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Obama: Nixon Was More Liberal Than Me

President Obama thinks he’s more conservative than Richard Nixon.

From the second part of the interview with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News:

O’REILLY – Are you the most liberal President in US History?

PRESIDENT OBAMA – Probably not.

O’REILLY – Probably not?

PRESIDENT OBAMA – Probably not. That’s-that’s fair to say.

O’REILLY [OVERLAP] – Who-who would be?

PRESIDENT OBAMA – You know, the truth of the matter is, is that when you look at some of my policies, um, in a lot of ways, Richard Nixon was more — more liberal than I was. Started the EPA. You know, uh, you know, started, uh, uh, a whole lot of the regulatory state that, uh, has helped make our air and water clean. Um.

O’REILLY – That’s interesting — Nixon — that’s interesting. I thought you were gonna say FDR.

PRESIDENT OBAMA – Well, FDR — Johnson. But I tend not to think about these things in terms of liberal and democrat — or liberal and conservative because at any given time, the question is what does the country need right now?

Of course, every conservative who’s ever talked to a liberal knows that lefties believe they’re just proposing reasonable solutions for what “the country needs right now” while conservatives are lunatic ideologues.

So Obama is at least the fourth most liberal president we’ve had. That’s comforting.

Below is Part II of the O’Reilly-Obama “smack down,” which aired last night. Part One aired during the Super Bowl.

This one is a marked contrast with the first. It’s as if for Sunday’s interview O’Reilly put on display his full fightin’ Irish, and for last night the old sentimental Irishman O’Reilly showed up for a pint with his dear friend O’Bama. Quite a disappointment.

23 Responses to Obama: Nixon Was More Liberal Than Me

    • I liked the little parenthetical aside in Michelle Obama’s Mirror this morning. They reminded readers “(resigned 1974, ahead of impeachment)”.

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    • One thing O’Reilly missed in the conversation about schools. Is dicipline. Yes first you have to show up, study etc.
      However teachers, schools are not allowed to dicipline the students enough. The small amount of dicipline that is given, than causes teachers to be yelled at, etc. from parents. That is a fact.

  1. Obama just found out he was ranked the 5th best president in our history, and the news simply went to his head and influenced his interview with O’Reilly on Sunday.
    From a total of 44 US Presidents: Obama is rated as the 5th best President ever! Univ. of Oklahoma’s Public Relations Office released the following statement, “…after only 5 years in office, Americans have rated President Obama the 5th best President ever.”

    The details according to the Univ. of Oklahoma:

    #1. Reagan & Lincoln tied for first,

    #2. Twenty three presidents tied for second,

    #3. Seventeen other presidents tied for third,

    #4. Jimmy Carter came in fourth, and

    #5. Obama came in fifth!

    This appears to be totally reasonable . . . . . .

  2. No telling how long Obama has been holding that comparison to Nixon in his back pocket. It was an inevitable question. His speechwriters/aides really had to dig for that one, lol. Takes chutzpah!

    • Yes, Obama’s public relations people are continually trying to frame him in huge archetypes which we are suppose to inhale into our subconscious. Remember the earlier efforts to cast him a the Savior Prince complete with halo, thank you very much. Time Magazine carried that foolishness on its cover. Or as a brave warrior hero with styrofoam Roman pillars behind him ala Caesar Augustus (more like Elagabalus, I would say). There are many other similar efforts. But poor Humty Dumpty Obama can’t live up to any of them. His true archetype is the Trickster and the Deceiver.

    • Ted Bundy! Amazing comment! What you said shocked me but yes, I can see the comparison with Obama’s facial expression mocking O’Reilly with that ugly smile, and also his mean deadly eyes while looking at O’Reilly. Almost the same facade Bundy exhibited.

  3. First of all, describing the first red diaper baby to occupy the WH as a liberal is a stretch. Secondly, Nixon only considered using the IRS to punish his enemies; Preezy acted on the threat.

  4. On his worst day, Nixon was a better man than Obama.

    Obama is not concerned with all of the American people, as he should be as the PRESIDENT? HELLO! It is very obvious that Obama and Holder are in cahoots ramming through their racist and socialist agenda while the little jerk is president. They know they only have a limited time to do these crazy things and then its over, so to hell with the Presidency and the American people. Obama should really be impeached and Boehner knows it but the Republicans are full of it too. They are afraid to do anything to save us. Thats because they impeached Clinton and they don’t want to do it again, cowards that they are. To hell with the people and the country, The Republicans won’t stick their necks out for us because the traitor democrats gave the Republicans an inferiority complex. Both democrats and Republicans are disgusting to let this worst of the worst government go on lying and taking our money.