As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

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31 Responses to The Obama Morning News || February 3, 2014

  1. After C. Everett Coop and Jocelyn Elders, I’m fine with a vocal surgeon general. What I’m not fine with is “his background with the political organization Doctors for America, which began in 2008 as Doctors for Obama and evolved into a physicians association closely associated with the president’s health law.”

    Murthy does not have just a “background” with DfA, however. He is a co-founder and its president.

    Coop focused on smoking, and Elders focused on preventing teen pregnancy. Murthy’s talents seem to be organizing a community.

    • In my opinion, state run media is attempting to divert our attention away from this year’s primaries and mid-term elections, srdem. Why else would they keep shoving the puppets the ruling class has selected for 2016 down our throats more than two years before the election?

      • Yes, also diverting attention from Obama’s failure, but also you can accept it at face value too: they are assisting the ruling class in ramming Hillary down our throats. Hillary is doing a lot of the ramming herself. She did it too early in 2008, and she’s doing it too early now. In a way, she’s insecure, she doesn’t want a fight, and she wants it a done deal right now.

  2. Republicans Seek to go Positive:

    They deserve to LOSE! Going positive on the two issues that the MAJORITY of the country oppose: Obamacare and Immigration!

    Does Boehner not read the newspapers? Only 3% of the Americans consider immigration reform to be a priority! Why are these RINOS, Ryan, Cantor, Rubio…trying to shove amnesty down our throats?
    It won’t buy them votes; it will bolster the DEMS. It’s Obama’s dream scenario.

    On Obamacare – it is in the process of dying a natural death. Why do they want to resuscitate it? It can’t be tweaked or re-vamped. We had the best h/c on the planet – the govt needs to stay out of it entirely except for a restructuring of Medicaid with an emphasis on cleaning up the waste, fraud and abuse. Obama threw the baby out with the bath water.
    What is there not to understand with these dopes? It’s hopeless.

    • “Does Boehner not read the newspapers? Only 3% of the Americans consider immigration reform to be a priority! Why are these RINOS, Ryan, Cantor, Rubio…trying to shove amnesty down our throats?”

      Big business is better business than what we constituents could ever hope to provide. We don’t pad their pockets. As long as the big businesses are providing “perks” they will continue pushing the lunacy.

  3. Sam Walton must be rolling over in his grave. His daughter Alice is using the WalMart money to support Hillary. That’s why fortunes are lost after the second generation. They start supporting causes and people which are counter to their own businesses. She’s an idiot.

    • I wonder why she’s changed.

      Alice Walton, daughter of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton and (according to Forbes) the 10th-richest American, has given $200,000 to Restore Our Future, the super PAC backing Mitt Romney. So has her brother, Jim Walton (the youngest son of Sam Walton and the ninth-richest American). Jim Walton also gave $100,000 to Our Destiny super PAC – the organization backing former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsmann. Christy Walton, the sixth-richest American, and widow of John T. Walton (another son of Sam Walton), gave another $50,000 to Our Destiny.


      In total, so far this cycle these three Waltons (and spouses), have contributed more than $813,000 to political campaigns or outside spending groups in this election cycle – every dollar to Republicans.

  4. Jeh Johnson’s newest aide claims he was young and naive when he went along with activities that sent his previous boss to prison, yet he kept a ton of documentation because he knew he’d wind up in court? Sorry, that doesn’t wash. I wonder if Marrone knew he was facing indictment and rolled over on his wife’s father in order to stay out of federal prison.

  5. The article by Politico of O facing backlash on Executive Power.
    Everything needs to be dealt with that he has on his list.
    The content of him being eager to shape a third grade math test, is insulting. All children should not be punished by not teaching them the old school way. Instead he should be preaching to all the parents, who up untill now did not keep up with their young child’s study agenda.
    There are tutoring classes at all schools. Help the kids that have not learned how to study up untill now. This Common Core is not getting enough attention in the news. Yes I know there are hundreds of other things we are extemely concerned about. Instead of the news channels discussing funny things, this should be squeezed in as well.

  6. Market is down. But Facebook, the sieve for all your personal information, continues on its up , up and away trajectory. Then again, back in March 2013 or so Zuckerberg decided to form a bi partisan 501c4 superpac Forward On or some such name as well as another political org. (or at least he backs it) whose name is deceptively conservative sounding but liberal in intent. That name does not come to mind at the moment. The link below describes Forward On’s original founding members and mission. Yes, indeed some Republicans there as well. And lots and lots of money. And presumably some with influence on institutional investors, and of course, government muckety mucks, including Treasury. Imagine that — the young boy billionaire a crony capitalist at such a young age. Stock still up.

    John Boehner was hanging with Soros at Davos. One can assume Zuckerberg was too.

    Just a little Monday morning thought.

  7. I wasn’t able to call up the Hill’s article and learned how Obama has learned to love the Clintons. Too bad because I think there’s really bad blood between the two families.

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