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The State of the Nation: 43 Percent Forgive Clinton’s Lies

Awww, it’s just Bubba. You know how he is.

Forty three percent of Americans would forgive Bill Clinton for his lies, according to a new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll.

Other liars don’t fair as well, as you can see below.

Liar graph

It’s amazing how far a little charm will take you. Clinton thoroughly disgraced the presidency, jeopardized national security by distracting himself and the nation for a year with his ludicrous troubles, and destroyed a young woman’s life.

And yet he’s the éminence grise of the Democratic Party.

Lie of the Year, 1998:

What have we become that this guy is the most honored leader of the Democratic Party?

Well, if you want some idea, maybe you checked out last night’s Super Bowl halftime bacchanal. Here’s an abbreviated version.

My wife made me change the channel for the children’s sake when the Red Hot Chilli Peppers hit the stage half naked. And she didn’t even pick up the lyrics to the featured song by Bruno Mars:

Open up your gates cause I can’t wait to see the light
And right there is where I wanna stay
Cause your sex takes me to paradise
Yeah your sex takes me to paradise

How many kids were watching this? Does anyone even care?

Or how about First Friend Jay Z and his wife, Michelle Obama idol Beyonce, who is seen here at the Grammies trying to out-twerk Miley Cyrus.

This couple was invited to hang out in the Situation Room. This woman sang at the inauguration. I’m sorry, pretended to sing.

I mean, I appreciate Beyonce’s charms as much as the next guy. But did she need to make her Grammy performance all about her ass?

I’m not saying people shouldn’t do these things. Just not in front of eight year olds. And they shouldn’t be made White House emblems.

And Bill Clinton should be living as a recluse in some New Hampshire hamlet. Not striding the world stage as a Giant of History.

We are headed straight toward Rome, with stops for relaxation in Sodom and Gomorrah along the route. And our leaders are showing the way.

42 thoughts on “The State of the Nation: 43 Percent Forgive Clinton’s Lies”

  1. Destroyed a young woman’s life? She was of age and having an adventure and her life is not destroyed. There are thousands of women in DC who would have done the same. As we speak. I am not saying it’s right or wrong–it’s something that should not have happened in the Oval and the Am people should not have been dragged into this bad judgment call, but she had a choice and it was not child abuse or anything.

    1. It was abuse of power. He was the President, he was her boss, and she wanted a job, that job in particular. I imagine all those interns think it is a springboard to a great future.

      And, Keith, how nice it was to have a covered up classy woman like Renee Fleming sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

    2. I’m in the middle here; she knew what she was doing by going after someone with the reputation of a skirt-chaser. She enticed him, got what she wanted…a stained blue dress that she didn’t have dry-cleaned as one would expect to be done.

      She and her advisor (forget the name) made sure that someone knew what happened in the Oval Office and had the proof to make the charge.
      Who’s to blame…both of them. He lied, of course he lied, and half of the men in America would lie too in that situation.
      Shame on him, and shame on her.
      As Presidential lies go, nothing Bubba did in the Oval Office with “that woman” affected the health and pocketbooks of ordinary Americans the way MrObama’s lies have done.

      1. Abuse of power…I guess. But she had sexual power. So SrDem is right–they both abused their power to get what they wanted or thought they wanted. Sometimes I watch the news and see people I knew or knew things about and think, “I remember where you were (or your husband etc) in 1978 or whatever year.”

        1. the problem isn’t the abuse of power.
          not to me.
          the problem is that whenever a powerful person puts themselves into a position of being blackmailed then it puts everyone else in jeopardy.

          Supposedly foreign nations knew about this. So did many folks in Washington.

          Certainly Monica could have blackmailed him and gotten anything she wanted. Perhaps she could have been a spy.

          The problem with all these people is that they don’t think what their lies and deceit could do the nation or a city.

    3. Well, my feeling is that, true, Monica didn’t acquit herself very admirably. But she was very young, and he was the most powerful and famous man in the world. And he has moved on like nothing happened, while her name is ruined.

  2. Thank you. I was believing my old fogey status was making me cringe with the half-time antics. Jumping and screaming, lights flashing, bolts of lightning, and more screaming is not entertainment, it’s insanity.

    The ‘captioning” on my TV showed that the RedHot Whatever’s lyrics were even worse than the Mars’ guy’s song. Something about ‘sticking it in”..or worse.
    I vote we go back to college marching bands for the half-time show.

