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The Obamacare Lies, Part 63: The Government Takes Over

I’ve lost count of the deceptions. I mean, seriously, my head is spinning.

WE WERE TOLD . . . though we never believed it, but yet . . . WE WERE TOLD that Obamacare was a market-based reform, using the private sector to improve coverage and the delivery of health care services and blah blah blah blah blah.

No, this isn’t a government takeover! The insurers will still be in business. Did someone say single payer? Banish the thought.

Well, in reality, President Obama has never really banished the thought. Because how can you have a market-based system when you don’t permit the market to operate?

It's a market-based system, unless I say it isn't It’s a market-based system, unless I say it isn’t
Photo by Keith Koffler

Let me just start with a basic fact about Obamacare. It doesn’t work. It can’t work.

Obama and his advisors are discovering, as the Soviets did, that only God can create new worlds, inhabited by humans, that actually work.

They are telling businesses – that is, insurers and health care providers – to deliver a limitless, high quality product and make it not cost much. They are finding out, in this particular case, that people are in business to make money, not further Obama’s policy agenda.


And so, as they find things aren’t going according to plan, they are attempting, and will continue attempting, to force businesses to provide such a product whether they make money from it or not, so that the system they designed doesn’t implode. And finally, when businesses say, “that’s not going to be possible,” the government will effectively take them over and just have taxpayers fund the whole impossible scheme. And voilà, we’re at single payer!

And if you inject enough money, things will work. I mean, if use a large enough tractor, you can get a car with four flat tires to move.

Until taxpayers’ money runs out, of course.

And so, this is what’s happening.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration is pressuring insurers to change their Obamacare plans and provide a larger selection of doctors and hospitals. Because people like the cheap price but not the limited choice!

Beset by all kinds of regulations and mandated coverage, insurers sought to make money by limiting their product, offering to consumers the health providers the insurers could afford to pay. But that’s getting in the way of Obama’s plans. Because everyone wants great doctors, but who the heck wants to pay for it??

From the piece:

Under the new federal proposal, insurers selling plans in the federally run marketplace would be required to submit to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services a full list of providers in a network before their plans are approved for listing in the exchanges.

In the future, regulators also plan to develop federal standards for the required number of providers. For this year, the federal exchange relied largely on state regulators and third-party organizations to review networks, said Karen Pollitz, a senior fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

“It’s a substantial change,” said Ms. Pollitz. “It’s much more specific, and it’s going to involve a lot more direct federal oversight.”

Under the proposal, the plans offered in the federally run insurance marketplace also would need to include a larger share than previously required of “essential community providers,” which are safety-net hospitals, clinics and others often used by lower-income people.

Do you see it? Do you see the creeping Socialism here? The government is slowly taking over, just as conservatives predicted.

Poor insurers. They supported Obamacare, made a Deal with the Devil because they were salivating at the prospect of all those new customers. And now, things are getting uncomfortably hot.

51 thoughts on “The Obamacare Lies, Part 63: The Government Takes Over”

        1. Yeah – who is “The Business?” I am intolerant of people who never post here unless it is to make a derogatory comment about another person. The Business is a bully.

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  1. The healthcare system is imploding by design to usher in the single payer system. Up next for government control will be our retirement accounts.

    1. Would it be wrong of me to say that I hope Karma finds all the people who voted for this monstrosity?
      I do not like to wish bad things on other people. Unfortunately, these people wished and pushed bad things on 300,000,000 people.

