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The Obama Economy Re-Emerges

Uh oh, there it is, looming back up out of the slime. Yes, the Obama economy is back.

Just when you thought things were getting better, the Wall Street Journal reports today that this all may be another case of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.

As is well known, George W. Bush is behind the scenes pulling all the strings on this economy. And he’s back, purposely wrecking everything for President Obama.

From the Journal:

Many investors entered the year thinking the U.S. was poised to finally break out of its slow 2 percent growth path. A series of weak reports on U.S. car sales, manufacturing, home sales and hiring have created doubts about whether a faster growth rate is actually achievable this year.

The Dow is down 7 percent so far this year.

“Maybe the U.S. will not have the solid year everybody had been expecting,” said Kenneth Rogoff, a Harvard University economist. That doubt, he said, stands in contrast to the vibe he picked up while hobnobbing in Davos, Switzerland, with business executives and policy makers last month. There, he said, he sensed, “this incredible optimism that nothing could wrong” in the global economy.

Just for context, and I hope I’m not getting too technical with these economic terms here, but TWO PERCENT GROWTH SUCKS.

This economy has never taken off. It’s been five years. Obama has never fired any of his economic advisors. In fact, they’re all strutting around the West Wing as if they’re doing a great job.

The jobs report will be out Friday, and will give some further indication of what’s going on. Hopefully it won’t confirm the bad news.

22 Responses to The Obama Economy Re-Emerges

  1. Actually, for the greater good, we NEED the jobs report to reflect the gloom and doom.
    The ONLY way to keep some sort of reign on this little dictator and his “action” plan is have enough people hurting that the left is sent back down the sewer hole it shot out of in 2008.

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  2. I agree. While the big dogs of WallStreet and the entities that feed off of the taxpayer’s plate have been doing just fine, thank you, the rest of the country has never even had a smidgeon of growth or prosperity for years.
    There are pockets of growth here and there in Repub run states, but for the most part, the economy does indeed suck.

    Of course, the President could just issue an EO that investors quit selling and return to buying. That would work. sorta. Or, he could just declare that he knew nothing about this bad economy scandal until he heard about it on FOX.

  3. Who the heck was actually expecting the economy to turn around? Nobody living in the real world, I can tell you that. To this guy, “everybody” means ivy leaguers that can afford to hobnob in Switzerland.

    • exactly right Kimbly.
      The folks in Davos know that when the economy is up their fortunes go up.
      But when the economy goes down, everyone else loses and they STILL gain more.

  4. I finally saw some coverage on that Economic Council guy from yesterday — both MJ and F&F led with the CBO report on how Obamacare will cost 2 million jobs not create them. What he said was ludicrous–now people will have the “choice” of making less money with the govt picking up part of the health care tab. How about now some people–if they are very very careful–could squeak by on part-time–which will not be their choice but their employer’s choice. And even then, no way is this some advantage or even true. The fact that they can shovel this poo and people half-listen and think Oh, Good–is appalling.

  5. How can the economy possibly grow when the American people are scared to death of our out of control, lawless government? Onerous regulations, escalating taxes and fees, and legalizing illegal invaders are all the federal leviathan can seem to accomplish. These are dark days for the American people.

    • I know we’re putting off major purchases for a year or two. Just stuffing as much as we can in the bank, but I’d feel better if it were under our mattress right now.

      Obama’s pretty much pooped on the American spirit, that doesn’t help the economy either.

  6. The obameconomy “re-emerges”? It’s had its boot on my neck every day for years now… but then I live in coal country, among the bitter clingers, where it emerged early and has only worsened. We have very little left to lose.

  7. Speaking of inequality, do we have any hints about another MO ski vacay for President’s Weekend ?

    My son just got assigned (his day job) to “cover an event” in Jackson Hole, WY that weekend and he’s also a certified snowboard instructor. Wouldn’t that be funny? He never tells me anything because he’s afraid I’ll blog about it :D

  8. The end game has started. Emerging markets are collapsing… myRA is the beginning of retirement nationalization… the bond and real estate bubbles are about to burst… and there’s more gold being sold than exists. Just waiting for Obama to wage a war on someone.

  9. If our Government had used the Money for infrastructure in 2009 on the so called “Shovel Ready” projects and projects such as the Keystone Pipe Line their would have been some economic impact. Extending unemployment benefits and pumping money into college education with no real jobs for them to go to upon graduation just erodes the economy. Raising taxes, energy prices and over regulating every industry has choked off progress.

    The U.S. have become nothing but Service Economy. NAFTA,Unions, regulations have had a huge negative impact on Manufacturing. Housing is dead. Our economy is stalled with zero leadership to bring it out of the stall.

  10. I just listened to Terry MacMillan’s latest book–WHO ASKED YOU–and it was blithering pap. Everyone gets their groove back! Obama signs are kept in every yard long after the election. I know plenty of black women and most of them have pretty good BS detectors–and the protag in this just could not be so deluded. Or maybe so. Anyhow, ARG!

  11. Let’s not forget the CBO came out today saying the ACA will cost over two million jobs and “creates a disincentive to work”, which lowers economic growth.

    Crappy economy + expanded welfare state = Exactly what Sir Golfalot and his merry band of plunderers want for the USA