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Insider Video || Obama in the Classroom

Here’s some video of President Obama clowning with some students. This was put out by the White House.

Gives you some idea of the setup for these kinds of events, with Secret Service in attendance but not overly conspicuous, and the press paraded in to witness a few moments of Obama doing his thing.

Freeze the press portion and you’ll see Ann Compton, veteran ABC correspondent, and to her left – our right – Steve Holland, who has covered the White House for Reuters for many years. Between the two of them they’ve done about 10,000 of these type of events. Well, hundreds anyway.

The press pool is typically allowed in for just a portion of the event, in this case for ten minutes – enough to get some decent video for a nice, benign TV news spot.

29 thoughts on “Insider Video || Obama in the Classroom”

  1. I bet he was showing the students the selfie pictures from Hawaii.
    Possibly showing them the instruction on how to do it next time, without being noticed in front of the World.

  2. Geez, MrK, what’d we do to make you want us to look at a WhiteHouse propaganda video?
    We’re sorry, man, whatever it was….. don’t do this to us.

  3. Hey kids…if you like your iPad, you can keep your iPad. The govt will always provide you with the necessities of life so that you will never have to work a day in your lives.
    Just look at me – govt’ livin’ is sooo fine! And my old lady wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    1. Those iPads are for school. I don’t know who bought their iPads, but the parents at my son’s schools buy their kids’ tablets. Digital learning is spreading across the nation like wildfire.

      1. I’ve watched the video several times but I cannot tell if the room contains the kind of wireless equipement I’m accustomed to seeing.

      2. In public schools, it’s the taxpayers who foot the bill.
        LAUSD siphoned off $500M from a CA Construction Bond to pay Apple for the iPads.
        Theft and vandalism is a huge problem, although thieves are arrested if there is a tracking device attached to the tablets. In one case, a teacher was the culprit. She tried to sell the stolen tablet at Best Buy for $145, but there was a label with the name of her school on the tablet.
        It’s a waste of money for something that will be obsolete in the near future.

        1. My gob is smacked! She thought she’d get away with that?!
          I hope she lost both her certification and freedom.

          The device itself might be obsolete, but the skills the kids are learning are valuable building blocks for the future. The days of dead trees are numbered.

          My son has no textbooks he must tote around. I thought his math was taught out of a textbook, but I found he has the app on both his iPad and his iPhone, and I keep the book at home. Bible is taught on the iPad, and he has a regular one as well. But, world history, English and science are bookless.

          It makes me profoundly uncomfortable in a way I cannot describe.

          1. Me too. And I wonder…because I am an old fogey or because my intuition tells me there IS something wrong with this ipaditis. And I have an iPad.

          2. It’s not the iPad. It’s the disappearance of textbooks that disturbs me. Will books in general one day disappear?

            Books cannot be hacked. A screenshot or a way-back program is not as permanent as a chunk of a dead tree.

            If the shit ever hits the fan technologically, the person who can use a slide rule and the person who can work the books in legal research will rule.

          3. Well, as far as legal research goes, perhaps “rule” is not the correct word. When I was studying legal research, two students thought they could get away with using Westlaw and never crack a book. Morons.

          4. There is no substitute for an actual book – the touch, feel, smell, beautiful bindings, illustrations…
            One of the saddest days for me was the closing of Borders and Barnes and Noble stores in L.A. County. And this was after mourning the demise of the ‘little book stores around the corner before the big box stores came onto the scene.
            The ‘Classics’ are not being taught in the schools – either in literature or music.
            Children today are being educated in sex-ed from age five on up. Religion is a no-no. The American flag is banned. Civics and American History is shunned.
            What have these Progs wrought?
            A FLINO who does the Dougie and a POTUS who imitates Al Green – with Beyonce and JayZ cheering them on.

          5. “There is no substitute for an actual book – the touch, feel, smell, beautiful bindings, illustrations…”

            YES! YES! YES!

            There is nothing like the sensory impact when you crack open a book, be it old or new.

            A new book? You can smell the industrial processes that produced it: the ink, the pulp-mill.

            An older book? You can smell its previous owners: foods, colognes, various combustible comsumptions and much more.

          6. Well said, Mandy. The reading of actual books have been a sustaining factor in my life from age 4 or 5. They gave me a place to go as I held the words and thoughts of others in my hands. Books, including many Bibles, are among my greatest treasures. Well said, Mandy. Thank you.

          7. spot on Girly1.. I collect US History books and they have become harder to find in book form, or the price is beyond understanding. I now have to be very selective in adding to my collection. Granted you can google or bing just about anything, but like the others here who have commented, nothing beats an old book.

          8. Have you ever tried Powell’s Books up in Seattle, Otis? Often times, they have rare books at very good prices. And a good ‘return policy’. They also have ‘used’ books that are in mint condition.

          9. I still have several slide rules, and I can still use them.
            Books are great for the fact that you can physically flip the pages back and forth.
            I have the King James Bible on a computer, but it is not the same as holding the book in my hands.

  4. I was a library rat all my life until stupid doctor trix removed sight from my right eye–now I listen. Amazing how you can adjust. But I am particularly upset over kids going to Wikipedia–unless it’s to find primary sources in the biblio and go to those. Also, cursive cannot be removed from school–although it is already being removed.

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