      1. It is sometimes ok to wish bad things for people whos intentions are nefarious. I am not comparing dear leader to hitler, but there were lots of people wishing for bad to come to him. He has lied from day one to advance HIS idea of America, useful idiots drank it up like a dying man will drink sand in the desert. Those of us who have seen through the lies all along are paying the price for bad judgement, a price that we did not mistaking or knowingly put ourselves in. Therefore it is not wrong to want those that put us and are putting there to suffer as well. Maybe then they will all “wake up”

  2. I would say fascism is a better term. From

    “Where socialism sought totalitarian control of a society’s economic processes through direct state operation of the means of production, fascism sought that control indirectly, through domination of nominally private owners. Where socialism nationalized property explicitly, fascism did so implicitly, by requiring owners to use their property in the “national interest”—that is, as the autocratic authority conceived it. “

    1. That’s a nice presentation of the subtle distinction between the two. I don’t know how fascism deals with unemployment. From history I gather that Hitler and Musso made everyone do their bit including the children. Under socialism (purist, not British), everyone works who can work and then ‘each according to his needs,’ but that’s why I really can’t label Obama in one camp or another. He’s more for a politically dependent welfare state.

    1. 10.4 million! Imagine what it will be like after 15M illegals get blanket legal status. The population of Canada is only 34M. Wonder if they take jobless political refugees. Maybe they need to seal their northern border.

    1. WOW! I hope after the 2014 election, Trey Gowdy is no longer a back bencher in the Republican House. Love that man! And Jay Sekulow too.

  3. The only “single payer” in this fiasco would be those who pay federal income tax on earnings. Those who don’t or won’t work will still get their charity healthcare provided by the “single payers”.
    The insurance carriers won’t go away, they’ll just change their focus and become “navigators” of the healthcare business.

  4. We haven’t seen the tip of the iceberg yet – employer cancellations at the end of the year.
    Surely, Obama must be anticipating the onslaught of as many as 50M employee cancellations.
    If he is still in office by then, there will be a revolution. Purchase your pitchforks and torches early – you don’t want to miss out on the fun.
    We’re coming for you, Barry!

  5. Thanks, Keith.

    Single-payer was always the goal. What’s funny is that Obastard betrayed his own agenda. The ACA was supposed to fail. In fact, it was designed to fail. The problem arose when the media re-labeled the ACA “Obamacare”. Barry-O’s ego went into overdrive on that one and he bought into his own hype.

    This POS has his name on it. He’s screwed. How can he now bail on “his” healthcare program?

    I love it.


    I just ran the following Google search:
    “only socialists think” “nobody makes money” “consumers get a * product”

    Only one result: this post right here.

    So it would appear, Keith, that you’ve just dropped an original maxim for the ages. Nicely done!

    1. Every now and then, some blog will post an actual lesson from CommonCore that illustrates the insanity of them.
      Who writes their stuff anyway?

      1. Any math student who surfs over to the biography of Ronald Reagan is in for a treat. The page duly explains that Reagan’s “‘supply side’ economic program” of “tax cuts and sharp reductions in government spending” led to “the worst recession in 40 years” and a “constantly growing budget deficit.” The roaring economy and the huge plunge in both inflation and unemployment that ensued rate nary a mention.

        1. If you Goog Jeb Bush’s relationship to Common Core, you will find dozens of articles citing his support of it. He has a foundation called FEE (Foundation for Educational Excellence) reported to have benefited financially from another, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. One article is called Jeb Bush and the Common Core Money.

          1. Well, I’ve seen articles now and then about his support of Common Core. He’s pro-amnesty too so I don’t see how he could expect to win the nomination.

  7. to my point above on the godliness of Barack Obama:

    I’m watching Fox “Special Report” and Juan Williams just sneered at the “paranoid charges of conservative groups being targeted by the IRS.” he went on to say that so far there was “no proof” that that had happened.

    Obama could sacrifice a live goat on national TV and Juan Williams would blame it on the Republicans. some people really do worship the guy.

    btw, Juan is sitting between George Will and Charles Krauthammer. the difference between conservative brainpower and the liberals’ cult of personality has never been clearer!

    1. Obama could toss a four-week-old kitten into a blender and hit Liquefy, live on national TV, and his cultists would still defend him.

  8. The insurance companies deal with the devil and all of us suffer.

    No business in this country seems to be exempt from either being corrupt itself or corrupting itself to stay alive by getting into bed with the devil. Hobby Lobby is the only exception I know of.

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