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The Obama Morning News || February 4, 2014

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  1. Just read over here that Eric Holder is on an European tour. Today he is in Stockholm where he is going to give a speech about human/civil rights in the Riksdag (!!!) He is also having discussions with our Minister of Justice and the Attorney General. What about ? Don´t know, probably about the NSA, maybe the problem with Assange. There is a growing opinion over here that the prosecutor should either go to London and interrogate Assange there or just bring an end to that ridiculous “rape” charge by writing it off. The prosecutor has not given any solid reason for not going to London. Assanges reason for not going here is that he would be extradited to the US and given this governments schmoozing with Obama and now Holder I wouldn´t be surprised if that was to happen. This government has not lifted a finger for Snowden either. I don´t like it and I will not give the ruling party my vote this year.

    1. I’ve read here that he will address your parliament on LGBT rights in particular. You’ll have to keep us updated, and, btw, any updates on the choice of Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize?

      Another northern country other than Sweden–was it Iceland?–was rumored to have been considering offering asylum initially, but I think there was tremendous pressure from the Obama Administration on all countries other than Russia to refuse. Obama can make Snowden look more traitorous by forcing him to live in Russia.

  2. The article by the Free Beacon states developers linked to the Belarus Govt. helped produce website. Than read how concerns being raised about private data, posted by millions of Americans being compromised. Inserting malicious code that could be used for cyber attacks. Links millions who signed up for O Care, Fed. Govt., & health care providres. Than a few paragrahs later it reads: HHS has found no indication of any software being developed in Belarus.
    I don’t understand that comment. One sentence it states it was developed than HHS found nothing of it being developed there.

  3. That Cruz story in Politico that Fox News is running with is a plant to distract from a new report he released on this lawless regime today. Senator Cruz is not getting involved in the primary races of sitting senators. He said that long ago. It is worth noting that he is not endorsing any of those sitting senators (i.e., Cornyn) either. His dinner with the Republican caucus is nothing new. It is what all Senators do.

    Report No. 3: The Obama Administration’s Assault on Texas

    1. Susan I appreciate the clip. What should I type to find out what lawsuits may be pending in my state?
      I was unaware of them all. I am curious how many Texans know the whole list. Here is another invasion. A great deal of people are like blind sheep. As of this morning, I had to read Keith’s thread of news, and the comments of fellow readers. This list is not plastered on the news, as people are leaving for work in the morning.

      1. I was not aware of many of the cases Senator Cruz outlines in his report, so doubt many who are busy with jobs and raising a family are aware of them either. Senator Cruz is different from any senator who has served the State of Texas in my lifetime. He served as our Solicitor General before becoming senator, so he has a lot of historical knowledge on federal lawsuits filed by the Texas AG.

        I did a search on Louisiana federal lawsuits but didn’t find much. Your AG, James “Buddy” Caldwell, should be able to provide further details on federal law suits filed on behalf of the State of Louisiana.

    2. Thanks, Susan, there is some meat in those lawsuits. I’m glad we have Texas and Senator Cruz to speak out. You wonder what other red states are being hit with. The story of the guitar maker on the Sunday open thread makes a good metaphor for red and blue states: if you’re a red state (or conservative guitar producer), you get hit with all his laws and regulations; if you’re a blue state (or Obama donor guitar producer), you escape.

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