As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || February 6, 2014

How Podesta is changing the White House . . . Politico
Immigrants with terror contacts? . . . Daily Caller
Lerner linked to new IRS rules . . . Washington Times
Obama may hike Medicare drug costs . . . National Journal
IRS chief apologizes to conservatives . . . Fox News
Boehner seeks debt limit-light
. . . Washington Post
Israeli criticism of Kerry gets personal . . . Bloomberg
Paul: Obama creating Socialist nightmare . . . Newsmax
The WH Obamacare playbook for Dems . . . Yahoo! News
Iran rejects trimming nuke facilities . . . AFP
Is everyone at the White House high? . . . Joe Curl
Romney: I’m not running . . . Politico
The man who keeps Christie up a night . . . Politico

19 Responses to The Obama Morning News || February 6, 2014

  1. Good morning, I just pointed out the article on Daily Caller on the other thread. I am afraid this man is going to issue a New Exemption on us learning/seeing the news on the computer.
    The regular news stations cannot keep up with him.
    Another thanks to Keith for doing the hard work of putting it all in plain site for us each day.
    We have American military risk and loose their lives to take care of the terrorist, and he is going to make this move.

  2. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to agree with Steinitz while not mentioning Kerry by name, telling his cabinet this week that “threats to boycott the state of Israel will not achieve their goal.”

    Kerry had warned at a security conference in Munich on Feb. 1 that Israel could face growing economic sanctions if the peace talks failed. His remarks, he said, were “distorted” by his Israeli critics.


    Oh, bullshit, Lurch. You gave implicit legitimacy to the BDS movement.

  3. re: Podesta changing the WhiteHouse

    To these biased eyes, he’s not “changing” anything, he was brought in to prevent the Obama WhiteHouse regulars from doing anymore harm to the Dem brand as the elections near.
    As the WhiteHouse and every Dem tries to twist the CBO predictions of the dire effects of Obamacare on the unemployment picture by praising the wonderful world of government largess, and how squeezing the life out of the healthcare of Americans is really a good thing, MrPodesta has a mighty job ahead of him.

    • Podesta is behind the push for executive action. The change in Obama’s level of confidence re EO’s is stunningly apparent since Podesta grabbed the reins. Obama asked the conference of Mayors at the WH last month to help him advance his agenda of bypassing Congress, as well as members of his Cabinet Sheila Jackson Lee is also following instructions.
      Podesta is also steering Obama through climate change and preservation of Federal land.
      God help us all!

  4. OT To get to the bottom of the IRS mess a special prosecutor would have to be appointed. That sp would have to be appointed by Eric Holder. Guess that ain’t happening.

    And changes in IRS 501c3 definitions are not transparent, but made behind closed doors.

    Looks like we have to go the old fashioned way — dig up the nuggets from wherever you can. Any legislative or judicial process is closed to us.

    • Another option is to appoint a special select committee in the Congress. That would have to be appointed by John Boehner. Guess that ain’t happening either.

      • So we, the “Administration” are all in agreement. The IRS is now a political tool specializing in intimidation at the command of the Executive Branch.

        See, how easy peasy that is. Especially when you have a pen and a phone.

        And sometimes, just words like “not a smidgeon of evidence” can provide direction without the pen and phone. This fundamental transformation stuff is a snap .

    • Why would there be the need to apologize for something that just didn’t happen? I mean, there’s nothing there. No corruption, no scandal, ‘nada.

  5. Just caught a little of the oversight hearing on the IRS harassment of tea party groups (on CSpan 3). Just shameful the way the Dems are attacking the witnesses (I know, what did I expect). With no justice coming from the Justice Dept, these witnesses and groups will never, ever, ever find satisfaction. According to the Dem Rep from Virginia Gerald Connelly, it is Total Coincidence that one business filed their application for tax exempt status, then was audited and investigated by OSHA, IRS, ATF, and FBI. Total coincidence. Not politically motivated at all. Even though this business had never been investigated for anything in their 20 years. I was too disgusted to watch any more….

    • I pulled it up on Cspan as well. After hearing Connely I had to turn it off. I agree with you Artcat, good point, as well as Girly1, Gracepmc, & Julie Bruekheimer.
      I speak to my 30 and 18 yr old sons all their life about, history,
      Consitution, current events, etc.
      I worry about the children (they are no longer kids) who grow up with this administration thinking this is the norm. Therefore fewer and fewer people comparing what was and what should be.

      • That is what scares me the most… that this is normal. That the Constitution is just an old piece of paper that doesn’t mean anything. The last election, a woman voted several times, because she wasn’t sure her first vote counted. She was a precinct worker or something. Saw nothing wrong with it. If you have to show an ID to vote, that is racist. If you have to show an ID to sign up for food stamps, etc, no problem. Thank goodness Lee, for you, your kids, the kids of all those here, who hopefully will be instilled with a love of this country in their family and home. They sure won’t find that in the leaders of this nation.

        • I know for a fact, that history school lessons are being taught incorrectly, and students punished for raising their hand and explaining the correct facts. I discussed this at an earlier date.