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AOL CEO: Obamacare a $7.1M Expense

And the company is looking at sharing the pain of Obamacare with its employees.

According to AOL Chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong:

Obamacare is an additional $7.1 million espense for us as a company. We have to decide whether to pass that expense onto our employees or whether to cut other benefits.

Armstrong indicated the company is scaling back its 401(k) matching program.

Because when the government hands out a free lunch, someone has to come up with the lunch money.

16 Responses to AOL CEO: Obamacare a $7.1M Expense

  1. After an early afternoon visit to the tea trolly, I figure that
    “$7+ millino eponse” translates into some great expense for AOL.
    Spanglish? whatever. Not sure what uct means, either. oh well.

    Anyway, in the world of hurt that all of America finds itself, the best I can say to all AOL employees and stockholders, is ….awww.

  2. AOL isn’t the only company that is going to have to figure out what to do when hit with the sledgehammers of Obamacare. But hey, people will have a “choice” of whether they want a job or go on Medicaid. And that is a good thing according to the Democrats.

    • As a lot of people are losing insurance and jobs. As well as waiting to see what will happen with the big companies. I have not heard much discussion of why Federal workers insurance is not going to be threaten. Are they going to be standing in line for days to see a doctor like everyone esle who pays for their insurance?

    • It’s despicable that he blames those two births as the reason for their increased costs. I wonder how much hostility that generates among employees toward those two mothers.

  3. 1. AOL could easily afford the money.
    2. As a strike back at Obamacare, well done!

    Many of the regulars here wail and gnash their teeth about it, but AOL is doing something about it. A big time protest aimed right at all of the people who use AOL. “Will my monthly bill increase?”