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Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 6, 2014

8:00 am || Attends the National Prayer Breakfast; Washington
2:15 pm || Holds a bilateral meeting with President Martelly of Haiti

All times Eastern
Live stream of National Prayer breakfast at 8:00 am and White House briefing at noon

14 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, February 6, 2014”

    1. Barry’s still pissed that they refused his request to make it a prayer BRUNCH.

      Plus, last year was when he got schooled (i.e., scolded) publicly by Dr. Ben Carson, so you just know he doesn’t want to go there again…

  1. Is he going to ask the president of Haiti WHERE THE HELL DID ALL THE MONEY GO THAT WE GAVE YOU ?
    I guess it went for re-supplying the tents that they have to live in.

      1. I’m sure the president of Haiti and his cabinet are housed and fed well. The corruption in those poor countries is a disgrace. Yet we never seem to require them to change before sending them billions of dollars.

  2. The last few days of giving those proggie Demokrats their marching orders and talking points with consequences attached if unused, must have plumb tuckered the poor man out.

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