  3. What they Cl & Mon. did was on my tax dollar in our White House.
    I mentioned before if they would have goine to Bleep & Bleep motel, and was discrete it would be between his wife and God.
    He always reminds me of a cute young boy with his hand in the cookie jar, that has not and will not learn from the fussing that his mom gave him. If he would have a sterner appearance and or shabby, yes he would be down their still as Nixon. Nixon was an older man, He was quite handsome in his younger years. Same thing heart him in the Kennedy/Nixon debate.

  4. Agree, Keith. Bubba should be living as a recluse in some New Hampshire hamlet; not striding the world stage as a Giant of History! Well said.

    Monica Lewinsky was a classmate of my youngest daughter in elementary school. Still can’t believe that this beautiful, shy little thing got herself into such a mess. It’s surreal.
    Monica’s reputation is ruined while Bubba is still a rock star. Monica was a very sheltered child – could be part of the problem. I don’t know…and I’m not making excuses for her. However, there is no excuse for Bill Clinton! He was old enough to be her father, not to mention, he was the POTUS.
    MonicaGate is so old now, many do not remember it; and those who do, don’t seem to care. We’re in the Age of Kardashian (et al) now.
    As you said, Keith, we’re on the road to Sodom and Gomorrah.
    Eat, drink, and be merry….

    1. this is true.
      we are in an era that when people become sex pots they thrive. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus.
      ‘Having Sex’ Sells.

      Best thing you can do for your career especially if you have no talent is to do a sex tape. At least for women.

      1. er, that “era” we are living in where “sex sells” has been going on for about 4,000 years. don’t expect it to end anytime soon.

  5. Well you got to give jz credit. He conjugated the plural of “breast” and “breakfast” at 4:00 mark w/ the lyrical phrase “yo’ breastes-ez is my breakfast-ez”.

    To paraphrase Tom Waits, music is “in bad need of a shave.”

  6. my personal reason for forgiving Bill Clinton (and yes, I admit, I do) is that he seemed to run the country ok. the Clinton years were pretty palmy–especially looking back at them now–and things were going pretty well.

    but I’m one of these people who believe that Clinton was simply a horndog. I don’t believe he was a rapist. so my opinion might be different than some of you here.

    1. I do not care what he does with that type of buisness, it was just such a poor example for kids . That’s why I suggested tha motel
      earlier. As a kid I heard the comments made about Kennedy, but it wasn’t noted to be in the White House.

        1. Working as a youth leader in church, I can tell you it was plenty. There were discussions that would make your head explode and the domino effect it had still lingers.

          1. My bro lives in the midwest and yrs before Clinton-Monica, his teens had notions that would shock you–about what was and wasn’t “sex.” Clinton might have even learned something. And I still think these kids today–us oldies used to enjoy everything more.

          2. Yes. Thoughts have always existed. However, with this incident the President of the US helped make it ‘a no big deal’ and it became more acceptable. Everyone’s doing it, even the President.

            Before it was still considered pretty taboo. It happened, but it happened discreetly.

  7. This behavior has le us down the path to the person currently occupying the White House. The more excessive the behavior that is given a pass, the further any behavior is excused.

  8. If you can’t keep your vow to one woman, how well can you keep your oath to hundreds of millions of people? C’mon–has anyone died from not having sex?

  9. Even Hillary at one time, said he was like a dog that you had to keep chained to the porch. Acknowledging that, and staying with him makes that ok by her standards and goals.

    Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the former and possible future presidents of the United States.

    Darn good thing we are a nation of dog lovers.

    1. “Acknowledging that, and staying with him makes that ok by her standards and goals.”

      That right there is what scares me about her. Any woman–heck, any man–who will put up with that violation in order to further her or his political ambitions is someone I cannot and will not trust.

    1. The president of the company my husband worked for at the time was fired when a female employee reported him for making sexual advances toward her while they were attending an out-of-town business convention.

      I was shocked that Clinton could get away with what he did with Monica in the workplace. He deserved impeachment and should have done us all a favor and resigned in humiliation. Of course if he had done so we’d have been stuck with President Algore–and that probably would have been a disaster.

  10. I saw a pic of Beyonce and JayZ and commented on Facebook that I was glad my kids and I didn’t watch. Some of my friends commented that they couldn’t think of anything that was inappropriate! One of my liberal facebook friends shared a huffpost article about how great it was to have a married couple gyrating on stage and how it “scared conservatives”. Hey, all you prudes! Lewd public acts are perfectly fine if the two are married!

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