, is an experience that I want to know in the fullest sense….not in any altered state of consciousness.