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Leno Rips the Super Bowl – and Obama

Jay Leno had a pretty good opening monologue last night, including a couple of funny digs at President Obama. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion Leno might be a Republican. Certainly he’s not as liberal as the lefty David Letterman.

16 thoughts on “Leno Rips the Super Bowl – and Obama”

  1. lol
    Maybe Leno is quiting so he can run for Pres.
    At least we know him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That would be such and idea for the people who run in the future for that postion.

  2. In an interview some years ago, when asked about his politics, Leno said something along the lines of supporting or agreeing with or being sympathetic to the Democrats.

    Having said that, I believe that Leno is like the rabid Democrats in Marin County, where I live: their personal values (self-reliance, hard work, stable marriages, etc.) all align with conservatives, but they live in a milieu that tells them that conservatives are evil. Since they know that they, personally, aren’t evil, they have therefore concluded that they can’t be conservatives and must therefore be Democrats.

    And of course, they’re all pro-abortion . . . and I don’t know where Leno stands on that issue.

    1. I don’t know where Leno stands on abortion either. IIRC he and his wife, who has been involved in work for Afghani women and girls for quite some time, decided not to have children. It was a comment made in public.

      That said, I respect Leno for not bringing his politics obnoxiously into his work or the nation’s living rooms.

      Good blog you’ve got going. I enjoy it.

    1. “cars” = “freedom of the USA”…
      Think about it; what other Nation loves “movement”
      (immigrants from across the Seas, Moving on the Frontier, horses into the West, the Railroad, Automobiles…Airplanes…)

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